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Your straight-forward, cloud-based HR platform

PeopleHR is our comprehensive HR software for small businesses. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, our software helps growing businesses streamline their HR processes, remove human error and improve efficiency. 

Small business HR software is a cost-effective solution for SMBs looking to upgrade from on-premise HR software or reduce their admin burden without the need for a large HR team to implement.

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Flexible pricing and plans


All of your core people management needs packaged to make your micro or small business more efficient
£3 Per employee, per month
Get Started with PeopleHR:
  • Essential HR on Desktop and Mobile
  • Absence Management
  • Document Management & E-Signatures
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Standard analytics & reporting

Save time and stress by adding key HR solutions to your package as the needs of your business expand
£5 Per employee, per month
Everything in Essentials plus:
  • Time Tracking & Rotating Working Patterns
  • Expenses Management
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Benefits
  • Integrate with 3rd party solutions via our Open API

Get the performance results you want by attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent
£7 Per employee, per month
Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Recruitment and Applicant Tracking
  • Video Recruiting
  • Talent and Performance Management
  • Built in HR form Builder

Customised automation to enhance strategic impact by allowing you to focus on what matters to you most... your people
£9 Per employee, per month
Everything in Enterprise, plus:
  • Custom automated workflows with Ripple®
  • Flexible Employee Benefits
  • Automated docs with E-Sign
  • Custom automated alerts and tasks

How HR software benefits your small business

Whether you’re the founder of a startup, or the head of HR for a small business, PeopleHR can save you time and help you achieve your goals. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll see: 

  • Easily access all of your HR data in one place 
  • Save time by automating HR tasks from end to end 
  • Increase the productivity and engagement of your team 
  • Make more informed, data-driven decisions with HR analytics 
  • Reduce bottlenecks and eliminate frustration by having employees self serve
  • Streamline absence management processes 
  • Improve regulatory compliance

How do I know my small business needs HR software?

Unsure if HR software is right for your growing team? There’s a few signs that you need great HR to continue growing your small business. You might find that your small business is overwhelmed with paperwork, struggles to keep up with compliance, and your team spends lots of time working on administrative HR tasks. 

If you’re anticipating growth, a scalable HR system for small business ensures that you're centralising all of your important HR information, simplifies compliance, and keeps your team engaged and happy. Giving you back time to focus on expansion.  

Why make the switch to Access People?

Award winning support services

We’re here to support your team and minimise disruption so you can make the most of our HR software from day one.

Training and onboarding

All inclusive, unlimited training is included as standard because confident users equal bigger returns for your firm.

Seamless integrations

Our tried and tested data migration process enables you to import your existing data and files.


Here's a few frequently asked questions

What company size is PeopleHR HR software best for?

PeopleHR is the ideal HR software for small businesses. We’ve built it specifically with SMBs in mind, including newly founded startups too. We’d be a perfect fit if you’re business is currently under 250 employees.

What hardware do you need for Access PeopleHR to run?

Our HR software for small businesses provides a variety of features tailored to meet your requirements. Our primary offerings include an HR self-service system, a centralised employee document database, and attendance management software. Additionally, we offer specialised features like Applicant Tracking System, performance management tools, and HR reporting capabilities to address specific needs.

How will PeopleHR help my business?

PeopleHR supports your business by streamlining HR operations, analysing and presenting data effectively, and implementing strategies to encourage growth.

  • Streamline HR processes and lower administrative costs through task automation.
  • Mitigate compliance risks effectively.
  • Ensure security, organisation, and centralisation of HR data.
  • Minimise errors and eliminate reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Manage the entire employee lifecycle within a unified system.
Will I get help with software implementation?

Ensuring a swift and efficient setup with PeopleHR is our main objective. We guarantee all our customers receive assistance with implementation, expert training, and support to reduce adoption time.

Additionally, we provide access to valuable webinars, blog resources, and advisory services to further aid your journey.

Is PeopleHR secure?

Rest assured, your data is safeguarded with PeopleHR through a comprehensive array of protective measures. At every stage, we employ stringent security protocols, including authentication, encryption, and robust security mechanisms.

Our software utilises a unique API key, bolstered by TLS1.2+ protection. Data is encrypted at rest using AES 256 encryption on our servers, and communication between the mobile app and server is secured via the HTTPS protocol. In essence, PeopleHR employs cutting-edge security measures to ensure the protection of your data across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Regarding cookies, we utilise them across various sessions including the Web Application Firewall session, application session, Intercom customer service session, and web server session. These cookies contain no personal information and are solely used internally within our UK-based servers.

What support do PeopleHR give?

Upon integration with PeopleHR, you'll have continuous support from our dedicated team of experts. Our support desk is managed by a team of enthusiastic HR specialists available during office hours to address your inquiries promptly.

Outside of office hours, we've curated a comprehensive library of articles and videos in our Help Centre to assist you with any issues or questions that may arise. If you're unable to find a solution, simply submit a case, and we'll attend to it promptly during our working hours.

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