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Health, support and social care software

Our portfolio of integrated solutions empowers professionals in healthcare, support, and social care services to deliver joined-up quality and preventative care. With over 30 years of experience, we support local authorities alongside small, medium, and large organisations, to focus on the individual with the freedom to make it personal.

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Freedom to make it personal

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Implement Access Health and Social Care software in your care service  

Get ahead with a bespoke health and care management system that meets your unique needs now and in the future.  

Boost compliance and efficiency with integrated solutions that have been designed to support professionals in the health and social care sector. From care compliance to care rostering software,  you’ll be able to put together the perfect system for your care solutions. 

We have competitive pricing plans depending on the product(s) you choose and the size of your service – whether it’s a start-up, a growing business or an established organisation.   

Empowering the Health, Support and Care Sectors

Small Care Business

Care management software for start-ups to help set up and run a new care facility and for established or early-stage home care agencies.

Medium Care Business

Our integrated software helps your organisation manage your growth, deliver quality care, operational control and efficiency of services.

Large Care Business

A comprehensive software suite delivers joined-up care, empowering you with solutions that underpin your care operations and improvement.

Local Government

Over the last 30 years, we have developed specialist software and digital systems in partnership with local government, supporting person-centred care through joined up services.


We boast a complete portfolio of integrated solutions for the management and delivery of health services, with solutions ranging from health commissioning and social prescribing to patient flow and electronic patient records.

Access Technology Enabled care

Access Technology Enabled Care (TEC) transforms care by enabling a more preventative and proactive approach to care.

Access Health, Support and Care (HSC)

Access is a leading provider of software for health, local government, and care organisations across the UK.

With a joined-up approach to connecting people, data, and the services they require, we put the needs of the individual at the centre of everything we do.

Watch this video to find out more about how Access Health, Support and Care can help your business make a difference to every individual by having the freedom to make it personal

Healthcare Solutions

Our healthcare software supports you in delivering and managing joined-up, integrated and preventative healthcare within acute, mental, and community healthcare settings. From health commissioning through to the delivery of health services and underpinned with analytics, our solutions enable you to put the individual at the heart of what you do and make more informed decisions.

Software to support local authorities

For solutions that span the whole education, youth services and social care spectrum, helping you to support individuals, young people and their families more effectively, especially the most vulnerable.

Care Solutions

For the efficient management of staff, resources, and services throughout domiciliary and residential care organisations, both small and large. Our care management software resolves many challenges in delivering safe, efficient, and quality care., from commissioning of care to delivery of care services.

Access HSC joins Care Workers Charity (CWC) as a Sponsor

As a sponsor The Access Group are helping to raise awareness of the support offered by the charity.

The support given will widen the reach of CWC and will ensure more care workers in need can receive support.

Karolina Gerlich, CEO of the CWC says "We are grateful that Access HSC is supporting CWC by becoming a Sponsor".

By supporting us in this way ‘The Access Group’ is supporting the social care workforce and showing their admiration of the amazing work achieved in social care.

Health and social care software FAQ's

What is health and social care software?

Health and social care software refer to a broad range of digital systems specifically designed to be used by providers across healthcare, social care and related services such as local authority commissioners of social care services.


When people refer to health and social care software they are usually referring to either care management software or healthcare management solutions.

How does the software support health and social care?

Health and social care software deliver a range of benefits to providers of healthcare and social care, people using these services and the wider health and care system.
Principal benefits include:


  • Increased efficiency and reduced admin
  • Improved service for clients, patients or residents
  • Safety improvements for service users
  • Use of reports/analytics to improve service quality or an individual’s care
  • Better data/information security
  • The ability to securely share information between different team members, care settings, or between services (such as a GP and a care home), supports integrated health and care.

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Our wide range of resources offer advice and guidance from industry experts in care, and our brochures provide more information on how our solutions can support your delivery of care.