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Waste management

Many kitchens still waste as much on food as they bank in profit. We have a quick and simple solution to help you identify when and where you generate the most waste. Our effective waste monitor will help you track waste against multiple menus, categories and units, allowing you to proactively reduce this problem at its source.

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food waste management

Cut waste, reduce cost and save time

Gone are the days of duplicate books, meaningless recording and lip service to one of the biggest drivers of poor margin performance.

Our easy-to-use solution enables users not only to record waste in an instant, but to fully understand what has been wasted, why it has been wasted and more importantly provide the management tools to set in place a waste reduction plan that will improve profitability.

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Find out how you can implement a waste reduction plan that will improve profitability

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Full visibility

We enable our users to fully understand how waste influences total profitability. The seamless transfer of data from our waste module directly into our core food and beverage modules, including food flash, stock control and our menu costing solution, provide a full 360° kitchen management solution.

reporting and visibility on food waste

Key benefits

  • Perfectly suited for the busiest of kitchens
  • Quick and easy to record waste
  • Increase visibility and awareness by including on flash food reports
  • Actively track what food is being thrown away
  • Identify when & where you generate the most waste
  • Quick and easy reporting
benefits of food waste management

Effectively track and reduce your food waste

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Supporting you in food and beverage control

Our solution encompasses everything from menu engineering to stock control to allergen management:

Add value to your business with our recipe costing and menu engineering solution

Ensure you meeting the legal requirements with our allergen and nutritional module

Get real-time gross margin data with flash reporting

Streamline your stock control process 

Solve the problem of kitchen waste with Access Waste Management Solution

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