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On-demand pay

Give your hospitality staff the pay flexibility they deserve. Access EarlyPay is a revolutionary employee benefit, that enables staff to draw down from the pay they’ve accrued. They could even get paid for the shift they’ve just finished!

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Access EarlyPay mobile app

Access EarlyPay is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app, that gives your staff the flexibility and control to access earned wages early. Through the app they can easily see what they’ve earned so far during the month, decide how much they’d like to draw down and receive the money straight into their bank account.

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How it works

Access EarlyPay integrates with your Access People for hospitality time and attendance and payroll systems. This enables all employee and pay period data to be automatically populated into the system, in real-time.

  1. Your hospitality staff draw down a percentage of their earned pay through the mobile app, and pay a clear and simple fee for using the service

  2. Access pays the money directly into the employee’s bank account, meaning it is cash neutral for operators and has no impact on your normal payroll processes

  3. When payroll is run, Access retrieves the EarlyPay drawdowns and fees, which will show under deductions on the employee’s payslip
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Fill shifts more easily with Access EarlyPay

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40% employee takeup

1000+ transactions processed each month

£100,000+ drawdown each month

Cash neutral. Free to implement. Set-up within 24hrs

Access EarlyPay removes the need for employees to ask for advances. At a time when employees’ finances may be stretched and operators are feeling a similar strain on their cashflow, offering on-demand pay could help you to increase productivity, decrease staff turnover and attract the best staff. And at no cost to the employer and set-up possible in as little as 24hrs, there couldn’t be a better time to offer this employee benefit.

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Truly a win-win

Your hospitality staff feel valued because they have flexibility around their pay, have improved personal liquidity and may feel less stressed. Operators benefit through having a more engaged and productive workforce, with an employee benefit that helps to attract and retain talent.

“After getting an unexpected payment come from my account I was able to Access EarlyPay to take part of my monthly salary early so I didn’t incur monthly charges for going into my overdraft. Ultimately saving me money in the month. This was all completed within minutes! It’s a relief to know that I have the option then should I need it in case of emergencies”

Give your hospitality staff the pay flexibility they deserve

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