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Access PeopleXD is an end-to-end HR solution with unified payroll for UK and Irish businesses that can transform your people strategy, while giving you absolute freedom and flexibility to adapt. It provides a fully integrated suite of Payroll, People Management, Workforce Management, Talent, Digital Learning, Recruitment and Analytics Software.

Access PeopleXD is a mobile-first, 100% SaaS platform, delivering access to the latest technology at all times with no manual upgrades required.

Key features of PeopleXD

Why choose Access PeopleXD?

Access PeopleXD offers you limitless growth and scalability so you always stay ready for the future.

It is fully integrated so you can continue building your HR software suite and will never have to input the same data twice.

It offers an unparalleled range of capabilities that can grow in line with your business priorities. As a unified platform, reporting and analytics can be real-time and truly deliver value to your decision making.

Maximise the value of your investment with a change-ready HR solution that is built for the evolving workforce.

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Benefits of Access PeopleXD

Integrated HR and payroll software for the workforce of tomorrow, today

  • Maintain one source of truth for HR data and analytics
  • Get real-time reports 24/7
  • Engage your employees with easy-to-use software and drive professional development
  • Automate tasks, streamline transactional workflows and reduce the HR burden
  • Empower and connect your workforce with the mobile app
  • Effortlessly track and manage time and attendance
  • Simplify payroll with efficient, transparent processes
  • Accelerate time-to-hire and minimise HR spend with reduced costs and shorter timelines
  • Take control of enabling new features with the XD Hub.
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Our solutions support every aspect of your people strategy from recruitment and onboarding right through to training, talent management, payment and reward.


Speak to one of our experts to find out how our solutions can unite, integrate and optimise all of your people processes and maximise the success of your employees.

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