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Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Dalatahotelgroup

Dalata Hotel Group

Find out how Access Hospitality has transformed Dalata Hotel Group’s business, giving them control over everything they do, from driving best prices, consolidating suppliers and easily tracking their costs.

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Cairn Group

Family-run hotel group, Cairn Group owns and operates 33 premium hotels and 28 bars and restaurants around the UK. Since implementing Access Procure Wizard they have seen savings of 5000 hours and £185k in credits.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Chevalgroup

Cheval Group - Finance

Louise Uys-Jones, Finance Director at 5-star hotel operator Cheval Group talks to us on how Access Procure Wizard has radically changed the way they operate. The system has given them an immense insight into what they spend and provided them with the freedom to focus on what is important to them.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Rbh

RBH Hospitality - Procurement

RBH Hospitality is a hotel management company who have circa 44 hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Crown Plaza, Aloft and Hilton. With Access Procure Wizard, RBH Hospitality have streamlined the whole purchase to pay process, which before was a long and cumbersome process.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Macdonaldhotel

Macdonald Hotels and Resorts - Kitchen

Find out how Macdonald Hotels & Resorts improved their brand standards and improved their profitability. Keith Shearer, Group Executive Chef, from Macdonald Hotels & Resorts explains how Access Procure Wizard has improved their ‘brand standards and improved their profitability’.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Manorview

Manorview Hotels - Operations

Carlton Graham, Group Operations Manager at Manorview Hotels, a collection of boutique hotels which pride themselves on quality and a truly unique experience, spoke to us about the changes they have seen since implementing the

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Lensbury

The Lensbury - Food and Beverage

June Samtani, Food and Beverage Cost Controller at The Lensbury discusses how Access Procure Wizard has given them visibility and a tight grip on exactly what they are buying and the stock that they have. They are now able to pick up credits which were previously missed.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail 2019Trendsreport

Hospitality Trends Report

Find out what 200+ operators are doing to grow their business & increase profits.

Pubs and bars

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Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Fullers


The Access Collins restaurant reservation system has allowed Fuller, Smith & Turner the freedom to focus on what is important to them, which is providing great customer service. The system has been easy to use and they have seen online bookings increase by 42%.

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Young’s Pubs - Sales

Find out how Young’s Pubs have increased their booking enquiries and conversion rate with our restaurant booking system. The Sales and Strategy Manager at Young’s Pubs talks about how Access Collins has already increased their booking enquiries and conversion rate.

Young's Pub Case Study

Young's Pubs - Staff 

Find out how pub chain Young & Co.’s Brewery have managed to boost their compliance score and increase team engagement since 2020.

Punch Pubs

Punch Pubs

Punch Pubs were determined to support their publicans during the lockdown period, working together with Access CPL Learning to provide access to learning resources.

Marstons Case Study


We implemented a full featured mobile Order and Pay service across hundreds of Marston’s sites in record time, and without significant Capex, by using our non-integrated solution.

The Scotsman Group

The Scotsman Group

The Scotsman Group’s venue portfolio includes everything from fine dining restaurants, state-of-the-art nightclubs, cinemas, hotels and self-service apartments and the implementation of Access Collins has transformed the reservation process across the different business sectors.

Croeso Pubs

Croeso Pubs

The benefit of embedding Access Collins into Croeso Pubs has been significant - presale and deposit transactions through technology have become an essential part of the business.

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Franco Manca
Slim Chickens Image

Slim Chickens - part of Boparan Restaurant Group

How Access's EPoS and kitchen display technology has benefited Slim Chickens in the day to day running of operations through the flow of technology and capturing all orders to ensure a seamless customer journey.

Franco Manca Resource Min

Franco Manca

Customer feedback is increasingly important these days. For restaurants with so many locations, managing this feedback efficiently can be challenging, but this is where Acteol (an Access company) could help.

Ping Pong Resoure Min (1)

Ping Pong

The implementation of an effective CRM strategy within the hospitality sector requires a system that allows for a deep understanding of the customer but also has the tools to communicate with the customers at the appropriate touch points. Ping Pong worked with Acteol (an Access company) to improve their CRM strategy.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Loudons


How Access Procure Wizard has enabled Loudons to grow their business, streamline their processes and given them full visibility of their supply chain. Find out how Access Procure Wizard have helped Loudons achieve great ROI.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Hubbox


How Access EPoS has made a huge difference to the operations of a growing restaurant chain, giving a positive impact to the day-to-day jobs of commercial managers, general managers and chefs.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Eco Esca


As a business, ESCA needed controls in place to make sure their efforts produced optimum profit and eliminated waste and inefficient practices. For this, they needed an effective EPOS system that gave them the information needed to run a better business.

Loungers case study


Find out how Orderbee Order and Pay enabled Loungers to provide an invaluable and flexible service offering not only when re-opening after lockdown, but to the present day. It has proven itself to be far more than a functional service changing the way they use technology and interact with customers.

Catering and leisure:

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Ageas Bowl
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Feathers (1)
Company Of Cooks
Pins Resource Min


Download the full case study to find out more on the issues PINS faced and how implementing Access Collins helped solve these issues, enabling them to concentrate on delivering a fantastic guest experience.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Silverstone

Silverstone Circuits - Kitchen

Dean Hoddle, Head Chef, discusses how Access Procure Wizard has streamlined his administrative work, increased his flexibility with suppliers and allowed him to get back into the kitchen.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Silverstone1

Silverstone Circuits - Procurement

Lee Thomas, Procurements and Contracts Manager, discuss the challenges they faced and the positive impact implementing Access Procure Wizard is having at the home of British motor racing.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Techinkitchen

Report: Operators' use of technology in the kitchen

Find out the results of our survey of over 120 operators on their use of technology in the kitchen, from allergens, food waste and menu management.

Case Studies HOS

CrossCountry Insights

Find out how CrossCountry trains implemented a CRM for greater customer insights and the benefits they've seen.

Case Studies HOS (1)

CrossCountry Data

Find out how we helped to improve CrossCountry Trains' communications, the challenges we faced and the benefits they are now seeing.

Case Studies HOS (2)


Discover how Avanti West Coast implemented Order and Pay technology, the benefits they've seen and why it is here to stay.

Food to go:

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Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Gails (1)

Gail's Bakery

Since implementing Access EPoS, GAIL's has seen faster transaction times for customers, greater efficiencies with their head office reporting and the confidence that the multi-site operator has a technology provider who they can continue to grow with who will meet their needs.



Chopstix selected Access EPoS technology to keep pace with its ambitious expansion plans, so future acquisitions could be added to one centralised system as easily as possible.

Higher Education:

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Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Brightonuni Louise

University of Brighton – Duty Hospitality Manager

How TUCO Online has helped take the stress out of ordering by making it easier, quicker and at the University of Brighton’s own convenience. Watch the case study to find out how the online ordering platform has empowered staff, by giving them greater control over what they buy, as well as enabling them to save money by giving them access to the cheapest items.

Hos Resourcehub Thumbnail Brightonuni Mike

University of Brighton – Systems Manager Accommodation & Hospitality

Find out how TUCO Online, an online ordering platform, has enabled University of Brighton to move away from manual processes and given them instant access to data to see what they are spending and where.

Tuco Online

South Essex College

TUCO Online helps South Essex College take back control of its order process and develop insights into costings, allergens and stock management.

TUCO Cardiff

Cardiff University

Facing significant challenges with their manual ordering process, the team at Cardiff University needed a new solution to save them time and money. Annabel Hurst and her team would oversee the introduction of TUCO Online; an eProcurement system, resulting in numerous.

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