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1 Benmclaughlin 596X265 HOS 221116

Customer loyalty programmes that encourage return visits

Hear how BOXPARK are increasing return visits, by using a seamless technology journey to help drive customer loyalty and improve guest experiences by adding value through tailor-made rewards.

2 Matthopper 596X265 HOS 221116

How to increase restaurant profitability through offering food delivery

Find out the food delivery trends that Just Eat has seen post-pandemic and what opportunities these offer for restaurants. There are more food delivery moments that restaurants can take advantage of - breakfast, lunch and evening - not to mention events like the upcoming World Cup.

3 Benlockwood 596X265 HOS 221116

Why pubs and bars are still the heart of the community

Hear some of the latest trends from BrewDog, including how 'localisation' is changing consumer habits with more people working from home and opting for their local pub or coffee shop. Find out how they're using e-commerce to sell out their Christmas advent calendars and why the use of technology is so important when trying to encourage people to your venues and give them a great experience once they've walked through your doors.

4 Philmackey 596X265 HOS 221116

Driving sustainability forward

Huge steps are being made across the hospitality sector to be more sustainable. It's a key objective for operators to reduce their carbon footprint and something that consumers increasingly expect when deciding on which venues to visit. Hear about some of the latest innovations in food packaging.

5 Davidjarrett 596X265 HOS 221116

Building sustainable hotels

Find out what guests are really looking for when deciding on a hotel and hear what some of the key trends are around the climate and becoming net zero.

6 Patrickrichards 596X265 HOS 221116

The link between sustainability and reducing your energy costs

Find out how being more sustainable can help you to reduce your energy consumption across electricity, gas, water and waste and therefore help to reduce energy costs.

7 Rickarmstrong 596X265 HOS 221116

The importance of having a great website and online reservations tool

Here at Access Hospitality we’re proud to have real hospitality experts that have previously ran their own restaurants, worked within hospitality operations or have been chefs within busy kitchens. That's why our people are so passionate about the industry and knowledgable in the products they sell - because they used to use them!

8 Jamiecrummie 596X265 HOS 221116

Ingenious ways to reduce food waste in your restaurant

Fighting food waste is a key concern for any restaurant. No-one wants to see food (and money) thrown into the bin. Hear from Too Good To Go Co-founder, Jamie on how technology is the solution for a more sustainable way of fighting food waste. And learn how they've redistributed over 165 million meals from going to waste in the last 6 years.

9 Ajmalmushtaq 596X265 HOS 221116

Top tips on how to grow your hospitality business

Listen to a tried and tested formula that helped to grow Mushtaqs to be the biggest takeaway business in Britain. Find out how technology played a huge part in their growth strategy and how, during the staff crisis, they're able to attract and retain talent.

10 Simonbrowning 596X265 HOS 221116

How to reach more customers through on-demand delivery and dark shops

Listen to this fascinating story of how iconic doughnut brand, Krispy Kreme launched its on-demand delivery business. A warts and all tale of what did and didn't work well, to then what turned into rapid growth for them during COVID and beyond. Hear about some of the things that keep the brand successful, from remaining 'worth it' to ensure that they always have something new to talk about with consumers.

11 Yvonnehalling 596X265 HOS 221116

How to use technology to build an emotional connection with your guests

If you're running an independent hospitality business and are looking for inspiration from others who are or have been in the same place, then take a few minutes to hear how Yvonne, who successfully ran a B&B for 17 years, developed a 4-step process to grow the business. Find out what technology played a huge part, from CRM, to reservations and how having a killer website and great Google reviews helped to really push the business forwards.

13 Elenakyriakou 596X265 HOS 221116

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships between suppliers, restaurants and aggregators

Kraft Heinz Company share their goals, as a supplier, of how they're looking to work with restaurants and delivery partners to ensure that the end customers are always happy.

14 Nickclover 596X265 HOS 221116

Tips to attract and retain talent for your business

With hospitality staffing still a key concern for most operators, hear from hospitality recruitment expert, Nick Clover who talks about some of the tactics he's seen successfully being used within the industry, to not only encourage new recruits, but keep the valuable teams that operators already have.

15 Andrewbowie 596X265 HOS 221116

The importance of customer happiness

Different types of hospitality operators may be selling different types of products - drinks, food and experiences - but, is what they're really all selling, just happines?! Hear experienced coffee shop owner and best selling author, Andrew Bowie as he shares insight into what makes a successful and long-running hospitality business, supported by the use of technology.

16 Emmaquarter 596X265 HOS 221116

Create diversity through mentoring

Hear how Plan B Hospitality are helping to create more diverse boards in hospitality, through mentoring.

17 Olajidealabi 596X265 HOS 221116

Tips on how to increase diversity

Hear from Equality, Inclusion and Wellbeing Partner at Turtle Bay, Olajide share what they're doing to increase diversity and create a shift in culture. From mentoring to wellbeing and employee perks, rewards and recognition, hear some great tips and how technology is helping to bring this all together.

18 Hollyaddison 596X265 HOS 221116

Using mentoring to build more diverse cultures

Find out how offering mentoring to your teams can help to strengthen career paths and build diverse boards.

19 Kieronbailey 596X265 HOS 221116

How to use technology incredibly well to amplify the experience

Hear super passionate EXP101 Co-founder, Kieron Bailey share his thoughts on what's happening in the industry right now and what the future of hospitality might look like. Kieron shares his personal journey from his 20+ years in the industry along with some great examples of where he's seeing others do great things. Underpinned by the use of technology that helps simplify the process and enable teams to get back to what they love, delivering great guest experiences.

CRM Strategy Guide

CRM strategies to drive ROI through segmentation and personalisation

Discover how to get the right message to the right customer, at the right time

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CPL Thumbnail

Creating Career Pathways in Hospitality

Data and insight consultancy group CGA present the findings of the latest Hospitality Professionals survey ran in conjunction with CPL Learning, part of The Access group.

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No Shows

How operators are tackling no-shows

Watch our on-demand webinar as we explore how operators are tackling no-shows and the tech out there to maximise covers.

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Natasha Law

Compliance Natasha's Law

We have everything you need to ensure you are compliant with Natasha's Law.

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Kitchen (1)

EPoS How to transform your kitchen with video display

How can a kitchen video display system transform your kitchen and enable your operations to run seamlessly?

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Hosp Webinar

How to tackle replacing your EPoS system - key considerations

Watch our on-demand webinar as our hospitality tech experts discuss the different elements to consider when looking at an EPoS replacement project.

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Untitled Design (98) (1)

How to start up a restaurant

To make the job of opening a small restaurant a little easier, Access Hospitality has put together this handy, step-by-step guide, so you don’t have to navigate the journey alone.

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Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Introtostaff (2)

Access Hospitality Podcast

Listen to our podcast series where we discuss the latest issues affecting the hospitality sector.


HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Introtostaff (3)

An introduction to staff scheduling

Staff scheduling may sound simple but it is often the most difficult and complex tasks that can influence both organisational productivity as well as employee motivation. Manually creating these schedules can be labour intensive and prone to errors which could impact employee engagement labour costs and ultimately guest experience.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail EPOS

Is it time for a new EPoS system?

We look at what are the key points you should consider when looking at a POS system, whether you have 2-3 sites, a larger 40+ site operator or looking for something that you can grow and adapt with an evolving business.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Whymovingexcel

Why moving from Excel to FM software could be the best decision you make all year!

Watch our webinar now to see how you can get effective oversight and control across your sites. Having complete transparency over your property maintenance portfolio can be difficult, particularly if you have multiple sites.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Controlhospitalitycosts (2)

Guide to controlling hospitality costs

Find out how to control your costs and deliver return on investment for your hospitality business. Our whitepaper details the areas where you can make savings that will go straight to your bottom line.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Payrollprovider

How to select a payroll Hospitality Payroll provider

The prospect of finding a new payroll provider can seem daunting, especially If you haven’t done it before. There are some big decisions to make before you can get your project moving. This Access Hospitality guide is designed to simplify and explain some of the key aspects of purchasing a new payroll solution.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Maxxmas

6 simple stages to help ensure you retain your best talent

With an estimated recruitment shortfall of 60,000 workers per year and the seven hospitality roles most at risk being recently announced, it’s no wonder that hospitality operators are concerned about staff churn. But as we head into the uncertainties around a post-Brexit world, along with planning for a busy festive season, how can you ensure that you retain your best talent?

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Drivingprofit

Your guide to driving profitability through the till

Driving that all-important customer experience is the key to success for any restaurant. Read our guide on how hospitality operators can provide a seamless journey for every customer whilst keeping their name from of mind using smart integrated technology.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Techinthekitchen

Key finding in hospitality – Operators use of technology in the kitchen

Watch our exclusive webinar as we share the results of our recent survey of over 120 hospitality operators into their use of technology in the kitchen. In a challenging time for the hospitality industry, with pressures ranging from Natasha’s Law to Brexit to rising food prices, we get a better understanding of their current kitchen management processes.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Maxxmas (1)

Maximise Christmas reservations for your best festive results yet!

Planning for Christmas will always be at the back of any hospitality operators mind, no matter the time of year. With 18% of annual covers happening in December alone, the festive results can often make or break a year. Watch our webinar, hosted by a reservation specialist from Access Collins, as we discuss our top tips on delivering a positive festive period.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Reducewasteandincreaseprofitability

How to reduce waste and increase profits via technology

Our webinar discusses how technology can actively help operators to reduce their food waste at the source and how it can give you a better understanding of what is being wasted and why. Learn how you can track waste through your menus and link it directly to your GP.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Increasebookings

Top tips on how operators can use technology to increase bookings and footfall

Watch our webinar as we discuss how can operators use technology to increase their booking conversions and overall footfall into their venues. We also showcase our comprehensive reservations and table management technology, plus give real examples of how bar, restaurant and pub operators across the UK are using the technology to make a dramatic difference to their business.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Manageallergens

How technology can help operators manage allergens

With the growing concern in the hospitality industry surrounding allergens which show no sign of abating, with even recent media reporting stating customers are being turned away from restaurants if they have severe allergies.

Watch our webinar to find out how operators can use a kitchen management system that tracks allergens and gives up-to-date information on what is on your menu.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Bottomline

How menu and recipe costing technology can help control costs and improve your bottom line

Watch our recorded webinar as we demonstrate how technology can give operators greater control and explore the full potential and benefits to be gained from implementing a comprehensive kitchen management system. Learn how you get accurate GP, record live sales through EPoS integration, identify profit margins in dishes and get a real-time stock count.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Efficient

Your guide to a more efficient workforce

With increasing pressures to operate as lean as possible, effective workforce management has never been more important. This is true across all industries, but in hospitality, it’s a particular challenge. Whilst making savings is a frequent problem, having a powerful impact on profitability.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Engagementjourney

Re-think the customer engagement journey

High-quality customer experience is becoming even greater importance to the success of any hospitality business. There is now a wealth of functionality available to multi-site operators which can influence and shape any operation. In this guide, we take a look at how smart technology can help to improve and drive efficiency through every step of the customer journey.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail Monkey

Give your staff the freedom to deliver exceptional service

Access Workspace for Hospitality introduces new functionality on top of our core solutions to provide powerful communication and collaboration tools to help increase engagement and share information across all functions from GMs and operations to finance and front of house.

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Resouce Hub Thumbnails Customr Panel

Access World Customer Panel

Access Hospitality customers, Benugo, Village Hotels and Dalata Hotel Group discuss some of the key concerns facing hospitality operators including allergens, rising costs and staffing.

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HOS Resourcehub Thumbnail

Allergen information from supplier to server

Our industry experts look at the technology which can enable you to get allergen information directly from supplier to server, seamlessly pulling allergen information from Access Procure Wizard, straight to your POS and onto a tablet for your employees to easily access.

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