HR software for Not For Profit organisations

Our integrated people management suite can support and improve your organisation’s performance and operations by reducing admin, alleviating the process pressures of compliance, and helping you to empower and engage your people, so that they can focus on the work that makes a real difference.

We provide integrated HR and Payroll software with industry specific features and functionality, to give you the flexibility to build your suite and shape it as you grow, so it’s right for you.

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How we support HR in Not For Profit organisations

Our software provides a wide range of integrated tools and features to help your organisation run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Whether your solution needs are for HR, payroll or recruiting new talent into your organisation, we have the ability to combine all of this alongside best in class industry specific software to meet your needs, both in your team and in the wider organisation.

Accurate and compliant data you can rely on

  • We understand that charities have to comply with stringent legal requirements and regulations, and when it comes to data, GDPR and gender pay gap reporting it’s important that you correctly hold the data that you need.
  • Our document management system gives you the necessary means and ability to demonstrate that the data you collect and store is accurate, secure, and compliant.
  • Minimising the risk to data security whilst ensuring safeguarding through being backed up in the cloud.
  • As well as helping to reduce admin and alleviate reliance on old or paper based systems, you benefit from great reporting, live data and trend analysis at your finger tips, to aid decision making.
  • By embedding this software into your organisation’s culture and processes, you can safely ensure you’re future proofing and protecting against non-compliance; giving you the freedom to do more of what matters most.

Get new hires ready before they start

  • Attracting and recruiting the right people is fundamental to ensuring the successful operation and performance of your organisation.
  • With expensive recruitment costs and time delays for new hires, it’s important you get the best ROI out of them as soon as possible.
  • Our onboarding software provides a communication and engagement platform to help you keep in touch with and immerse your new hires in your organisation’s culture, so they’re day one ready.
  • Getting new hires to complete their induction, training, policy reviews and screening procedures well ahead of time.
  • As well as allowing you to educate them on your mission and goals whilst inspiring them on how they can make a real difference is key to positive engagement.

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Effectively support and manage a flexible workforce

  • Having such a diverse workforce can make it hard to manage operations within the organisation, with multiple roles and different shift patterns from person to person.
  • Our self-service HR and Time and Attendance functionality empowers your people, easily enabling them to update their details, manage their shifts and book holiday, all from one single location at a touch of a button.
  • This information can then provide departments like Finance and Operations with key live data as well as feeding directly in to payroll.
  • As a professional user you can better manage and align your organisation’s working patterns, types of roles and minimise the risk and hidden costs associated with manual and paper based time tracking and rostering.

Discover new ways to address your core HR challenges in Not For Profit

There are a several challenges facing HR leads in the Not For Profit sector, particularly in this current climate. Take a look at our brand new guide to find out how to best navigate your top priorities such as compliance and employee engagement.

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More from our people management suite

There’s lots of different features and functionality that we offer which help our customers streamline processes, achieve greater engagement and drive cost savings within their organisations. Discover just a few of them below:

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Report information at the right time

Our detailed analytics and reporting tools give you the ability to store and manage your people data correctly; so that you can update and provide accurate and relevant information to the board of trustees and the wider organisation.

You’re able to analyse large amounts of data that can be exported in real time as well as create reports, charts and dashboards that can be used to help summarise and visually support your data and decisions making it easy for anyone to digest and understand.

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Screening to hire the right people

Screening new hires can be a lengthy process, but it needn’t be with our candidate screening. You can reduce time to hire with our quick, cost efficient and largely automated background screening and candidate checks, which are fully compliant and use industry leading database security.

Our screening software has the ability to run over 140 background checks, validate references and process passports and documents quickly and efficiently, ensuring you’re prioritising compliance and minimising risk, without delays or hassle.

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The power of self-serve

Reduce the volume of admin and repetitive tasks within the HR department with our self-service and mobile HR functionality.

Empower your people by adopting a system where they can access simple and easy to use self-service features and functionality to complete and manage a range of common tasks. Whether they’re updating their personal details, logging holidays and absences, or reading company policies; they can do so when and where it works for them, easily from one place.

By enabling better engagement with HR procedures, you get the freedom to focus on more strategic challenges, as well as gaining more accurate and up to date data, which you can review in easy to use reports, allowing you to better influence decisions and support the people in your organisation.

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Align people and development within your organisation

We understand that reducing attrition and retaining your talent is essential to the productivity, cost management and overall performance of your organisation. That’s why having Learning and Development and Performance Management functionality as part of your people management suite is key to aligning your organisation’s overall goals.

Enable your people to set focused individual objectives and see where there are skills gaps and training needs, as you look to future plan and manage succession. You can provide the training and development required, so that they achieve individual success, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce that truly adds value to the overall success and growth of your organisation.

Get in touch with our HR Technology Specialists for Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

We work with charities, membership and not for profit organisations of all sizes, helping to develop their Recruitment, HR and Payroll systems using the latest technology. With years of industry experience, we focus on understanding the needs of HR teams in the not for profit sector, to help identify and improve on some of the challenges faced, as well making it easier to build efficiency and improve overall organisational performance through using HR software.

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