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Finance software that grows with you

Our leading finance systems are designed to support the needs of complex businesses and Not For Profit organisations - giving you business-wide efficiency and insight to support strategic growth.

Join over 20,000 UK customers using Access finance software

A bespoke finance system capable of managing your organisations unique needs – today and in the future.

Improve the efficiency and productivity across your business with our finance software. From Accounting and Cash Flow Forecasting to Reporting and Expense Management, we’ll create a customised finance system for you, helping you make better business decisions.

We have scalable pricing plans for different types of organisations – from growing businesses, to group-level accounting, or managing multiple projects.

Customisable finance software for you

As your business grows, our software will grow with you.

Build your own finance software tailored to your organisation with these easy-to-use features: Accounting, Cash Flow Forecasting, Fixed Assets, Stock Control, Sales Processing, Purchasing, Project Accounting, Integrations, and Reporting.

You can add on features when your needs change so you'll never have to switch finance systems again.

Finance software that makes a difference

  • Make better business decisions with real-time financial reporting.
  • Work smarter by having all your data at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.
  • Improve business-wide efficiency by automating manual processes.
  • Empower your people with self-serve apps and connected data across systems.
  • Keep your data safe against threats, data loss and leaks.

How we build your price

With multiple features to choose from, you can assemble your own financial system. The scalable software means you can add on features as you grow and evolve. Access Financials is seamlessly integrated into Access Workspace, providing a single sign-on experience across all Access software products.

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Accounting software fees

Our expert sales team works with you to build the best accounting software package for your business. You'll then receive a breakdown of annual fees.

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Implementation fees

With a one-time implementation fee and no upgrade costs, you can enjoy a seamless and stress-free transition from project kick off to go live.

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Customer support packages

Choose your ideal level of support to get the most out of your software. Discover our Success Plans and pick the one that best fits your business needs.

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= One simple plan

Split into setup costs and a fee per user per month. No unexpected surprises.

Why our customers love our finance software

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See the finance software in action

Work smarter with seamless software integrations

It’s everything you need, joined up in one place.

Improve the efficiency across your business by joining up all your systems. Allow your data to flow seamlessly through your finance software, CRM software, HR software, and so many other systems to enable you to:

  • Make better business decisions – joined up data enables you to spot opportunities within your business that you may miss if your data isn’t connected.
  • Connect your people – encourage a more integrated way of working throughout the business by joining up your systems and processes.

Dedicated support from 250+ UK finance experts

We know switching finance software can be daunting so it’s important to us that you have the support you need to make the most of your new software. What you will get from us: 

  • Full guidance through the build and implementation  
  • On-hand support when you’re up and running  
  • Consistent monitoring of your software to ensure it remains at peak efficiency 
  • A dedicated Account Manager available via phone or email 
  • Anytime-access to an online community of users, articles, videos and more. 

Tailored solutions for your accounting needs

Icon FMS Analytics
Scaling business

For expanding businesses seeking integrated, scalable accounting software to support their growth.


Seamless Integration
Advanced accounting

For businesses that need multi-company, multi-currency accounting and multi-dimensional reporting.

Producticon Access Projectaccounting
Project-based accounting

Project accounting software that brings together your financial, project, and resource management in a full 360 view.

Our customers have achieved…

20 hrs

saved each month

30 s

reports in record time

£ 50000

annual saving

£ 8 m


Book a demo of our financial management software

Fill in your details and one of our finance specialists will be in touch to schedule your online demo.

Get a personalised demo of our finance software

  • Accounting - Simplifying and streamlining your accounting processes
  • Projects - Improve control and visibility of your project’s finances
  • Purchasing - More efficient and controlled purchase processes
  • Sales processing - Reduce sales processing time and mitigate risk
  • Stock control - Gain complete visibility of your inventory
  • Reporting and analytics - Gain real-time visibility to make informed decisions

Financial management software FAQs

What is financial management software?

Financial management software is the software and processes a business uses to manage assets, income and expenses.

From basic bookkeeping to streamlining invoices to advanced analytics, financial management software is designed to help you automate and simplify all the financial aspects of your business.

An effective finance system provides companies with a full suite of accounting software and a single source of truth.

Our financial management software is Access Financials.

What are the benefits of financial management software?

Financial software pulls together data from siloed systems allowing you to view all your key data in one place, reducing time consuming tasks and errors.

You can automate manual processes, streamline reporting and combine finance data with other areas of your organisation such as projects, sales and HR to give you one single view, allowing you to make faster and more informed business decisions.  

Read all the benefits of financial management software.

How can our financial software support your organisation?

Our financial software gives you greater financial control and visibility, streamlines your reporting and reduces time spent on manual tasks. With our easy-to-use self-serve apps, you can empower people with access to the information they need, in real time.  

Access Financials is a true platform for growth, we understand that as you grow your needs change, so our flexible and scalable software evolves with you. 

Our financial management software gives you full visibility with finance, project, sales, HR, credit and third-party data in one single view, enabling faster and more informed decision making.

How much does financial software cost?

Our popular finance packages start from £97 per user per month. If you require more bespoke features, we can also cater for that with a package and price tailored to your individual needs.  

Take a look at the accounting software prices for all our packages.

Need more information? Our How much does accounting software cost article includes cost comparisons, factors that affect the price and how to lower the price, to help you when choosing a new finance system.

Can financial management software be used in different sectors?

Yes, our financial software has been developed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, such as professional services, not for profit charities, health and social care and more!

Over 4000 customers use Access Financials daily to manage their finances and operations; whatever industry you work in we have a flexible system that evolves with you and you can feel confident that we are able to meet even the most complex business demands.  

Whether you are a scaling business, an established business needing more advance accounting software, or you need specialised project based accounting software we can help with a price and package suited to you and your industry. 

Our financial management software integrates with many other Access solutions such as our Not for Profit CRM system or our rostering system for care organisations, as well as third-party products – enabling a streamlined flow of data and accurate reporting across your functions and systems. 

Find out more about the key sectors we serve.

How easy is it to implement new finance software?

Very! We offer seamless data imports, concierge onboarding, and support every step of the way.

We know the thought of switching finance software can be daunting so we will help your internal teams with the transition, from advising you on how best to prepare for the switch to allowing you to choose how and when you switch - whether that’s all in one go or just one part at a time.

With Access Financials, training your teams to get up to speed with the new system is a quick and easy part of the implementation process, we also offer dedicated training programmes to our customers and provide ongoing support.  

If you would like more help and support understanding how to switch your finance software visit our switching finance software made easy support hub or read how to implement an accounting system.

What support will I get when buying new finance software?

Our UK-based finance software experts support you at every step, from bespoke build and implementation to training and going live, so you can be confident that you’ll be up and running quickly.  

Once you’re set-up, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your finance system. Our 250+ UK support team, made up of software experts and finance consultants, are here to help. Plus, you get anytime-access to online support from a community of users, as well as helpful articles, videos and more. 

Read more about what happens after you buy Access Financials. Alternatively, if you have any questions about support then get in touch. 

What is the best finance software in UK?

Choosing the best finance software for your business is key for future proofing your financial processes. If you invest in a finance system that’s not right for your business, you may end up needing to change it later down the line, which will cost you time and money.  

There are many suppliers out there offering finance software, but the features, cost and audience aren’t all the same. Have a read through our article on the best finance software in UK where we compare finance software from The Access Group (us), Sage, Xero and QuickBooks to give you an idea of who may be the best supplier for you.  

Latest finance software blogs and resources

More than just accounting

If you're looking for more than just a finance system, we have a whole suite of software solutions within Access Workspace, our cloud-based platform. 

Giving your team access to tools, information and files they need, anywhere and on any device while making collaboration effortless.

From Expense Management and Purchase Automation to CRM and more, Access Workspace offers a range of solutions that go beyond accounting software.

Flexible, always on the latest version: Our cloud-based solution gives your business the freedom to do more to deliver the greatest possible impact.