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HR software for financial services

Our people management suite helps you to manage your people data more effectively, providing the reporting and analytics to make valuable business decisions and thrive in a heavily regulated industry.

Manage your compliance burden and improve efficiency, reducing the volume of manual tasks in your business; giving you the freedom to focus on developing your people to reach their full potential.

How we support HR in Financial Services

Our combined people management suite brings together all the key tools and features you need in one place, to enable better engagement and streamlined working. Covering the full breadth of HR requirements from recruitment, to core HR functionality and payroll, all delivered in one place to enable truly aligned data and processes.

We understand that your requirements are personal to your business, so we help you focus on the tools you need now and support you to grow without disruption in the future. People software that truly empowers your employees with intuitive and simple functionality, backed by a powerful professional user system to help drive business change through real-time data insights.

Manage people performance

Managing an individual’s performance through our interactive appraisals system gives them a clear way to focus on their career goals and objectives, while helping you to identify any training or development needed in a timely manner.

Get help in managing your succession planning, allowing you to spot future talent for your business more easily.

The power of your people data

  • With the introduction of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR), utilising your people data has never been more important to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Using our powerful live data reporting and analytics dashboards you can understand the day-to-day in real time, and plan with accurate information for the future.
  • Make confident business decisions and complete essential business activities efficiently, with easy reporting on key areas like gender pay gap reporting.

New starters fully engaged immediately

  • Keep your new starters engaged right from their first interaction to help minimise the risk of talent attrition to your competitors.
  • Our onboarding software ensures you get your new starters day one ready in advance, so that they join your business feeling part of the team and can make a difference from their very first day.
  • They’ll be able to engage with ease, as well as completing all the necessary induction, training and compliance checks, reading and logging understanding of policy documents, and discovering more about what it’s like to work for you.
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Discover new ways to address your core HR challenges in Financial Services

With the right focus and tools for the job, HR can be both dynamic and responsive. Even small improvements can result in big changes, especially in key areas such as compliance and employee engagement. Read our new guide to find out how to get started in addressing some of your core challenges.

More from our people management suite

Here are a few more of the features that can help you achieve cost savings, increase productivity and drive efficiency.

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Recruiting the right talent

Our applicant tracking software enables you to manage the end to end journey of attracting and recruiting new talent into your business from one central platform.

Providing you with workflow automation that can manage communications and tasks for you, as well as help you build a talent pool of prospective candidates giving you the certainty you’re hiring the right people for your business.

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A payroll solution that suits you

We offer both payroll management software and managed payroll services, so that you can pick the solution to suit you. Whether you want to maintain in-house business control or remove the admin burden to our specialists, we can help.

Our fully managed payroll service is provided by our certified, dedicated and qualified payroll professionals, to ensure the compliance of our processes and the accuracy of your pay runs.

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Free up HR with self-service tools

Our self service functionality within  our HR software gives your employees complete control over their own personal tasks to manage themselves. They will be able to keep their personal details up-to-date, book off annual leave, or read and complete company policies to name but a few.

Self-service can also be an effective communication tool and help you gauge your employee’s views and needs so you can gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your business.

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Reducing the risk with screening

Our candidate screening tool helps to reduce the risk and costs within your recruitment and onboarding processes. It gives you a full view of candidates and uses industry leading database security to ensure data is collected, stored, and managed compliantly.

Get in touch with our HR Technology Specialists for Financial Services

We work with financial services businesses of all sizes, helping them to develop their HR systems using the latest technologies. Through our strong background in HR, recruitment, software and product development, we are well versed in helping HR professionals in the financial and professional services sector overcome many of the everyday operational and strategic HR challenges they face.

HR in Financial Services Webinars

Watch our new on-demand webinar series for HR professionals in the financial services sector, where our experts discuss optimising people effectiveness, SMCR compliance and adopting flexible working practices.