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Save time and money by automating expenses

Over 100,000 people across the world use Access Expense software to simplify the process and gain better control and visibility of their expense management.

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Leading online expense management system

Designed to make expenses easy, Access Expense removes manual processes, helps enforce your expense policy and improves the employee experience. Automating expenses will enable you to make better financial decisions - freeing you up to focus on what’s important.

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Cloud-based expense management and automation

Submit, approve and administer every type of business expense claim online so they are processed quicker.

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Travel, motor and mileage expenses

Business travel, fuel and vehicle costs can be logged quicker and more accurately with automatic calculations using Google Maps and inbuilt verification tools and HMRC-approved.

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Credit card expenses

Credit card statements can be uploaded into the software and expenses allocated to multiple cardholders’ accounts to reduce admin time and input errors.

Producticon Access Monitoringandreporting

Monitoring and reporting

Live dashboards - which can be configured to your needs - provide a real-time view of expense costs to monitor spending.

Producticon Access Expenseapp

Expense app

An easy-to-use app means expenses can be submitted by employees, then quickly reviewed and approved by line managers all from a mobile phone or tablet.

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Fully supported

You can confidently switch to Access and get up and running quickly. We've successfully implemented our software for thousands of customers, so we know what it takes to make a smooth transition.

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Automate expense management

Reduce risk of losses

Gain business intelligence

Integrate your systems

Automate expense management

Manage the entire process online and automate tasks for increased efficiency, saving your finance team time and gain a better employee experience.

  • Employees can complete and submit every type of expense
  • Employees capture digitally for faster paperless processing
  • Employees capture paper and e-receipts digitally for faster paperless processing
  • Review up to date spend with fast and automated payment reporting & analytics

Reduce risk of losses

Stay compliant, increase the accuracy of tax reporting and maximise your VAT reclaim with inbuilt controls and real-time alerts.

  • Ensure claims are accurately recorded and timely for compliance with HMRC rules using inbuilt alerts and flags
  • Easily audit claim data to check they are within tax laws and company policies
  • Track reportable expenses for tax and NI purposes and monitor liability
  • Quickly extract the information required for P11D forms
  • Monitor vehicle and driver documents to support duty of care

Gain business intelligence

Improve financial management and decision-making with complete visibility across the business, and insightful reporting that allows greater control of spend and cash flow.

  • View up to date spend via real-time dashboards, track costs and stay in control
  • Drill into the detail for in-depth analysis of costs, and forecast cash flow
  • Customise the dashboard to spot trends and issues quickly

Integrate your systems

Increase efficiency, productivity and accuracy of data across the organisation by integrating our expense management solution with your existing systems, and configuring the software to your organisation’s needs.

  • Integrate expense management with your existing finance systems to streamline processing and payment
  • Easily join up your management system with Access Expense for consistent, accurate data across the organisation
  • Delivered through Access Workspace, all your Access software works together from a single set of data, improving accuracy and efficiency across teams. And, you can give people access to a range of apps that let them complete specific tasks, see live data, and collaborate, wherever they are and on any device.

What our customers say...

Everything is so much quicker in terms of processing expense, credit card and petty cash claims. Access Expense is just so much more efficient.

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Scott Dudley, Finance Director, Harrow Green

What our customers say...

Expenses come to me ready to be authorised. In one click, it’s done.

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Lena James, Enhanced

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Our financial management software suite can help you build a scalable system that integrates with other Access and third-party applications – providing you with one single version of the truth. See how we can help empower finance teams with the tools to maximise profitability and cash flow and increase efficiency, giving you greater financial control and the power to grow your business with confidence.

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