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HR and payroll software:

HR and Payroll software

HR and payroll software for all business sizes and complexities. Our flexible solutions span the entire employee lifecycle, from core HR software, to payroll, flexible benefits and eLearning, giving you the tools you need, when you need them.

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Our HR and payroll software suite

With a complete ecosystem of capabilities, our integrated HR and payroll software extends beyond the core transactional HR system. This helps customers with their strategic goals of attracting, developing and retaining talent; and improving culture and employee engagement. 

  • End-to-end integrated HR and payroll software built to support medium - large and more complex organisations – Access PeopleXD 
  • Straight-forward cloud HR and payroll software for small organisations – Access PeopleHR 
  • Payroll management - Payroll software, outsourced payroll services and on-demand pay app
  • Employee engagement solutions - Employee benefits, salary sacrifice schemes, wellbeing resources, recognition and reward
  • Digital learning – learning management system, eLearning courses, career development and gamified learning

Our Access People solutions are trusted by 13,000+ organisations in the UK and Ireland

Flexible, unified and scalable HR and payroll software

Our HR software solutions are designed to work seamlessly together, so you can create a customised suite to meet your organisation’s unique needs and strategic objectives. Unify your employee experience, from hire to retire, and unlock the data needed to deliver better business outcomes.

Access PeopleXD – for >250 employees

PeopleXD (previously CoreHR) is a cloud-based, integrated HR and payroll system for medium to large organisations - or those that require more flexibility and customisation. 

It offers custom reporting and analytics, self-service features for managers and employees, and a mobile app. It can be tailored to your unique requirements and used as a modular solution or an all-in-one suite, with integrated modules covering the employee lifecycle. You can build the solution you need now and scale as your organisation grows.

Modules include: 

- People management
- Workforce management
- Payroll
- Recruitment
- Talent
- Learning

Access PeopleHR – for <250 employees

PeopleHR is our HR software for small and medium sized businesses and organisations that require a straightforward, easy to set up, integrated HR system 

With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and much of the same functionality as PeopleXD, PeopleHR helps growing businesses streamline their HR processes and improve efficiency, making it a cost-effective solution for SMBs looking to upgrade from on-premise HR software or reduce their admin burden without the need for a large HR team to implement. 

Workforce management

A workforce management system that is strong and effective can enhance operational excellence by establishing a strong foundation. This includes removing obstacles, minimising queries, and eradicating employee dissatisfaction, all while providing managers and HR with more time to concentrate on HR strategies that promote business success.

Modules include:

- Absence management
- Staff holiday booking system
- Rota scheduling
- Employee self service
- Employee onboarding

Payroll Management

Our flexible payroll management software and services, designed for organisations in the UK and Ireland, ensures accurate and compliant payroll, simplifying payroll processes and ensuring greater payroll transparency and efficiency. 

With HR and payroll software suited to your organisation’s size and complexity, as well as an on-demand pay app, an outsourced payroll service that is 99.9% accurate at first run and online payslips, you can ensure your people are paid on time, every time. 

Our payroll solutions include: 

- Integrated HR and payroll software – PeopleXD and PeopleHR
- Online payroll software 
- Payroll outsourcing 
- Online payslips 
- On-demand pay 

Employee engagement solutions

Employee engagement is no longer a desirable HR programme; it’s a core business strategy. But there’s not a one size fits all approach to employee engagement, which is why our solutions are flexible, and can adapt to fit with organisation’s specific strategic goals and needs of your people.

Our employee engagement tools are designed to complement your core HR software and become part of a connected package of solutions that supports your employee experience.

- Salary extras, salary sacrifice schemes 
- Lifestyle benefits, health and wellbeing benefits, commuting to work benefits, flex benefits
- Reward and recognition

Digital learning

Whether you’re looking for eLearning courses to meet a specific training need, a new Learning Management System (LMS) or career development software, we have a cost effective solution to meet your learning and development aims whatever your business size.  

With an extensive range of both industry specific and sector agnostic eLearning courses, we help organisations to deliver and manage the flexible learning tools and resources in a way that is suited to their employees, so they can learn the way they want to learn.  

- Learning Management System (LMS) 
- eLearning courses
- Career development 
- Gamified learning

What our customers love about us

Discover how our HR software has helped organisations achieve success - read our customer success stories.

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£1 million cost saving

"Although our principle driver for a move of HR and payroll software and services was a financial one, the results of this change have far surpassed simply a monetary value."

The Co-operative Bank

All Icons 04 0271 Clock
Task reduced from 6 hours to 60 minutes

"A task that took six hours to write a roster now takes less than 60 minutes. It’s not very often we get the chance to hand back five hours to every senior manager every week."

- Cineworld


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Reduced admin by 60% using automation

"We've been able to automate 60% of our tasks, meaning we've been able to free up 1 FTA's worth of capability to reallocate to more value-added activity."

- Livv Housing Group

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About Access People

A joined-up suite of HR and payroll software solutions

With more than 3,000,000 users from 13,000+ customers in various sectors across the UK, Ireland and Asia Pacific, Access People offers a complete ecosystem of HR software capabilities. We provide customers with tailored solutions to meet their unique aims and objectives, and ultimately support them to create truly people-centric organisations. 

We are recognised as a core leader in HR software solutions by Europe’s leading HR Industry Analyst, Fosway Group. The Fosway 2022 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR, recognises our track record and strong performance in supporting medium to large-scale organisations with their HR needs, helping them to reduce HR complexity and lower their cost of tech ownership. Read more.

HR and payroll software FAQs

How do HR and payroll work together?

As two critical departments in any organisation, it’s important that HR and payroll functions work together effectively. Key business tasks like ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time, employee benefits and deductions are correctly administered and tax, and other legal and compliance requirements are met, all require HR and payroll to work together in tandem. Integrated HR and payroll software like PeopleXD can help larger departments or those with more complex requirements, to automate joint HR and payroll tasks. Using technology to help manage the seamless flow of data between the two functions also helps reduce time-consuming admin, ensure consistent employee record keeping and reduces business risk and chances of error when personal data is shared.

How to choose the best HR and payroll software for your organisation

The best HR and payroll software is subjective and will be dependent on organisation’s size, complexity, budget, maturity of your HR strategy and specific business requirements. 

When choosing the best HR and payroll system for your organisation, you should look to first build the business case. You may be looking to automate more of your HR and payroll processes and require everything in one place, or you could be looking to upgrade outdated legacy HR and payroll software that is not achieving business value, or simply no longer fit for purpose. Your organisation’s unique requirements will dictate the direction you take when choosing the most suitable HR and payroll software to achieve your strategic objectives.

Take a look at our article about choosing the best cloud-based HR software.

Why buy HR and payroll software from the same provider?

There are many advantages to buying HR and payroll software from the same supplier.  

One of these is seamless integration, meaning data flows seamlessly from one area of the system to another reducing error and helping ensure your policies and processes are consistent and compliant. Another benefit is increased efficiencies; integrated HR and payroll reduces the need to manually enter data and avoid duplicating efforts, reducing administration time and costs. These things lead to better data accuracy and more reliable cross-functional reporting.  

Fully integrated HR and payroll software like PeopleXD, likely includes additional features and functionality across the employee lifecycle, ensuring you get better value from your tech investment. This will mean a simpler relationship with a single vendor, with a single point of contact for queries, support and future updates. With the right supplier, you can also ensure your HR and payroll software is future-proofed, with a scalable and flexible system that can accommodate your organisation’s future growth and evolving requirements. 

Take a look at our article on building the business case for new HR software. 

How much does HR and payroll software cost?

The cost of HR and payroll software can vary widely depending on factors such as the features and functionalities offered, the size of your organisation and number of users, the vendor's pricing model, additional modules (like learning or talent management for example) and additional services (such as implementation timescales and support options). HR and payroll system pricing models are usually based either on a subscription model or per-employee for OpEx cloud-based SaaS like our PeopleHR system, or a one-time license fee for an on-premise CapEx system. Some HR and payroll software providers have custom pricing models taking into account the specific requirements of your organisation such as customisations required, tailored features and services and varied implementation and support plans, like our HR and payroll software PeopleXD 

Find out more about HR and payroll software pricing.

How to integrate HR and Payroll systems

Integrating HR and payroll systems can streamline processes and improve efficiency. To integrate HR and payroll software effectively, you should define your integration goals, what do you want to achieve? This could include automating data transfer between your systems, reducing manual data entry, improving data accuracy or enhancing reporting capabilities.

Discuss your requirements with one of our HR and payroll software specialists

HR and payroll blogs

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