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It’s time to let your business software speed up your daily grind so you can be more productive. Get rid of laborious admin so you’re ready for quick thinking. Access software lets you work the way you want, giving your organisation the power to thrive and grow. Imagine how it would feel if work, worked better.

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The Access Group is a leading provider of business management software to mid-sized organisations

Working with Access

The support we provide starts with our experience helping you select the right solution.

We understand you may be light on IT expertise, and want full value from your software investment, and quickly. 

Our experts work with you to ensure you achieve exactly that, not only during the carefully managed implementation phase but for as long as you use our products.

Sector-specific solutions

Our unified business software solutions, underpinned by powerful next-generation technology, connects suites of finance and HR applications integrated with industry specific solutions, uniquely delivered, transforming the way people work.

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