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Engage employees, support performance and development, and achieve compliance within your organisation.

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Access learning solutions

Positive, engaging learning experiences have a direct impact on the level of engagement, performance, safety and compliance of your employees.

Access learning solutions encompass our Access LMS learning management system, eLearning creation and gamification tools, and the eLearning courses your employees need to support their development and compliance now, and in future.

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Learning management system

Access LMS is designed to help you engage your learners, support their performance and development, and ensure the health, safety and compliance of your employees and organisation now and in future.

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eLearning Courses

Our eLearning course libraries are designed to help you deliver the learning your employees need to stay safe, meet compliance requirements and drive their development.

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Gamified Learning Solutions

Access Gamebrain is a mobile app that engages learners and helps you make sure learning sticks through repetitive play.

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Career Development Solutions

Engaging online technology and eLearning content for career development and student employability.

Engagement. Performance. Compliance. Experience.

Our digital learning solutions give you the learning management tools and eLearning courses you need to allow your employees to learn the way they want to learn.

  • Deliver digital learning your employees want to engage with
  • Support their performance and development
  • Ensure the compliance of your organisation now and in future
  • Improve the People Experience within your organisation

What we offer

Our learning management system, Access LMS

Our eLearning course libraries

Gamified learning solutions

Synchronise HR, talent and learning activities

Career development solutions

Our learning management system, Access LMS

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Access LMS delivers effective and engaging learning to help you support continuous professional development and compliance learning while providing the tools you need to create, assign, deliver, manage and report on effective learning in your organisation.

  • Support continuous learning and development, allowing employees to record and report on CPD
  • Identify and address compliance and development gaps across your organisation with learning needs analysis tools and the ability to assign and track learning pathways
  • Ensure organisation-wide compliance with compliance tracking dashboards
  • Support your remote workforce with Zoom and MS Teams integration, automatically capturing remote learning events attendance in your LMS
  • Create the content your organisation needs with eLearning creation tools
  • Deliver an engaging learning experience that allows employees to learn the way they want to learn with learning gamification and quiz builder tools
  • Schedule and manage learning events, allow employees to search all available content and events, and allow employees to rate, share and discuss learning courses

Our eLearning course libraries

Dlc Elearning Cources

Access offers an extensive collection of eLearning courses to support effective and engaging learning in your organisation...

...with a large and diverse selection of content libraries covering topics from personal and professional development, risk, compliance, health & safety and cyber awareness to industry-specific and role-related courses.

Your employees can access a range of microlearning, eLearning, quizzes, factsheets and workbooks - giving them the freedom to learn the way they want to learn.

Gamified learning solutions


Gamified learning is a great way to help employees learn in the way that they want to learn, and for organisations to help make sure that important learning sticks!

The Access Gamebrain mobile app allows you to build quizzes or utilise a library of existing quiz content written by industry experts that will reinforce the knowledge your employees need.

Integrated with Access LMS, Access Gamebrain delivers a competitive, gamified experience that can form a valuable part of your organisation's learning strategy.

Synchronise HR, talent and learning activities


As part of the wider Access solutions portfolio, Access Learning Solutions can help your organisation to deliver the ultimate people experience...

...with employee recognition tools, performance management apps, HR, payroll and workforce management solutions working together to drive the performance of your people and organisation.

Combined with the full power of the Access Workspace platform, Access Learning Solutions can combine with intuitive apps to deliver a more engaging and productive experience and clear visibility across systems and data throughout your organisation.

Career development solutions

Career development solutions

Career development can now be offered to everyone within any organisation 24/7.

With our career development platform both employees and students can develop their own careers at a time that suits them, helping to identify where there is need for focus and improvement and build the confidence needed to develop, pursue future career goals and aspirations.

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LMS for Financial Services

Some of our customers making the most of our digital learning software

What customers say...

The system has allowed us to reach our global audience and enable them to interact in a way that we haven’t been able to do before. The functionality has helped us lift classroom-based training activities onto the LMS to administer and track those in a similar way to before and ensure we can continue to track mandatory training and to support the development of our staff.

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Carolyne Phillips, Head of Learning and Talent, TP ICAP

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