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CPL Learning

eLearning courses designed for pubs & bars 

Our pub eLearning courses are designed for licensees and their employees.

Covering everything from pub management and compliance training to guest experience and personal development, our courses - delivered on the Access CPL Learning platform - give you and your team all the knowledge and skills you need to run your pub business safely and successfully.

Training courses for every member of your team 

Behind every successful pub or bar is a well-trained and happy team.

With over 30 years developing and delivering training to pub & bar operators, Access CPL Learning’s e-learning courses have been fine-tuned to provide you with the everything you need to successfully manage your pub and train your employees. All delivered through the Access CPL Learning platform where you can track compliance rates across your estate and deliver all necessary training.  

Get the best from your employees

Carefully crafted to help you get the best from your employees and deliver exceptional guest experiences. 

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Alcohol Licensing Accreditation

We offer a range of courses that cover topics related to alcohol licensing in England, Wales and Scotland. This includes accredited personal license qualifications endorsed by CPD and The Institute of Hospitality.

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Personal Development

Our courses provide individuals with a range of skills to assist with their personal development, increase team motivation and engagement, as well as fostering career progression. 

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Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is key to the happiness of your team, and therefore retention. We offer a selection of courses focusing on the wellbeing of your team including raising awareness of mental health.

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Health & Safety Assured

Access CPL Learning’s courses cover everything from First Aid to Food Safety and Allergen Awareness, so you can be confident your team is fully trained to keep themselves and others safe at work and that your company is legally compliant.

Help your team to thrive

Our customers have access to over 80 courses, enabling them to guarantee every team member has the right courses available to them, to help them thrive in their role and deliver exceptional customer experiences.  

Some of our courses include:

eLearning courses to empower your team

Unlimited eLearning courses

In the world of pubs and bars, where stringent compliance training is vital for alcohol-related venues, Access CPL Learning provides unrestricted access to a wide array of e-learning courses for your whole team.

This ensures that your new hires receive comprehensive training, while your seasoned team members have the necessary resources to continually enhance their skills and advance their knowledge, particularly in the context of alcohol regulations and safety. 

Fulfill your legal obligations

As a licensed premises, our training courses cover everything you need to remain compliant with industry standards and ensure a safe environment for your guests and your team - from drug and drink spiking awareness to age verification.

Our courses are automatically added and updated in line with industry updates and legislative changes, so you can be confident that you and your team always have the right information.  

Fully customisable

Should you wish to put your own stamp on it, Access CPL Learning’s platform is fully customisable - allowing you to tie your brand into your pub’s training platform.

Advanced reporting

Access CPL Learning’s advanced reporting gives managers visibility of completed courses on an individual level, by site and by region.

Get a complete overview of mandatory and optional course completion rates.

Improve employee retention

Given the hospitality industry's notorious turnover rates, our engaging content is specifically tailored to empower your team members to build essential skills and bolster their confidence.

By doing so, you increase the likelihood that your staff will become dedicated, long-term assets to your pub or bar business, helping to address the industry's high turnover challenges.


Our eLearning courses for pubs and bars provide a cost-effective way to train your team, with huge savings compared to traditional training methods.  

On-demand - anywhere, anytime

Our courses are mobile-first and designed to suit the individuals working in fast-paced pub & bar environments.

Your team can access their learning on any device, at any time.  

Create your own 

Would you like to create your own bespoke e-learning?

Our course creator tool allows you to:

  • create and customise e-learning content easily
  • use a selection of framework templates to create digital learning content quickly and easily - unique to you and your pub.
Bespoke course creation 

Why not let our e-learning experts create your bespoke course for you?

From scope to brief, design, and build our learning experts can help bring your course vision to life.  

Our eLearning courses are endorsed by hospitality industry bodies, the Institute of Hospitality and are also CPD certified. 

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Customer Success Story: Namco Funscape

Dive into the success story of Namco Funscape (Part of BNAE), where the implementation of CPL Learning revolutionized their training process.

The results speak for themselves: Namco Funscape saw a 97% compliance score across the business for the induction programme.  

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, this case study is a must-read for anyone looking to take their hospitality training to the next level. 

Delivered on our hospitality LMS

The Access Hospitality LMS is a learning & development platform that has been designed to deliver a more engaging learning experience for team members. Improve engagement and reduce employee turnover by providing development opportunities.

With Access LMS hospitality software, you can deliver learning in the same way through a user-orientated digital platform, accessible on any device and offering a user-friendly, intelligent interface.


What courses are needed to run a pub?

When it comes to pub management, there are a number of essential skills and knowledge you’ll need, such as finance & planning, stock control, employment law and cellar management.

Our eLearning courses cover all of the key areas you need to clue up on in order to successfully run a pub.

Download eLearning course brochure for more information >

Can I tailor my training plans to an employees job function?

Yes, Access CPL Learning offers courses for all job roles within the pub & bar sector.

You can assign mandatory training courses such as ‘Allergen Laws’ or ‘Fire Safety’, and let your team select additional courses that they find interesting - ‘Beer Styles’ or ‘Gin & the Perfect Pairing’, for example.

How do I track the progress of an employees training?

Access CPL Learning gives you full visibility of completed courses on an individual level, by site and by region; giving you a complete overview of mandatory and optional course completion rates.

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