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Pre-employment screening software

​Automated pre-employment screening checks for faster onboarding. Reduce your time to hire, comply with confidence and hire the right candidate every time with background screening software. With a tight talent market, can your business afford not to increase the efficiency of your hiring process?

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Candidate screening tools give you the freedom to do more

  • Hire 50% faster and save 40% on admin time with Access Screening. Streamline your hiring processes for quick results.
  • Boost productivity with our applicant screening software. Focus on finding the perfect candidates and save time.
  • Make informed choices with our background checks software. Conduct reliable employment background checks.
  • Revolutionise onboarding, empower hiring decisions, and succeed. Stay ahead with the future of pre-employment screening software.

Why use Access Screening?

Improve time to hire

Access Screening can significantly improve the time to hire for businesses by up to 40%, meaning recruiters admin time is reduced and therefore frees up your time to concentrate on hiring. The streamlining of the initial screening process through automated software helps to:

  • Quickly validate and process a high volume of documentation and passports checks
  • Get candidates on board quickly and create profiles for each and every candidate
  • Track candidate progress on your compliance dashboard to monitor every stage
  • Reduce manual admin creating savings to the business
Improve Time To Hire
Comply with legislations

Complying with legislation is an important consideration when using screening software, as organisations must ensure that the software they use complies with anti-discrimination laws and data privacy regulations for example. The software is designed to:

  • Ensure you always remain compliant with the latest legislation
  • Avoid fines and protect your business’ reputation with automatic alert, highlighting imminent expiry dates of candidate passports, visas or DBS
  • Fully auditable case history making reporting and audits a breeze
  • Protect your information with banking-grade encryption
Comply With Legislation
Automate reference checks

Automating reference checks with Access Screening software can save time and increase the efficiency of the hiring process, as our technology allows recruiters to easily contact references and collect feedback through an automated system.

This process can reduce the time and resources spent on manually contacting references and following up with them. Additionally, automated reference checks can provide a more objective and standardised approach to collecting feedback, leading to more accurate and consistent results.

Save Time Referencing
Right to Work checks

Automating right to work checks with Access Screening can streamline the process and ensure compliance with relevant legislation, through quickly verify a candidate's eligibility to work in a particular country, reducing the time and resources required for manual verification.

By automating this process, recruiters can ensure a more consistent and thorough approach to right to work checks, reducing the potential for human error or oversight.

Right To Work
Personalise with your brand

Personalise your Access Screening platform with your brand to help create a consistent and cohesive hiring experience for candidates.

By customising our software with your organisation's logo, colors, and messaging, you can reinforce your brand identity and make a positive impression on candidates. This can help candidates feel more connected to your organisation and create a sense of familiarity and trust.

Personalising the software can also enhance your employer brand and differentiate your organization from competitors. By incorporating your brand into the software, you can create a seamless and professional hiring experience that reflects positively on your organisation.

Brand Personalisation
Consistent candidate experience

Access Screening can help provide a consistent candidate experience by streamlining the hiring process and ensuring that candidates receive clear and timely communication throughout the process.

This technology can help automate and standardise key aspects of the screening process, such as background checks, reference checks, and right to work checks.

By providing a consistent and transparent screening process, candidates can feel confident that they are being treated fairly and consistently, regardless of the position they are applying for. 

Consistent Candidate Experience
Accessibility & Inclusion

There is a huge highlight on diversity, equity and inclusion within recruitment, and the onboarding process is no different – it is crucial for businesses to incorporate inclusion and accessibility into their onboarding and screening processes to build a diverse and equitable workplace. This in turn creates an environment where individuals of all abilities and backgrounds can thrive, contributing to a more innovative and high-performing team.

Organisations can achieve this by designing accessible onboarding materials that cater to various learning styles and linguistic abilities. Providing alternative formats, such as audio or visual options, ensures that information is accessible to all. Universal design principles help eliminate barriers, promoting inclusivity from the outset.

Access Screening is partnered with Recite Me to deliver the accessibility Assistive Toolbar to our screening platform. For more information, take a look through all the features that the Assistive Toolbar could provide your business.

Reciteme Screening
Avoid hefty fines

Access Screening can help organisations avoid hefty fines by ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

Our technology can help automate key aspects of the screening process, such as right to work checks and background checks, ensuring that the organisation is following best practices and meeting legal requirements.

By providing a standardised and consistent approach to screening, Access Screening can reduce the likelihood of errors or oversights that could result in fines or legal issues.

Avoid Hefty Fines

Trusted background checking software

Increase speed-to-hire by over 50%!

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Employment screening software

Automate your background screening to reduce admin and risk and improve your time to hire. Over 140 candidate background checks, including Right to Work, DBS, referencing and many more through one configurable platform.

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Right to Work app

Comply with the latest Home Office regulations in less than five steps with our pay-as you-go Right to Work app. Designed for companies with less complex screening requirements or lower volume hiring. ​

See how to ensure trust with reliable background checks

Pre-employment screening software suitable for all sectors

Candidate screening tools that cover your sector’s specific compliance such as FCA, CQC, BS 7858, Airside Pass, PCI DSS, BPSS and Known Consignor Screening.​

Aerospace | Construction | Facilities | Finance  | Hospitality | Housing & Charity | Legal | Public Sector | Retail | Security 

Background screening industry

Recruitment agencies

Pre-employment screening and rescreening play crucial roles for recruitment agencies in ensuring the quality, reliability, and compliance of candidates they place with client companies. These processes help recruitment agencies mitigate risks, maintain their reputation, and provide clients with candidates who meet their specific requirements. That's where Access Screening comes in. 

Download our Spotlight on...Recruitment Agencies to view all the features and benefits. 

REC Screening
Health & Social Care

In an industry dedicated to the well-being and support of vulnerable individuals, maintaining the highest standards of trust, safety, and professionalism is vitally important. The health and social care sector plays a critical role in society, providing essential services to individuals who may be elderly, disabled, or facing various health challenges. As such, ensuring the integrity of this sector is not only a legal and regulatory obligation but also a moral imperative. 

Having a clear understanding of the significance of background screening, its vital role in upholding the integrity of the sector, and the various elements that comprise an effective screening process will help you on your way to achieving an efficient screening strategy. That's where Access Screening comes in. 

Download our Spotlight on...Health & Social Care to view all the features and benefits. 

HSC Screening

In the field of education, the pursuit of excellence is intertwined with the creation of safe, nurturing, and inspiring learning environments. As organisations mold the minds of tomorrow's leaders, the significance of maintaining trust, integrity, and safety cannot be overstated. Uncovering the pivotal role of candidate background screening within the education industry will help foster a proactive approach to finding the right employees for an educational setting. That's where Access Screening comes in. 

Download our Spotlight on...Education to view all the features and benefits. 

EDU Screening

The finance sector operates in an environment characterised by intricate transactions, sensitive data handling, and complex risk management. To effectively mitigate risks, prevent fraud, and safeguard the interests of stakeholders, institutions are increasingly recognising the importance of diligent background screening. By subjecting prospective employees, clients, and partners to a meticulous evaluation process, financial organisations can make informed decisions that align with their commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance. That's where Access Screening comes in. 

Download our Spotlight on...Finance to view all the features and benefits. 

FMS Screening

In the dynamic and customer-centric world of the hospitality sector, maintaining a reputable and secure environment is paramount. With a focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences, it's essential for businesses in this industry to prioritise safety, reliability, and compliance. The critical role of background screening in this high-compliance sector, highlights how meticulous screening processes have to be, to not only safeguard guests and employees but also elevate the industry's standards of excellence. That's where Access Screening comes in. 

Download our Spotlight on...Hospitality to view all the features and benefits. 

HOS Screening

From law enforcement agencies to private security firms, understanding the intricacies of background screening is essential for ensuring the highest standards of personnel selection and maintaining public confidence within the security sector. 

In an ever-evolving world where safety and trust are the top priority, the importance of a meticulous and robust background screening process cannot be overstated. It is crucial to understand the critical role that background screening plays in upholding the integrity, reliability, and effectiveness of the security industry. That's where Access Screening comes in. 

Download our Spotlight on...Security to view all the features and benefits. 

SEC Screening

[Webinar] What makes an efficient modern compliance team?

Watch a sneak peak of our Access Screening team discussing their experiences of speaking with businesses across multiple industries and how the inefficiencies in the screening processes of those businesses are effecting their onboarding.

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Candidate Screening FAQs

What is candidate screening?​

When it comes to hiring, the candidate screening process is the procedure of filtering out applications for a role by conducting a pre-employment background check. Screening is an important part of the hiring process removing unqualified or irrelevant candidates, scanning particular documents to prove the identity of a candidate and adhering to government legislations.​

Read more in our article What is a right to work check?

What are pre-employment screening tools?

Pre & Post Employment Screening tools are relevant for all sectors and effectively act as a Vetting CRM automating the process for screening; saving vast amounts of admin and resource cost and time. ​Pre-employment tools are used before someone can be hired to flag issues that may prevent the applicant from being a suitable candidate.

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Why do I need candidate screening software?

The recruitment market has not only become increasingly competitive, but also heavily regulated as government legislation continues to change. With new laws, increased data regulations and a tightening of online security, businesses need to work hard to ensure they’re staying compliant and ahead of the game.

In addition, they’re striving to adapt to new ways of working demanded by today’s changing workforce, all while ensuring their screening policies are keeping them compliant and protected.​

How much does background screening software cost?

Pre-employment screening software can really vary in how much it will cost depending what a business requires from their background checks. For instance, a business looking to perform very comprehensive background checks in the form of enhanced DBS would see a higher cost compared to an organisation performing minimal basic DBS checks. Other factors include how many checks would be required on a periodic basis and how quickly the turn around times of those checks are.

Businesses should also be aware and understand that the cost of pre-employment screening is not just about how much the technology initially costs upfront, but how much time and money it can save in the long run by preventing bad hires and potential legal issues.

Read more in our article How much does pre-employment screening cost?

What types of background checks do Access Screening cover?

Depending on the pre-employment screening provider you choose, will depend on the range of different checks on offer. At Access Screening, we are able to run over 140 different types of candidate background checks, including:

Right to Work
Identity checks
Basic DBS Checks
Standard DBS Checks
Enhanced DBS checks
Qualification checks
Credit checks
Occupational health checks
Social media
Adverse Media


To find out more about background checking software, check out our article on What is a pre-employment background check?

How long does it take to implement screening software?

There are so many factors to take into consideration when it comes to implementing pre-employment background screening software. Things to consider include the range of checks the business will need to conduct, the time of year that they’re looking to implement, what personnel will be running the implementation project and the time it takes to source the right screening provider. All activities require time and resources to help with the implementation process.

At Access Screening, our average implementation time usually takes around 4 weeks.

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  • Personalise with your brand to provide a consistent candidate experience
  • Comply with the latest regulations and avoid hefty fines


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Read more about how you can enhance your candidate onboarding and how to remain compliant.

Risks Of Ignoring Checks
Common risks of ignoring pre-employment background checks

Discover how can screening software enable organisations to remain compliant with the latest legislation and hire employees who are who they say they are. 

Automate ID Checking And AML
BPSS pre-employment checks vs BS7858 security screening checks

For those who work in roles that involve access to sensitive or confidential information such as finance, healthcare and government, there are specific security checks designed to ensure candidates meet the standards required.  

Pre Employment Screening Cost
How much does pre-employment screening cost?

Pre-employment screening is a vital step in the hiring process, and is worth investing in. We look at how much you can expect to pay for a pre-employment screening technology solution through the background checks it can deliver.

Pre Employment Screening
What is pre-employment screening?

Pre-employment screening is the process of undertaking the relevant background checks to verify candidates’ claims, as well as to ensure you have fulfilled your legal obligations as an employer or recruitment agency.

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