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Hospitality stock control and inventory management software

Our cloud-based stock control and hospitality inventory management software helps you to streamline processes and monitor your operation’s performance. 

Our platform offers an immediate view of every transaction as it happens, allowing you to control costs and increase profitability more effectively.

Efficient and effective inventory management software for hospitality

Optimise what was once a time-consuming and lengthy manual process for restaurant, pub, and bar managers - our advanced stock management solution has been developed by sector and technology specialists and gives hospitality operators wider visibility across their stock control processes.  

Benefits of stock management software

Monitor stock levels - Regular electronic and physical stock control audits allow you to proactively monitor your resources. 

Full visibility - All transactions and stock movements available in real-time so you’re always up to date

Dynamic reporting - Gain ultimate control of your stock management with accurate, real-time information. 

Boost sales revenue and margin - Easily review your pricing, product mix and supplier process to create responsive and effective promotions. 

Scalable - From one site to thousands of venues, we support pubs, bars, and restaurants of all sizes to optimise processes. 

Flexible and easy to use - Modular options and add ons allow you to tailor to fit your specific requirements.  

Explore the features of our hospitality inventory management software

Stock analysis

Manage and track inventory levels in real-time with reporting functions to help you keep tight control of costs. 

  • Transactions and stock movements available online for analysis within seconds of them taking place 
  • Real-time data, sales and stock reports can be viewed 24/7 on multiple devices anywhere  
  • Automatic and manual updates, upgrades and changes take place remotely
  • No need to purchase or support costly in-house IT infrastructures, as all hosted on safe and secure external servers 
Real-time dynamic reporting

Our clear and concise summary reports improve business visibility and understanding and include a series of key stock management performance indicators to help you sense-check data integrity.  

  • Online and real-time updates and reporting 
  • Enterprise central reports and league tables 
  • Build dashboards and track against KPIs 
  • Group weekly reports and business sheets 
  • Sales reports with drill-down analysis 
  • Data is easily shared with other applications through smart API integration 
Cash accountability and reconciliation

Safeguard your operation from cash flow mismanagement and continually review spending on stock and inventory.  

  • Accountability and real-time reporting safeguards your cash and your return on your investment 
  • Monitor cash, stock, and data by embedding airtight procedures around your business management suite 
  • Running daily cash reconciliations ensure you and your managers account for every transaction 
  • Spot and immediately investigate ‘bank’ and electric result variances 
  • Automate as many processes as possible to avoid human error and duplication 
Stock control audits

Gain comprehensive visibility of your operation over multiple sites with the ability to run in-depth stock control audits to measure your stock availability and identify areas of waste to drive more efficiency. 

  • Regular electronic and physical stock control audits allow you to benchmark and monitor your resources 
  • Measure accurate stock results based on what has been sold, what is left and what is wastage 
  • Stock audits provide the platform for accurate gross profit margins 
  • Ad hoc daily line checks keep you fully informed of every order and transaction 
  • Full stock audits eliminate possible surprises 

Hospitality businesses using our stock control software

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Streamline and optimise your stock control processes

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