Onboarding software for a modern welcome 

Increase new hire engagement and shorten time-to-productivity by enabling innovative onboarding software.

Showcase your culture, improve employee experience and enable self-serve discovery.

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Day 1 access to information, culture, team structure

Feeling connected to your organisation is vital to employee experience. Research shows that employees that do not feel welcome are more likely to underperform and leave sooner.

With PeopleXD’s complete onboarding solution, new hires have day 1 access to key information, and it can even be shared before they start.

New employees can rapidly absorb culture, learn about team structure and look up key information from a user-friendly, self-serve employee portal. 

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Key benefits

  • Help workers become productive, sooner
  • Automate and streamline internal processes
  • Achieve greater compliance and reduce risks
  • Increase new hire engagement, productivity and retention
  • Maximise ROI by engaging with new hires before day 1
  • Make your culture accessible
  • Increase internal efficiencies
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Unlock social onboarding

Building good relationships, with new colleagues is critical to helping employees settle.

Social onboarding uses modern interactive tools, newsfeeds and chat style UI, empowering new hires to meet and talk with their new team online.

They can quickly establish vital connections, feel more welcome and start to achieve success.

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Continuous onboarding, cross-boarding, offboarding

As your processes and policies evolve, HR onboarding software can now go beyond the new joiner onboarding process and release updated checklists and information - to all staff or specific groups as needed.

When employees move teams or roles, HR can enable cross-boarding, meaning employees can be guided through an onboarding process relevant to that job or even business line.

In a connected world, offboarding has become vital to safeguard your reputation and improve retained employee  experience. Our offboarding tools help leavers feel appreciated and your organisation learn from every exit.

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Re-energise your employee onboarding strategy

Our configurable HR onboarding solutions deliver a powerful employee experience upgrade. By switching to a digital solution you can build your culture, engage staff and unlock continuous efficiencies.

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Boost employee experience

HR onboarding tools make your new employees happier, more engaged and more productive

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Easy checklists

Ensure all onboarding, tracking  and compliance tasks are completed

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Culture and connection

Showcase your culture with custom web pages for different hires and teams

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Positive offboarding

Guarantee a happier leaving experience and safeguard reputation both online and off

The features you need

Onboarding dashboard

Compliance tracking 

Custom webpages 

Offboarding tools

Onboarding dashboard

  • Accessible to new hires before day 1
  • Bespoke checklists specific to employee types and business lines
  • Social activity feed to welcome new hires

Compliance tracking 

  • Push out internal policies & procedures
  • Deliver employee handbooks and contract docs
  • HR & Managers can track checklist completion

Custom webpages 

  • Allow new hires to become familiar with your culture and org structure
  • Accessible before start date, with fully customisable content to ensure a smooth introduction

Offboarding tools

  • Leaver checklists – bespoke to employee or team
  • Exit surveys with multiple, configurable templates
  • Improves brand reputation on sites like Glassdoor

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