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Debt Blog Earlypay

How on-demand pay can transform financial management and break the cycle of debt

In today's economic climate, managing finances can be challenging and traditional pay cycles often leave individuals strapped for cash, especially as the pay cycle is ending.

This can often lead to many resorting to high-cost credit options to make ends meet. These high-cost credit facilities often impose extreme interest rates and fees, exploiting individuals in vulnerable financial situations. These predatory practices are known to exacerbate financial hardship and contribute to a cycle of debt that can be difficult to escape.

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The Access Group and 6 other leading EWA providers join forces to launch EWA Code of Practice

The Access Group has today united with six other leading UK providers of Earned Wage Access (EWA) and the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) to launch a new industry code of practice.

The EWA Code of Practice is a voluntary set of rules for providers of EWA across the UK, created by the Earned Wage Access Group, ensuring products deliver the best outcome for employees.

One in ten UK employers now offer EWA to their staff and this is expected to rise as staff seek to take control of their earnings. 

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What is the cost for on demand payments vs advancing salaries?

Payday is one of the most anticipated days for employees as it marks the end of the work cycle and time to receive their hard-earned money. However, according to an EY report, 35% of working individuals fall short of finances prior to payday. And with 72% experiencing financial stress at least once a year, there's no surprise that there has been an increase of interest towards on-demand pay in recent years.

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Which on demand pay provider is best for your business: Wagestream vs Access EarlyPay

In recent years, on demand pay has emerged as a popular employee benefit. It allows employees to access their earned wages before their next payday, providing them with financial flexibility and stability. More employers are considering offering on demand pay to support their workforce through the tough financial times so to help you understand more, in this post we will compare the two services from Wagestream and Access EarlyPay, exploring their similarities and differences. 

Employer FAQs for Access EarlyPay

Stephensons and Access EarlyPay Case Study

Stephensons is an award-winning, highly respected and nationally recognised law firm providing individuals, businesses and government organisations with a wide range of first-class legal services. Their philosophy is built around putting the lives and wellbeing of their clients and employees at the heart of their services.

Guide EarlyPay HSC

Filling the gap: How to encourage existing staff to fill shift shortages

Our latest guide looks at how to optimise shift uptake and better motivate your employees

PAY PaySuiteHSC 5Ways

5 ways to increase shift uptake

If you’re struggling with gaps in your rota and want to encourage shift uptake amongst your existing workforce, we have five techniques to try

User Survey Report Thumbnail

Supporting financial wellbeing with on-demand pay

Our latest user survey shows how much employees value having access to their accrued pay with Access EarlyPay, the on-demand pay benefit.

Odp In Numbers Infographic 640X400 Min

On-demand pay in numbers: infographic

Discover all the key stats about on-demand pay including the benefits to your organisation, why and how employees are using it and more.

Assist Case Study 640X400 Min

Assist Care Group to see a 22% increase in shifts worked by EarlyPay users

A care provider was able to fill shifts more easily by offering their staff the opportunity to take their wages as and when they needed them via Access EarlyPay.

User Survey Results 640X400 Min

EarlyPay User Survey Results

We asked over 1,400 care workers how they were using EarlyPay during COVID-19 – see how much they withdrew, how they spent their withdrawals and more.

Ne Hsc Webinar 640X400 Min

Tips for recruitment and retention in health and social care

Industry expert, Neil Eastwood, discusses how care providers can recruit and retain the best staff.

Premier Case Study 640X400 Min

Premier Care roll out Access EarlyPay in just 7 days

A care provider was able to fill contingency shifts more easily after rolling out Access EarlyPay in just 7 days.

Earlypay Standalone Demo Min

Access EarlyPay Demo

A quick look at how Access EarlyPay works to give your workforce early access to their earned wages.

Care Staffing Demands Blog 640X400 Min

Meeting care staffing demands

A look at how on-demand pay can support care providers in meeting increased staffing demands.

Tech And Financial Wellbeing Blog 640X400 Min

How technology can support financial wellbeing

Poor financial wellbeing is one of the leading causes of lost working days in the UK, but how can technology help tackle this?

Aph Demo 640X400 Min

EarlyPay and Access People Integration

Take a look at how EarlyPay integrates with Access People to give your hospitality staff instant access to their earned wages.

Odp Hr Blog 640X400 Min

On-demand pay: a HR professional’s perspective

As more companies look to offer on-demand pay to their employees, what does this mean for HR professionals?

Odp Payroll Blog 640X400 Min

On-demand pay: a payroll professional’s perspective

How does implementing on-demand pay impact payroll? Find out what Access’ own Payroll Manager had to say.

Flexible Workforce Hos Blog 640X400 Min

A flexible workforce needs flexible pay – and so do you

Find out how giving your hospitality staff flexible access to their earnings can help fill shifts more easily.

Ep Standalone Brochure 640X400 Min

Access EarlyPay Brochure

An overview of what Access EarlyPay entails, and how it can support both your business and your employees.

Aph Demo 640X400 Min

Access EarlyPay and SelectPay Integration

See how EarlyPay integrates with SelectPay to give your employees instant access to their earned wages.

Changing The Way We Pay Blog 640X400 Min

We’ve changed the way we work – should we change the way we pay?

An increase in remote and flexible working has led to improved productivity and wellbeing. Could changing the way we pay do the same?

Pp Demo 640X400 Min

Access EarlyPay and People Planner Integration

Find out how EarlyPay integrates with People Planner to give your care staff instant access to their earned wages.

How Odp Can Help Hospitality Blog 640X400 Min

Why on-demand pay could help hospitality

Hospitality operators rely on a strong and supportive team to deliver great service, but how can on-demand pay help?