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Our industry-leading education software is designed by experts to improve efficiency and increase engagement within your educational establishment. Access solutions give you the freedom to provide an outstanding education.

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The education software solution trusted by 50% of academies and 33% of maintained schools across the UK

Join the 9,000+ schools and academies in the UK, as well as over 200 independent schools internationally, who have made the switch to Access Education software.

We have over 10 years’ experience delivering results, so whether you are a school, training provider, further education college, local authority or trust we can help you make an evidence-based positive impact on your outcomes, while improving the working life of your educators.  

The educational software suite that gives you the freedom to do more

Whether you are a school, training provider, further education college, local authority or trust we can help you meet your objectives and plans for success.

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Schools and academies

Market-leading software designed specifically for the education sector to help increase efficiency and engagement across your school or academy.

Independent Schools
Independent schools

As an independent school, you face a unique set of challenges. Access Education is here to support your back-office operations, allowing you to uphold exceptional standards of education.

Sustainable Income

Whether you are an emerging or established MAT, our integrated software suite provides you with timely access to the information you need, when you need it.

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Local authorities

For LAs purchasing for schools or seeking a recommendation-worthy solution, our education software suite supports your procurement needs.

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Colleges and further education

Learn, assess, progress: personalised learning plans, content, and assessment all in one place – on the go! Our award-winning assessment tool supports Resits and Functional Skills.

Education software created by educators, for educators

The Access Education software suite is purpose-built to address the unique needs and challenges of educational institutions. Created by education experts, it's not just another solution – it's a comprehensive approach to improving the entire educational experience.

We've collaborated closely with educators at every stage of development to ensure our software reflects their insights, needs, and goals. It goes beyond functionality, becoming a strategic ally for schools, MATs, and local authorities.

Designed to simplify and streamline the complex administrative tasks that you often face, you can optimise your operations, reduce redundancy, and save time on administrative work.

Our ultimate goal is to empower educators to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional learning experiences to their students.

Ready to increase efficiency and cut administrative overhead? Want more time for teaching, mentoring, and inspiring the next generation? Click on our each of our products to find out how they can improve processes within your setting. 

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Education software FAQs

What is education software?

Education software refers to different solutions that help streamline back-office processes and reduce manual administrative burdens in primary and secondary schools as well as further education institutions such as colleges and universities. This software can include functionality such as attendance reporting, financial performance monitoring and HR & payroll calculations which support school administrative teams, revision software for pupils, and software to help support lesson planning for teachers.

Why use education software?

Educational establishments should use education-specific software to reduce workload, enhance learning, engage students and make an evidence-based positive impact on your learners’ outcomes while improving the working life of your educators.

We provide everything you need all in one easily accessible platform so you can concentrate on your teaching and not on the technology.

What education software is best for my educational establishment?

Software that is specific to the education sector will be best suited to help meet the needs and demands of your learning institution. Your software needs will be different depending on whether you are a school, academy, college or Local Authority, but no matter which category you fall under, we guarantee we can help. Browse our education software offering to find out more.

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