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The industry-leading education software from Access is designed by experts to provide efficiency and engagement across your whole educational establishment. Our education solutions give you the freedom to provide an outstanding education.

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Our suite of education software solutions

We have over 10 years’ experience delivering results, so whether you are a school, training provider, further education college, local authority or business we can help you make an evidence-based positive impact on your outcomes, while improving the working life of your educators.


Schools and academies

Market-leading software designed specifically for the education sector to help increase efficiency and engagement across your school, academy or Multi-Academy Trust.

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Colleges and further education

Learn, assess, progress: personalised learning plans, content, and assessment all in one place – on the go! Our award-winning assessment tool supports Resists and Functional Skills.

Why use Access for education software?

Our education software has been designed specifically for the education sector to help streamline their processes and ease their administrative burdens. In using our education software, learning institutions are able to increase their efficiency and reduce duplication of work, which in turn, helps them save on their costs.

Trusted by 1 in 2 academies and 1 in 3 maintained schools across the UK, in addition to over 200 independent schools internationally our education software helps educational establishments across the globe to meet their objectives and plan for success.

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We support thousands of customers

Our education software supports over 9,000 schools and academies, transforming the way they work. Why not join them?

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What our customers say...

“The best thing about Access software is that it’s really affordable for schools. We are still able to afford specialist software that is sector specific and meets the need of the Trust and schools, within our extremely tight budgets.”  

Adele France, Chief Financial & Ops Officer, Minerva Learning Trust

What our customers say...

“Access Education People is brilliant, staff across the trust can view information relating to their own school, while those responsible for overseeing the trust have different login rights and are able to gain a higher level of visibility. This has helped harness a collaborative working relationship within the trust.” 

Debra Briault, Chief Operating Officer, The Circle Trust

What our customers say...

“I’m delighted with the Access software, the experience and the relationship we have with our technology partner – it really complements our trust.” 

Julie Pearman, Chief Finance & Ops Officer, The Good Shepherd Catholic Trust

What our customers say...

"The Access software has helped streamline our processes. Downloading the required reports across our 45 sites, now takes around a day per month and without the software, this would take much longer."

Rachel Carter, Head of Finance, TKAT

What our customers say...

We process over 200 new joiners each year and I’d estimate that the software has saved us around 100 hours of time throughout the admissions process.

Kerry Wilson, Admissions registrar, Latymer Upper School

What our customers say...

Using Education Demand with our students has been extremely engaging. Used in school or at home, students can practice their key skills in order to better prepare themselves for assessments. This way of learning is the future and we highly recommend the Teaching and Learning resource and will continue to enjoy using it. Our students have thrived using these materials this year.

Mairi Godlet, Principal Teacher Support, St. Margaret’s Academy

What our customers say...

Invaluable resource, easily embedded across the school with staff and students.

Sarah Leek, Assistant Principal , Colne Primet Academy

Education software FAQs:

What is education software?

Why use education software?

What education software is best for my educational establishment?

What is education software?

Education software refers to different solutions that help streamline back-office processes and reduce manual administrative burdens in primary and secondary schools as well as further education institutions such as colleges and universities. This software can include functionality such as attendance reporting, financial performance monitoring and HR & payroll calculations which support school administrative teams, revision software for pupils, and software to help support lesson planning for teachers. 

Why use education software?

Educational establishments should use education-specific software to reduce workload, enhance learning, engage students and make an evidence-based positive impact on your learners’ outcomes while improving the working life of your educators.

We provide everything you need all in one easily accessible platform so you can concentrate on your teaching and not on the technology.

What education software is best for my educational establishment?

Software that is specific to the education sector will be best suited to help meet the needs and demands of your learning institution. Your software needs will be different depending on whether you are a school, academy, college or Local Authority, but no matter which category you fall under, we guarantee we can help. Browse our education software offering to find out more.

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