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Construction management software

Access Construction’s award-winning construction software suite gives construction businesses visibility, control and accuracy across every step of the construction lifecycle. Our secure, cloud-hosted construction software solutions connect construction teams for seamless collaboration, and empowers construction leaders to make intelligent, data-driven decisions and control cashflow.

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End-to-end construction management software 

Access Construction has been awarded the 2023 Construction Computing Awards ‘Company of the Year'. 

Developed by and for construction professionals, our construction management software is built specifically for the dynamic demands of the sector.  

Our solutions help leading contractors, home builders, civil engineers, estimators and MEP contractors gain visibility and control over their projects. 

Access Construction is trusted by over 1,000 leading construction businesses in the UK and Ireland

Why choose construction management software from Access Construction?

  • Access Construction provides two core industry products, Access COINS for construction management and Access ConQuest for construction estimating, plus a comprehensive suite of construction business software solutions to support your construction organisation.
  • We provide seamless implementation for our construction software, with expert consultation, product training and dedicated customer support as standard.
  • We are the experts in construction technology, providing solutions to 40% of the UK's Top 20 general contractors and 60% of the UK’s Top 20 house builders.

Future-proof your construction business with Access Construction software

Our cloud-based end-to-end construction software solutions are designed to solve common challenges in the sector.

  • End siloed data and bring your teams together under a single system. 
  • Review budgets and estimates in real-time. 
  • Automate a wealth of processes and save time spent on administration and data entry. 
  • Achieve true visibility of ever-changing projects, identify and navigate issues and reduce rework. 
  • Tackle rising costs with cost control and true cashflow visibility. 

Our construction management software suite

Library Of Assets
Construction ERP software 

Access COINS is a powerful ERP system for construction, powered by real-time data and packed with functionality developed for construction.  

Analytical Estimating
Estimating software 

Access ConQuest is leading construction estimating software which quickly builds accurate estimates that win bids.

Project Delivery
Project management software

Schedule and track complex construction projects with project management software built for the sector.

Finance And Operations UK
Finance and operations software

Control cashflow, track CVR and manage your assets in a single financial management system. 

Service Management
Service management software

Link the field to the office with service management software which automates processes and saves administration time.

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management software

Track your supply chain, streamline billing and improve supplier relationships with software built for construction.

Time Management UK
Workforce management & payroll software

Manage your construction teams with HR and Payroll software that ensures safety and compliance. 

Construction Icon Procurement Forms
Procurement software

Streamline your procurement process with features including electronic trading and OCR which makes procurement simple.  

On Screen Take Off
Takeoff Software 

Manage 2D and 3D takeoff with a powerful solution which lifts the measurements you need to start your bill of quantities.  

Construction Icon Procurement Workflow
Tender and bid management software 

Easily source, track and compare subcontractor bids. Our system sends over 100,000 enquiries every month to over 50,000 subcontractors. 

Construction sectors served by Access Construction

Case study – Barratt Developments

The UK’s largest home builder chose Access COINS to track CVR, improve commercial processes and make significant efficiency gains across their developments.

“A significant percentage of construction and housebuilding companies use COINS construction software, and I think it’s quite right that Barratt should be aligned with those companies in using the best technology available.” 

David Thomas, CEO, Barratt Developments 

Proud to partner with over 1,000 leading construction businesses

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Expert support from Access Construction

As part of The Access Group, Access Construction delivers software support services by experts in construction technology. From meticulously planned implementation and custom training for your team to technical support and regular software updates, Access Construction ensures you get the most from your software. 

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Construction software FAQs

What is construction management software? 

Construction management software is a specialised digital solution designed to streamline and optimise various aspects of construction project planning, execution, and administration.  

Construction management software, such as ERP, offer features like project scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, document management, and communication tools, enabling construction firms to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and overall project success. 

Construction management software has become a cornerstone for business operations, allowing you to unify financials and workforce management, improve operational oversights and strengthen your decision-making processes. 

What are the benefits of using construction management software?

Utilising construction management software, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), offers a multitude of advantages including: 

  • Streamlined Operations: ERP-based solutions centralise project data, streamlining processes from procurement to project completion, leading to increased operational efficiency. 
  • Real-time Insights: Access to real-time project data empowers decision-makers with actionable insights, facilitating informed decisions and proactive problem-solving. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: With features like document sharing, task assignments, and communication tools, ERP-driven software fosters seamless collaboration among project stakeholders, both internally and externally. 
  • Cost Control: Advanced cost tracking and forecasting capabilities enable better budget management, helping to identify cost-saving opportunities and mitigate financial risks. 
  • Improved Resource Management: From labour allocation to equipment and plant utilisation, ERP-integrated solutions optimise resource allocation, optimising usage and minimising waste. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Built-in compliance features help ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards, while risk management tools mitigate potential project risks, enhancing overall project success and stakeholder satisfaction. 
Why use construction management software?

Construction companies should look to use construction management software to streamline their operations as well as staying competitive in the industry.  

By unifying disparate systems into a consolidated software suite, such as ERP, construction businesses can unify financials and workforce management, improve operational oversights and strengthen their decision-making processes. 

Moving to a construction-specific software system ensures that it is designed around the project-focused nature of construction businesses and its bespoke requirements. 

What software do construction companies use?

Construction companies typically utilise a variety of software solutions to streamline operations and enhance project management. The main types of construction management software include: 

Project Management Software: Platforms like Access COINS facilitate project planning, scheduling, task management, and collaboration among project teams. 

Estimating Software: Tools such as Access ConQuest streamline the process of estimating project costs, materials, and labour requirements. 

Financial Management Software: Solutions like  Access COINS are commonly used for financial management, invoicing, payroll, and budget tracking. 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software: BIM tools like Autodesk Revit  enable the creation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of construction projects. 

ERP Software: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as Access COINS, provide comprehensive business management capabilities, integrating functions like accounting, project management, procurement, HR, and more into a single unified platform. 

How do I choose the best construction management software?

To choose the best construction management software, you and your stakeholders should conduct thorough research into the leading software and create a shortlist. 

You should then cross-reference your requirements from the software with the features of each of your shortlisted options. 

For a leading ERP, you should ensure each solution has modules for Project Management, Service Management, HR & Payroll, Supply Chain Management, Operations and Financial Management. 

You should also consider other factors such as cost, suitability for the size of your business and whether you want a cloud-hosted or on-premise solution. 

We have written a Buyer’s Guide to Construction Management Software to help construction companies navigate the process. 

Why is construction management software necessary? 

Construction management software is essential for several reasons: 

  • Efficiency: It streamlines project workflows, reduces manual tasks, and automates processes, saving time and resources. 
  • Communication: It facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, leading to fewer misunderstandings and delays. 
  • Data Management: It centralises project data, making it easier to track progress, manage documents, and analyse performance. 
  • Cost Control: It helps manage project budgets, track expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities, ensuring projects stay within budget. 
  • Risk Mitigation: It enables better risk management by identifying potential issues early, allowing for timely intervention to prevent costly delays or rework. 
  • Compliance: It helps ensure regulatory compliance by providing tools for tracking permits, certifications, and other legal requirements. 
What do I consider when choosing construction management software?

When choosing construction management software, you should always consider the following: 

  • Cost: Evaluate total expenses, including implementation and ongoing fees. 
  • Business Size: Ensure it fits your business's size and complexity. 
  • Deployment Method: Choose between cloud-hosted or on-premise solutions. 
  • Features: Prioritize tools for project management, collaboration, and reporting. 
  • User Experience: Opt for intuitive interfaces and comprehensive training resources. 
  • Scalability: Ensure it can grow with your business and adapt to future needs. 
  • Support: Look for reliable customer support and service level agreements. 
  • Security: Prioritise data security and compliance with industry regulations.
How much does construction management software cost? 

Determining the cost of ERP software isn't a one-size-fits-all equation. Instead, it involves an interplay of factors that vary across vendors and businesses.  

Most commonly, construction management software such as ERP is sold in a ‘modular costing system’, in which tailored bundles are crafted after discovery calls to learn your businesses requirements. Bundles are usually sold on a per-user basis in the form of licenses.  


Your company can then choose between several add-ons for extra features and capabilities. Other factors to consider when it comes to overall cost include:  

  • Deployment: Cloud-hosted or on-premise hosting come with different associated costs. 
  • Implementation: The initial implementation may require a substantial upfront cost. 
  • Staff Training: Training your staff on the new ERP system upfront and after deployment.  
  • Hidden Fees: Some providers can include a number of hidden fees to cover consultation, support and maintenance. Always ask software providers for clarity.  
Is construction management software worth the investment? 

Absolutely. Whilst initial upfront costs associated with implementing construction management software can be substantial, construction companies benefit in several ways. Your return on investment can look like:  


  • Time Savings: By streamlining project workflows and automating manual tasks, construction management software saves valuable time for project managers, contractors, and subcontractors. This time can be redirected towards more productive activities, accelerating project timelines and reducing labour costs. 
  • Reduced Rework: With better communication and collaboration tools, construction management software helps minimise errors and misunderstandings, leading to fewer costly rework instances. 
  • Improved Efficiency: By centralising project data and providing real-time insights, construction management software enhances operational efficiency, resulting in overall cost savings. 
  • Enhanced Communication: Clear and efficient communication among project stakeholders reduces delays, disputes, and misunderstandings, which can often lead to costly project overruns. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management: By providing tools for tracking permits, certifications, and regulatory requirements; construction management software helps reduces the risk of costly fines, penalties, and legal disputes, protecting the project's bottom line. 
Who is The Access Group?

The Access Group is a leading provider of business management software, specialising in delivering technology to empower organisations across various industries and territories. 

With a commitment to helping our customers win and over 30 years of expertise, we deliver world-class technology which adapts with your organisation, giving businesses the freedom to do more. 

Who is Access Construction?

The construction arm of The Access Group, Access Construction provides an award-winning construction software suite providing construction businesses visibility, control and accuracy across every step of the construction lifecycle. Their two leading products are Access COINS ERP and Access ConQuest estimating software.

Why should I trust Access Construction?

Our end-to-end construction management software is trusted by over 1,000 leading contractors, sub-contractors, home builders, civil engineers, estimators and MEP contractors across the UK, Ireland, US and Australia. 

Access Construction has been awarded the 2023 Construction Computing Awards ‘Company of the Year'. 

We are also proud members of The Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA)and The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT). 

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