Stand out with on-demand pay

With the recruitment difficulties facing the hospitality sector, businesses need to do more to stand out and attract the best staff.

The last few months have been the most difficult in recent history for the hospitality industry, particularly recruitment wise.

With 355,000 less people employed in the industry than in 2019, the shortfall is clear for all to see.

But it’s not just attracting candidates that’s the issue, keeping hold of them is proving an uphill struggle too, with the pressures of the post pandemic workplace, coupled with more attractive offers from competitors, some staff are leaving before they’ve even started!

Therefore, we’ve put together a document that looks deeper into these issues, and offers up creative solutions as to how you can navigate the current climate.

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Your guide to the key hospitality people priorities in 2021

Learn how to take your people on the journey with you, and plan your COVID-19 recovery strategy.

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