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Hospitality CRM software

Our hospitality CRM software, Acteol, helps you to turn your marketing campaigns into business revenue. Build personalised and trackable campaigns that enable you to increase customer loyalty and get your customers coming back for more.

Our CRM for hospitality businesses is trusted by thousands of restaurants, pubs and bars across the UK, supporting more than 70 integrations to leading hospitality platforms, making it easier than ever to segment, engage and measure success.

Join thousands of restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels using Acteol

Why use Access Hospitality CRM?

Acteol, the Access Group’s Hospitality CRM, is the perfect solution for your hospitality business. Here's why:

  • Hospitality Focused: Our software is specifically designed for the hospitality industry, ensuring that you have access to the tools and insights that matter most to your business. 
  • Increased Customer Value: By leveraging data insights, you can increase customer visits and boost average spend per customer, providing a better return on investment for your sales and marketing activities. 
  • Direct Revenue: Tailored campaigns based on clean, structured data can help drive revenue and increase campaign success. With every interaction tracked, you can refine your strategy and achieve better results. 

Plus, with over 70+ integrations to leading hospitality platforms, Acteol makes it easier than ever to streamline your operations and optimise your performance. 

Looking for software to help you manage your hotel? Our hotel CRM will provide you with all the features you need.

Drive engagement with detailed customer profiles

Elevate your hospitality business with a Single Customer View (SCV) - the key to unlocking deeper customer engagement. 

  • In-Depth Customer Profiles: Our SCV provides a comprehensive understanding of individual customers, giving you insights into their preferences, behaviours, and lifecycle within your business. 
  • Updated in Real-Time: Always have access to the most current view of your customers. 
  • Streamlined Data: All your customer data in a single, easy-to-use platform, saving you time and effort. 

Create more personalised experiences, tailor marketing campaigns to individual customers, and identify new revenue opportunities.

Explore key features of our hospitality CRM

Campaign builder

The Campaign Builder Module offers a centralised platform for creating and tracking emails, texts, and push notifications, with the ability to create personalised dynamic content and trigger campaigns based on customer behaviour, while also providing various testing options, an asset library and optimised IP structure. 

  • Create personalised campaigns through unlimited sends and multi-channel communication options 
  • Design custom templates with drag and drop functionality and responsive on-brand email templates 
  • Track important campaign stats and test and optimise campaigns for better results 

Watch our short demo video to find out how to use the campaign builder module from  Access Acteol CRM.

CRM 672X738 Page HOS DOB
Feedback and enquiries

The Feedback and Enquiries Module is a system that efficiently collects and routes customer feedback and enquiries to relevant team members, while also providing a full audit trail of internal comments and correspondence with customers. 

  • Automated triggered emails are created to collect post-visit feedback 
  • Feedback is sent to team members based on location and category selected by the customer, with rules controlling the flow of tickets to ensure a timely response
  • The system features a dashboard for reviewing response rates and status of tickets, as well as industry measures such as NPS, and tags can be used to create additional triggers and help with analysis. 
  • Prompts customers to leave Trip Advisor and Google reviews post-visit and links feedback and enquiries to individual customer profiles
Create survey

Create surveys and landing pages quickly with the Survey and Landing Page Builder Module.

Collect valuable data from new and existing customers through various answer formats and automated triggered emails, with the option to add show/hide rules and trigger campaigns based on responses. 

  • Build branded, secure surveys and landing pages in minutes
  • Choose from text, radio buttons, check boxes, and matrix options for answer formats 
  • Add show/hide rules to change survey responses based on a customer's replies and trigger campaigns to continue the customer journey
  • Collected data is linked to the customer profile to improve insight and understanding, with APIs available for third-party integration
Acteol Tabbed 672 X 738 (2)
Social media manager

Manage and monitor multiple social media feeds with Acteol's Social Media Module, which offers real-time tracking, sentiment analysis, and customisable dashboards to help you optimise your online presence.  

  • Manage customer interactions and track posts, mentions, tweets, and reviews in real-time from multiple social media feeds 
  • Utilise features like sentiment analysis and customisable dashboards to optimise online presence and monitor feedback scores from popular sites like TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook, and compare site-by-site performance and competitor analysis
  • Create real-time alerts, schedule campaigns and posts across multiple pages, and create a customisable social wall to focus on the feeds you want to track
3 Acteol 1 672 X 738
Audience management

Acteol's Audience Management Module enables businesses to expand their reach and engage customers through social channels by building custom and lookalike audiences, retargeting website visitors, and managing advertising budgets. 

  • Target customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube using custom audiences built directly from your database
  • Build lookalike audiences by combining your data with social channels to reach new customers
  • Retarget website visitors using tracking data from Facebook and Google pixels
  • Create always-on ads to engage specific customer groups like abandoned baskets or lapsing customers, and manage advertising budgets and spend while targeting key engagement times
  • APIs are available to link to supporting social agencies
3 Crm 672 X 738
Loyalty programmes

Acteol’s Loyalty Module offers rewards such as points or stamps for customer spending and activities, with options to redefine ways to earn, assign rewards based on specific criteria, and run loyalty campaigns to segmented customer groups. 

  • Rewards can be assigned and configured in various ways, such as product level, activities, or engagement actions, with tiered programs to encourage additional spending and richer incentives to encourage desired actions 
  • Customers can be assigned rewards based on cross-sell or up-sell items and are available to all loyalty members or specific groups 

Find out more about our loyalty and rewards module within our CRM

CRM 672X738 Page HOS Loyalty
Voucher codes

Create unique or generic voucher codes with the voucher module, part of Access Acteol CRM and incentivise future spend and visits from your customers.

  • Manage all vouchers and offers in one place
  • Encourage repeat visits and additional spend
  • Track redemption values to evaluate ROI on your voucher campaigns

Watch our short demo video to find out how to incentivise future customer spend and visits with Access Acteol's voucher module.


2 Crm 672 X 738
Weather trigger

Acteol CRM platform has a built-in weather trigger that enables you to schedule your campaigns around weather changes.

Easily define a location for where the weather will be tracked and add criteria around the weather forecast. Your campaign won’t be sent, if it doesn’t meet specific criteria when it comes to weather in your defined location.

  • Campaign designer – enables you to predefine certain images based on weather triggers. On a sunny day, the trigger will automatically include a relevant sunny image of your outdoor space and on a rainy day, a cosy image of your interior and fireplace
  • Social campaign – add weather triggers to your scheduled social posts too – ensure you don’t post images of people outside wearing sunglasses, if it’s actually raining when the post is scheduled to be published

Watch our short demo video to find out how you can plan your marketing campaigns around weather changes.

672X738 CRM Page HOS Weatherforecast
Sales leads portal

The Sales Lead Portal is a tool that collects leads from multiple sources and allows businesses to manage them through the sales cycle while tracking results end to end. 

  • Collects leads from various sources including third party websites, emails, social media feeds, and internal triggers 
  • Assigns leads to specific team members and enables the creation of appointments and reminders 
  • Provides the ability to send email and text messages to leads, trigger automated appointment reminders, and review sales team productivity and performance metrics 
Insights and reports

Insights and Reports in the SCV provide interactive dashboards and reports that can be filtered by site, date, segment, and demographics and can be exported as chart images or raw data. 

  • The SCV's visual charts cover database growth and source, demographic segments, visit and spend behaviour, and campaign performance 
  • The dashboards and reports are interactive and can be filtered by various criteria 
  • All dashboards can be exported as chart images or raw data for further analysis 
4 Acteol 1 672 X 738

Have less than 15 sites?

We build tailored CRM solutions for hospitality businesses of any size. So, whether you have two or 200 hundred sites, our hospitality CRM can help you do more with your customer data.

Compare Acteol Enterprise, our CRM for 16+ sites, with Acteol SE, ideal for businesses with less than 15 sites, to discover the best fit for your needs.

Maximise ROI and build customer loyalty with our hospitality CRM 

Turn your marketing campaigns into business revenue with our unbeatable hospitality CRM. Our software doesn’t just help you understand your customers – it gives you the tools you need to increase loyalty and maximise your return on investment for campaigns.  

Explore your revenue potential with Acteol CRM ROI calculator

£ 152000

attributed spend

from email campaigns over a 2 month period, by a 20 site casual dining pub brand

£ 55000

total spend generated

from a small self-serve fast casual brand’s email campaigns in one month

£ 380000


from a Christmas campaign by a large pub company

Customer Success Story: Franco Manca

If you’re looking for proof that a great customer experience can translate to tangible results, look no further than this case study on Franco Manca. By implementing our restaurant CRM, the popular restaurant chain was able to streamline their operations, provide more personalised experiences, and build stronger relationships with customers.

The results speak for themselves: Franco Manca saw a 13% increase in repeat visits, a 15% increase in revenue per visit, and a 20% increase in customer feedback ratings.  

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, this case study is a must-read for anyone looking to take their hospitality operations to the next level. 

What our customers say about Acteol

Explore your revenue potential with Acteol CRM ROI calculator


The Acteol CRM partners with the biggest names in the hospitality industry.

Our technology connects EPoS, wifi, booking, online ordering, pay at table, click & collect, website, payroll, feedback platforms and loyalty systems from Access Hospitality and other third party providers to form a fully integrated, closed-loop, Customer Relationship Management solution.

Explore the tools Acteol integrates with:

  • Access EPoS
  • Zonal
  • NCR
  • Aloha
  • Comtrex
  • Lightspeed
  • Tevalis
  • Kobas
  • Givex
  • Ikentoo
  • Gladstone
  • Legend POS
  • Trainline
  • Havenstar
Acteol Integrations Epos (672 X 738Px) (2)
Acteol Integrations Reservations (672 X 738Px)
Loyalty, mobile order & pay, click & collect integrations
  • Vita Mojo
  • Wi5
  • bink
  • preoday
  • Orderbee
  • Pepper
  • Mycheck
  • Orderswift
  • Eagleeye
  • Zonal
  • 5loyalty
Acteol Integrations Loyalty (672 X 738Px) (1)
Wifi and guest interactions
  • Wireless Social
  • Captini
  • SplashAccess
  • Fydelia
  • Purple
  • Feed it back
  • Hygem
  • Yumpingo
Acteol Integrations Wifi (672 X 738Px)
Gift cards and e-commerce
  • Toggle
  • EagleEye
  • Voucher Cart
  • Shopify
  • Chargebee
  • Stripe
Acteol Integrations Gift Card Ecommerce (672 X 738Px)
Social and other
  • Tahola
  • ViralSweep
  • ComTrade
  • Netpulse
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsft Azure
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tripadvisor
Acteol Integrations Social (672 X 738Px)

Our hospitality CRM works well with...

Producticon Access Collins Revised (2) (1)
Booking and reservation software

Make booking a table at your venue simple for your guests and managing bookings, reservations and enquiries easy for your staff.

Eposhospitalityicon (5)

Integrated EPoS system can connect all your software to give you wider visibility over your entire operations.

Access Orderbee Prder Pay
Order and pay at table system

Our order and pay system for hospitality is simple to implement and easy for guests to use

Hospitality CRM FAQs

What is a CRM in the hospitality industry?

CRM or customer relationship management is the technology used to manage interactions with customers during every stage of the customer journey. In CRM for hospitality businesses might deal with communications to encourage return visits, pre-visit booking enquiries, and booking reminders, to encourage pre-ordering, and follow-up communications post-visit.

Find out more about the best hospitality CRM for you

How do restaurants use a CRM?

As well as managing all customer interactions, a good CRM system can reduce no-shows and encourage return visits. It helps restaurants to collect useful data, then clean and manage all their customer data in one place. This might include basic contact information such as name and phone number but can also be more in depth, such as recording number of visits, allergies, birthdays, spend per visit or other useful information.

Read more about the why you need a hospitality CRM

What are the benefits of using a CRM in hospitality?

CRM software helps hospitality businesses by reducing manual enquiry management through messaging automation such as sending booking reminders or menu details. Understanding your customers and then sending them timely communications can help encourage return visits and customer loyalty.

You can use your CRM system to send out review requests which can also promote your venue and encourage new visitors. By collecting and segmenting customer data you can tailor your communications to ensure your guests get the most value from your messages.

Read more about the benefits of a hospitality CRM

How much does a hospitality CRM system cost?

The cost of a hospitality CRM system can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as the size of your business, the features and functionality you need and the vendor you choose.  

Find out more on how much a hospitality CRM costs.

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