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Transform how you manage performance with innovative solutions that unlock professional growth.

Set alerts for reviews, enable manager check-ins, offer peer-to-peer recognition and give each employee a roadmap to great.

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Help your people become great

Your people’s performance is key to the bottom line and to achieving your company vision. However, improved productivity and a positive culture do not just happen. Especially with more workers going remote.

Intuitive tools, that set out clear expectations and create a roadmap for every employee, are instrumental in creating better performance outcomes.

Our solutions offer every employee a path to a more fulfilling job, managers the tools to nurture and colleagues the ability to recognise a job well done.

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Key benefits

  • Track employee development and success
  • Achieve aligned and focused employee and organisations objectives
  • Establish company culture and set clear and measurable expectations – both in the office and remotely
  • Offer employees long-term goals and clear career paths
  • Empowers line managers by ensuring they can track and support performance with regular check-ins
  • Link continuous development plans to tailored online learning courses
  • Gain engagement insights that help you build company vision and culture
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Unlock continuous development

Help your people to keep developing with intuitive tools that empowers employees to set targets and their managers to nurture.

Schedule check-ins, track outcomes and offer easy-to-access  learning courses all from one place.

Create harmony and a sense of direction, with tools that keep everyone moving forwards with continuous performance management.

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Transform how you manage performance


A visual path to development

Moving forwards requires targets and commitment. Our performance appraisal system gives each employee an interactive dashboard that plots their path forwards and marks achievement.

Your people will be inspired to do more and reach further to better themselves, while achieving a sense of satisfaction that will keep them engaged and striving for growth.

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Appraise and analyse behaviour

To perform well, employees need to know what is expected of them, but how they achieve it can vary.

In addition to measuring “what” an employee achieves, our appraisal software is also focused on “how” they achieve their objectives.

Our system allows organisations to analyse and understand how behaviour patterns foster success.

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A social recognition platform

With Access Applause, you can offer a mobile friendly, social media style platform where employees can connect and reward each other for jobs well done.

Applause employs ‘Shouts’ - a light-touch mechanic, that is fun for your people and helps aligns your culture with positive business outcomes.

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Discover the right tools to help your people grow

Slash appraisal admin, bolster your culture and fast track development.

When the time comes you can add these powerful, new modules to take your performance strategy to the next level.

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People management

People Management puts all your people information in one place, allowing you to analyse and move performance forwards

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Talent management  

See your top performers and set them on the right path to development, increase bench strength and optimise performance outcomes

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Learning and development

Give your people the tools to grow by offering online learning courses that dovetail purposefully with performance reviews and skills assessments

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Start every journey the right way, set clear goals from day 1 and give employees the best chance to perform from the minute they join your organisation.

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