Future-ready talent management & performance solutions

In the new world of work, talent is becoming the defining function. Our talent management solutions help you develop, retain and engage your talent to drive your business into the next era.

Together, we can create the perfect People Experience.

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Shape the future, now

In a changing world, talent management can no longer be neglected.

You need talent management systems that make you agile, efficient and keep your people engaged. Our scalable solution creates a holistic pathway for talent management, arming HR and managers with the tools to shape the workforce of tomorrow.

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Build a high performance culture

Talent performance and management is evolving. With Access PeopleXD, you can take a modern, people-centered approach to promoting, evaluating and improving employee performance.

Our software creates a continuous feedback and information loop, delivering in-the-moment assessment to help your people succeed, and the data to fuel better talent strategies.

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Key benefits of talent software

  • Easy to set up
  • Banish paper and spreadsheets
  • Increase speed and efficiency of HR
  • Enable HR and management to proactively develop talent strategies for the future
  • Empower employees to proactively own and develop their careers
  • Develop a strong pipeline of future leaders
  • Make smarter talent decisions with data driven insights and reports
  • Increase your talent retention
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Retain your talent 

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Empower employees to own their development

Talent development is crucial but time consuming. With individual progress and development plans, your people can take greater responsibility for their careers while increasing personal satisfaction.

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Succession management and talent pools

From leadership to the shop floor, assess employee skills, performance and potential on a dynamic 9-box matrix.

Leverage robust succession management tools and systematically build the talent pipeline that you need to keep your business winning for years to come.

Create talent pools to make your employee information more useable, with strengths and weaknesses easier to identify across levels.

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Mentoring tools and recognition

Streamline mentoring with a fast, simple and efficient automated solution all while enabling HR and management to proactively execute data-driven talent initiatives.

Reward your employees with deserved recognition - find out more about Applause

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Align skills and competencies to drive business success

Map the skills and competencies required for business momentum, from individual roles to cultural fit.

Our tools empower HR to build a dynamic process around people growth that is in line with strategic development plans, uniting managers and employees to work together for success.

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Connect your talent strategy within an integrated HR solution

Move away from incoherent and disjointed processes.

Take advantage of the Access PeopleXD suite that covers the complete employee lifecycle all in one place, to drive employee engagement for a more successful workforce.

Watch the video opposite for a demonstration of our powerful talent offering.

Our integrated solutions

Our solutions cover all areas of talent management and can be tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. Which will take your talent strategy to the next level?

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Performance and appraisals

Measure and improve your people’s performance with detailed data and reports

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Recognition and feedback

Enable colleague recognition and in-the-moment  feedback with our people-centered tools

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Talent acquisition

Hire the very best with a complete toolset to identify top talent and create a winning candidate experience

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Onboard new employees more effectively and rapidly than ever before

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Our solutions support every aspect of your people strategy, from recruitment and onboarding right through to training, talent management, payment and rewards. Unite, integrate and optimise all of your people processes to maximise the success of your employees.

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