In house payroll software and systems

Our leading payroll software empowers you to deliver the right pay, on the right day. The always-on technology keeps your team notified and calculations up to date.

Save time, reduce errors and future-proof your payroll.

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Scalable and secure

Our flexible payroll software grows with you and can be deployed as cloud-based SaaS or on-premise, depending on your organisation’s needs.

Better yet, our rapid deployment experts can have your new payroll systems up and running with minimal disruption.

Engage employees and increase transparency with mobile access to payslips.

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What payroll software can do 

Our in-house payroll systems offer a truly game-changing upgrade. By switching to a modern solution you can unlock new capability, save hours-a-day and digitally deliver a more accurate payroll.

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Reduce admin

Our software makes information clearer and tasks easier to manage with just a few clicks of a button

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Complex calculations run in the background, while notifications deliver a clear view of outstanding actions

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Engage talent

Digital payslips will increase staff engagement while self serve, mobile-friendly UX will decrease enquiries to Payroll and HR

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Your payroll systems need to evolve. Our continuous development strategy delivers seamless updates and  constant innovation

Powering success at any size

Start up or small businesses (0-250 employees)

Medium to large businesses (250 - 2500 employees)

Start up or small businesses (0-250 employees)

Stress-free, efficient and compliant payroll solutions for small businesses

Our flexible, future-ready payroll solutions can make payday simple no matter your size. From SMB to large businesses, we have the right payroll solution for you.

Access Payroll gives small and medium-sized businesses just what they need to run efficient, accurate and compliant payroll, enabling teams to save time, save costs and stay in control.

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Medium to large businesses (250 - 2500 employees)

Robust, future-proofed payroll solutions for medium to large businesses

A robust, future-proofed SaaS payroll solution that is flexible to meet specific and complex needs of companies of 250 to 2500 or more employees.

Our payroll solutions integrate with HR software to increase accuracy, improve operational efficiency and reduce compliance risk.

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Learn what Travers Smith achieved by integrating our HR and payroll system

Travers Smith are a city-based law firm that had a basic HR and Payroll system with limited data. They wanted to improve all their employee data across both HR and payroll within a central system and database. By implementing our HR and Payroll software, their employees now have access to online payslips without any paper-based forms and can access their payslips at any time.

It has enabled Travers Smith to gain greater visibility of their employee data, given them better reporting, enabled them to automate processes in order to reduce errors; and saved them time and money, which equated to around 7 weeks’ worth of their team’s time saved overall.

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