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Talent acquisition software

Streamline the hiring process with end-to-end talent acquisition software. Our solution for in-house recruitment helps you enhance candidate experience, align talent with business strategy and get maximum return on investment (ROI) by hiring the very best.

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Why do you need talent acquisition software?

A winning candidate experience is everything. As Millennials and Gen Z candidates enter the workforce, it is vital to upgrade your hiring strategy and create a simple, cohesive journey to secure the talent you need. Talent acquisition software gives HR departments and hiring managers complete control, automating processes and optimising candidate experience to improve the chance of making top hires and keeping them.

As hiring moves into the future, more businesses are becoming skills-based organisations. These organisations structure talent strategies around skills, not just roles, creating a more adaptable workforce. 59% of HR leaders are prioritising building critical skills and competencies* – the future success of organisations depends on this. Businesses need the backing of robust talent acquisition strategies and tools to attract candidates with the right skills and onboard them successfully.

Supercharge The Candidate Experience

Benefits of using our talent acquisition software

  • Decrease cost-per-hire and attrition rate
  • Get the right metrics to assess and analyse recruitment efficiencies with intuitive reporting and dashboards
  • Measure and improve ROI of recruitment efforts to increase business impact
  • Measure success and track conversion from visit to hire
  • Enhance visibility, increase the talent pool and optimise candidate attraction strategies
  • Create a winning candidate experience to attract and hire top talent

Attracting talent is only half the picture: retaining and developing the talent you hire is key to long-term success. Pair acquisition with good talent management and performance management to grow your people and organisation.

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What talent acquisition tools can you leverage?

In-house talent acquisition software is used by hiring managers and HR departments to streamline processes, including attracting talent, screening candidates, making offers and onboarding.

These are the vital components of talent acquisition:

  • Applicant tracking software. Streamline the hiring process at every stage, automate recruitment tasks and accelerate time to hire. Banish spreadsheets in favour of an applicant tracking system to transform talent acquisition.
  • Branded recruitment portal. Create a bespoke web presence for your candidates. Build brand awareness, attract top talent and enhance engagement at every touchpoint, improving the candidate experience and making it easier to hire your ideal candidates.
  • Career development solutions. Give your employees the tools and information they need to own their career development, with personalised online career coaching at scale.
  • Candidate screening. Carry out fast, automated pre-employment background checking and increase your speed-to-hire by over 50%. Ensure full compliance and hire the right candidates for your business.
  • Employee onboarding. Full onboarding solutions give new hires day one access to key information and introduce your culture through an immersive, engage experience. Create a positive start to employment with efficient and effective onboarding that makes a lasting impression.
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The Doctors Laboratory success story

"The feedback we have received so far has been very positive and employees generally feel happier that we have made a difference to their working day...

Commercially we will achieve the return on investment in two years. However, in real terms the hours saved for each manager are significant," says Matt Gibbons, HR Director at The Doctors Laboratory.

End-to-end talent acquisition management with PeopleXD

Hiring has changed. Candidates prioritise experience and top talent is harder to secure than ever. Businesses face a challenging future, which demands a focus on talent now. Access PeopleXD is a powerful talent acquisition platform, providing HR departments with resources to deliver a recruitment plan that fully aligns with business strategy. With unmatched depth and breadth, PeopleXD features dynamic dashboards to give richer data access and insights, helping hiring managers to make informed decisions and take effective action. As part of your long-term talent acquisition strategy, see tangible results, cost benefits, measurable milestones and improved ROI.

Watch the PeopleXD 4-minute video tour.

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Talent acquisition FAQs

What is talent acquisition software?

What are the most important talent acquisition tools?

What is the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition?

What is talent acquisition software?

Talent acquisition software is used by HR departments and recruitment professionals to source, attract and hire top talent. Using software makes talent acquisition simpler and more effective, giving organisations the ability to automate processes, find the right people and speed up time to hire.

What are the most important talent acquisition tools?

Some of the more important talent acquisition tools include: 

What is the difference between recruitment and talent acquisition?

Recruitment involves active hiring to fill open positions. Talent acquisition is about finding the right talent to meet business needs, deliver on objectives and take businesses to the next level. Talent acquisition is a longer-term strategy to bring the right people on board and build the workforce of the future.

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