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Legal Policy

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Brexit and EU Data Processing

The UK has been granted an adequacy decision from the EU, meaning the laws and practices of the UK have been found to offer an essentially equivalent level of protection to personal data as is granted in the EU.

In the event the adequacy decision is revoked or expires (without renewal) and to ensure continuity of service for our customers, we have incorporated the SCCs into our customer contracts, accessible here via our Brexit update (available here).

The SCCs shall sit silent until and unless they are required to be put in place by either the UK or EU GDPR.

Access Expenses Policy

All rates detailed in the Statement of Works for Consulting Services are estimates only and exclude actual travel and accommodation expenses which will be charged as incurred in line with our standard terms in our External Expense Policy.

Acceptable use Policy – Hosting / SaaS

This Acceptable Use Policy sets forth acceptable practices for using Access UK dedicated Hosting or SaaS Services. Read the document [PDF]