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CPL Learning

Learning management system for hospitality

Deliver exceptional learning experience for your team with our hospitality LMS, Access CPL Learning, created especially for hospitality employees.

Learn more and perform stronger - anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

30 years of experience in delivering training to hospitality

Why use our LMS for hospitality?

  • Reduce employee turnover by providing career development opportunities and pathways.
  • Training helps team members develop their skills and deliver better service – enhancing the guest experience.
  • Manage and deliver all learning and development through one easy-to-use and mobile-accessible platform.
  • Increase visibility across all your sites with in-depth data insights and reporting to identify training gaps, increase compliance rates and gather team feedback.

How does CPL Learning help unlock your teams' potential?

Our hospitality LMS delivers a personalised learning experience that empowers learners and puts them in control of their professional development. 

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Personal Development

Elevate the learning experience through mobile content matched to hospitality roles accessible anytime

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Career Development

Identify high-performing employees and build customised career development paths that nurture talent, reducing turnover rates.

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Exceptional Guest Experiences

Develop skills, improve productivity and deliver better service, enhancing the guest experience.

Our hospitality LMS tools and features

Deliver relevant content quicker than ever and keep your teams engaged. We make it easy to train, engage, and retain your staff with branded courses and tracked completion across locations.

A unique learning management system
  • Our hospitality LMS delivers a personalised learning experience that empowers learners and puts them in control of their professional development. We’ll work closely with you to deliver engaging content that resonates with your teams and helps build your brand’s core identity.
  • Your teams are used to having the digital world at their fingertips, and with Access CPL Learning, you can deliver learning in the same way through a user-orientated digital platform, accessible on any device and offering a user-friendly, intelligent interface.
  • Our approach to learning content is to provide a mix of inspiring and relevant e-learning courses, microlearning resources, professional development tools and traditional compliance training with an effective search function to deliver relevant content quicker than ever and keep your teams engaged.
Facilitate development of your employees

Our hospitality LMS does more than deliver mandated training modules, inspiring your learners to take their professional development into their own hands.

  • Create personalised learning pathways that support career development aligned with the skills and experience of the individual.
  • Motivate and retain the talent within your business. With our hospitality LMS, you’ll find all the tools needed to identify strengths and target weaknesses and help individuals progress from customised onboarding processes to managing appraisals and personalised career pathways.
Customisable and brandable

What’s your vision for learning and development?

  • We can customise Access CPL Learning to align with your brand’s identity and business objectives.
  • We’ll develop a custom and drop built hospitality LMS together that prioritises what’s important to you and incorporates your company’s culture and values.

And it doesn’t stop after you go live, our fully adaptable LMS will continue to evolve, deliver the latest technological advancements and grow with your company.

Part of your business ecosystem
  • Our hospitality LMS works for you, so we work with you to apply seamless and effective integrations with other third-party systems, saving time and reducing manual task loads. A fully integrated system creates a fluid user experience and increases adoption and utilisation of all your systems.

    Access CPL Learning is able to support seamless integrations via APIs to support and work with a range of third-party software providers.


Deliver a unique learning experience for teams.

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A comprehensive catalogue covering compliance, personal development, professional skills, product knowledge and emotional well-being developed by hospitality experts. 

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Bite-sized and mobile-friendly learning content accessible anytime that gives your team the freedom to learn at their own pace. 

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Course Creator

Create and customise your e-learning content easily using framework templates to suit your needs.

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Generate compliance and training certificates to keep your staff motivated. 

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Quiz box 

Make learning fun with customised interactive digital quizzes that increase engagement and promote team building.


Build a culture of communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

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Give team members a chance to provide relevant and valuable feedback and measure the levels of engagement.

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Coffee chats

Help your team members grow and develop by providing the opportunity to set goals, and targets or just check-in. Whatever the topic, regular one-to-one communication keeps teams connected.

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Your teams will earn badges for various tasks and activities on the platform, offering continual feedback to feel motivated and keep track of progress.

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Keep teams up to date with developments, plans and objectives to stay in touch with teams through the platform.


Enhance the learning experience through discoverable content.

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Discover Feeds 

Engage learners through customised microlearning feeds where they can easily discover relevant hospitality skills content via subscribed topics personalised to their interests and search needs.

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Upload resources to provide team members with access to your most up-to-date content, policies and procedures and assign them to specific job roles with permissions to ensure confidentiality.

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Share news and start conversations with a secure internal social media solution. Encourage a sense of community and social sharing with the ability to like and comment on posts.

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Aspire is our online content channel sharing stories and experiences of hospitality success, wellbeing support and useful resources that can be delivered directly to your teams through Discover Feeds. 


Connect and create development opportunities.

Icon Personalisation

Develop personalised career pathways that help motivate and retain talent within your business with clear, achievable routes to progression.

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Empower your teams with clear direction, feedback exchange and recognition. Support performance, progress and development of individuals in a controlled digital environment.

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Manage and monitor team tasks to meet deadlines. Customise according to your needs and team hierarchy to identify performance trends and training needs. 

Icon Increase Direct Revenue

Measure performance, identify strengths and target weaknesses with real-time data analysis and reporting. 

Proud to help our customers unlock their potential

Customer Success Story: Namco Funscape

Dive into the success story of Namco Funscape (Part of BNAE), where the implementation of CPL Learning revolutionized their training process.

The results speak for themselves: Namco Funscape saw a 97% compliance score across the business for the induction programme.  

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, this case study is a must-read for anyone looking to take their hospitality training to the next level. 

Take control of each step within the employee life cycle

Searching for a way to manage your HR and people management tasks and procedures? Our complete hospitality workforce management solutions enables you to take control of each step within the employee life cycle. 

Hospitality workforce management has many challenges- talent shortages, complex shift patterns, multi-site operations and staff seasonality, to name a few. That's why it's crucial to have a software solution that has been developed to meet these demands.   

We help hospitality businesses of every type manage their people processes while reducing labour costs, increasing employee engagement and ensuring compliance.  



What is hospitality LMS?

A hospitality learning management system (LMS) is training software designed specifically to meet employee development and operational needs of hospitality sector businesses. 

A good hospitality Learning Management System provides businesses with consistent, easy-to-manage and engaging off-the-shelf content. 

How does a Hospitality LMS benefit my business?

A Hospitality LMS streamlines training improves employee performance, and ensures consistent service quality, helping to enhance customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency.

What features should I look for in a Hospitality LMS?

Key features to look for in an LMS include onboarding and training new employees, standardising training across locations, ongoing development, and performance tracking. 

How can Access CPL Learning help with compliance training?

A Hospitality LMS automates compliance training by delivering and tracking courses, ensuring that employees stay up to date with regulations, policies, and safety standards.

Can Access CPL Learning be customised for my specific training needs?

Yes, our Hospitality LMS offers customisation options to tailor content, assessments, and workflows according to your specific training requirements and organisational goals. 

How long does it take to implement Access CPL Learning?

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