Give your staff the pay flexibility they deserve

Access EarlyPay is the on-demand pay app which gives your employees instant access to the pay they’ve already earned, leading to a more engaged workforce,
and reduced staff turnover.

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What is on-demand pay?

On-demand pay brings pay into the 21st century by giving your people the flexibility to access the wages they have already earned as and when they need it without impacting your normal payroll processes.

Why should I consider on-demand pay?

Life doesn’t wait around for payday so giving your staff the flexibility to take their pay as and when they need it can help reduce the pressure and boost their financial wellbeing - 90% of EarlyPay users say it's the most important employee benefit available to them.

Employers using Access EarlyPay have seen:


  • 22% increase in employee productivity
  • 25% reduction in staff turnover

It’s cash neutral and you set the withdrawal limits so you’re in control – it’s the ultimate win-win!

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Find out how on-demand pay can help you engage employees, boost productivity and improve retention 

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How does on-demand pay work?

It’s simple! EarlyPay integrates with your time and attendance or payroll system:

Your employee withdraws their earned income via the EarlyPay app.

Access pays the money directly to the employee's bank account.

The withdrawal and fee is logged in your payroll system.

At payroll reconciliation, the withdrawal and fee are shown as deductions.

On payday, the employee receives their net pay, and the withdrawal amount plus fee is collected from you via direct debit, meaning there's no impact on your cashflow!

On-demand pay: a payroll professional’s perspective


Darya Shuturminska, Payroll and Expenses Manager at Access, discusses her experience of rolling out Access EarlyPay to over 2,000 employees including the challenges and the benefits of implementing on-demand pay.


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Assist Care Group

Tim Wilson, Managing Director of Assist Care Group explains how they have boosted productivity while cutting recruitment and staff turnover with Access EarlyPay.

“I’ve seen that we’re increasing hours, yet it feels like we’re decreasing recruitment. It’s the prevention of resignations, the reduction of churn that’s the strongest element for me.”

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Assist EP Webpage

See what our customers say

"After getting an unexpected payment come out of my account, I was able to use Access EarlyPay to take part of my monthly salary early so I didn't incur charges for going into my overdraft. Ultimately saving me money in the month. This was completed within minutes. It's a relief to know that I have the option there should I need it in emergencies."

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