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Recipe and menu engineering

Our recipe and menu engineering module has been created with feedback from both chefs and food and beverage specialists to create a recipe costing solution that not only drives value but enables operators to improve profitability and streamlines the process of integrating allergens, stock and EPoS sales into one effective management solution.

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Sub recipes

We understand that most of your menu dishes contain sub recipes (batch recipes). That is why we have created a system that seamlessly matches and follows your kitchen production plan to achieve meaningful and accurate information.

Create batched recipes which enables you to add a fully costed dash, drizzle or a ladle-full to your plate with just the click of the mouse.

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Menu dishes

Preparing a dish with a fully costed specification is never at the top of chef’s to-do list. Let us help make this less painful and ultimately pleasurable! All items available to purchase via Access Procure Wizard are at your fingertips. All supplier products are fully costed and allergen analysed for you to add to recipes and dishes in whatever quantities you choose – no dish will ever be dated again!

Dishes are tagged and stored in easy-to-find folders with a dynamic search tool for easy referencing.

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Improve profitability and streamline your processes

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Spec sheet

Creating an accurate batch recipe or menu dish via Access Procure Wizard is quick and easy. We understand the importance of ensuring that the production and front of house staff have access to a well-constructed specification that is relevant to them.

Methods, flexible portion calculator, allergen data, gross and net weight production planner, critical control points and preparation instructions to create a dynamic dish spec as quick as a flash – no calculators, no spreadsheets, no messing around. Photos and videos can also be added to create a visual guide in support of the written documentation.

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Product level integration

Our market-leading Recipe Costings module integrates with your supplier catalogues for live pricing and up-to-date product information. Our easy-to-use solution will help you control your costs and improve your profits without having to spend time maintaining a database of products and prices!

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Dean Hoddle, Head Chef at Silverstone Circuits Ltd, shares how Access Procure Wizard has helped them improve control with tight purchasing, stock controls and has taken the guesswork out of what they're doing giving real-time margins.

Since implementing the system, they have seen benefits such as:

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Separate your DOG’s from your STARS

It is now possible to predict your GP margin based on the sales mix of your menu. We’ll give you confidence before launching a new menu that you have the right combination of dishes to produce the margin you are targeting! Analysing and predicting your sales mix will accurately predict your theoretical margin ensuring there are no nasty surprises, accurately predicting volume requirements and cash margin expectation vs gross margin. Our menu engineering solution provides the management tools required in order to make step changes in your gross margin.

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Gross margin analytics

Our menu engineering tools help protect profitability whilst our gross margin analytics will accurately chart EPoS dish sales or sales by revenue sector, to underpin total profit transparency. This will seamlessly link live purchases, product transfers, waste and stock consumption to provide accurate product level analysis as well as high level KPI’s.

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Key benefits

  • We’ll do the conversions. No calculators needed – choose the desired unit of measure
  • Your store cupboard is managed by the suppliers
  • Easily add and update methods, mise-en-place, CCP’s & preparation instructions to your own specifications
  • Allow for wastage and yield
  • View both user and company recipes
  • Copy & clone recipes and submit to HO for approval
  • Track allergens back to suppliers
  • Place orders directly from your recipe and dish cards
  • Accurate nutritional data
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Discover our recipe costing solution that drives value

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Supporting you in food and beverage control

Our solution encompasses everything from menu engineering to stock control to allergen management:

Add value to your business with our recipe costing and menu engineering solution

Ensure you meeting the legal requirements with our allergen and nutritional module

Get real-time gross margin data with flash reporting

Streamline your stock control process 

Solve the problem of kitchen waste with our waste management solution

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