HR software for law firms

At Access, we strive to support and work with you to develop and embed an integrated people management suite that truly adds value to your firm.

Future proof your HR system, with technology that gives you the ability to take what matters now, and develop what you need over time to scale and add functionality as and when you need to, so you’re always competing at the forefront.

Make your current processes easier to manage and more efficient, giving you the freedom to drive strategic value adding change and engage staff to drive retention across all levels, from new starters to partners. With live data at your fingertips you can truly put people at the forefront of your firm’s success.

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How we support HR in Legal Practices

Having an HR system that isn’t adding value or delivering useful insight to your legal firm could be costing you money, as well as wasting valuable resource and losing competitive insight.

Our intuitive and integrated recruitment, HR and payroll software not only bring you value by streamlining your processes, increasing productivity and making roles more efficient, but also providing you with the flexibility to scale as your firm grows and develops, ensuring you’re fully supported every step of the way. Having accurate, live data to truly understand your workforce and forward plan is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nurture your talent and their performance potential

  • Our talent and performance management software helps you promote company culture and vision as well as assessment driven development, ensuring you’re able to manage all ongoing development, training needs and completed courses across your whole practice from one central data source.
  • You’ll be able to provide your employees with long-term goals, company aligned objectives and clear career paths; which will better engage them by giving them a clear focus and integration with the future of your firm, building their loyalty.
  • Map talent, succession plans and those at risk of attrition to proactively manage retention every day.

Accurate data analytics you can report to the SRA

  • It’s important that you remain compliant with the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority and managing your people data with an efficient and effective data management system can ensure you do this in the best way possible.
  • You’ll have the ability to create and publish custom dashboards to track performance and use the data to make smarter business decisions.
  • Streamline your processes with accurate and quick data and reporting that you can easily extract, analyse and share, ensuring you provide your diversity statistics and gender pay gap reporting to the SRA quickly and accurately; giving you time back to focus on your employees.

Onboarding new starters with a personal touch

  • Our onboarding software can give you a competitive edge, using a personal touch to keep your new hires engaged until they start with the firm.
  • It allows you to communicate directly with them and gives you the ability to brand and personalise their welcome and first experiences with your firm, ensuring that they feel part of your workplace right from their first interaction with you.
  • Our software also helps you to efficiently get the necessary data and policies completed before they start and enables up front training so that they’re day one ready to deliver value from the start.

Discover new ways to address your core HR challenges in law

Are compliance, attracting talent and keeping staff loyal high on your HR agenda? These areas can be particularly challenging in the legal sector, which is why we've created a helpful guide to help you address them. Take a look for inspiration on how to put your strategic HR improvement ideas into practice.

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More from our people management suite

There’s lots of different features and functionality that we offer which help our customers streamline processes, achieve greater engagement and drive cost savings within their organisations.


Learning programmes for continued professional development

Having a high performing workforce is integral to a law firm’s success to keep winning clients and cases. This can only be made possible with the right engagement, training and learning and development programmes in place to help your people exceed in their roles.

Our learning and development functionality gives your employees a clear focus and better management of their continued professional development; ensuring they’re displaying the right competencies aligning to the SRA and stepping in at the right time where support and training may be needed.


Everyone can take control of tasks with self-service

Our self-service and mobile HR system gives your people complete control and management over their own personal tasks, like keeping personal details up-to-date and accessing company policies and information in all one place at a touch of a button.

Self-service can be an effective communication tool to share key information and engage employees to truly understand what your people think.

Ensuring your HR team have the latest information that they can view in one system gives overall visibility through quick and easy data and reporting so that you can better support employees and provide relevant information back to partners.


Find and recruit the right talent

Finding new talent in the legal sector is a time-consuming, costly and challenging task, as it’s imperative you hire the right candidate that is going to thrive in your firm.

With our talent acquisition and applicant tracking software you can advertise roles to the open market as well as building a database of internal candidates matching the role, and reviewing external candidates you may have previously engaged with and held in your talent pool, helping you to bring your cost to hire down, and drive a more time efficient hiring system.

You can even carry out candidate screening to help you to reduce both risk and time to hire with our largely automated and compliant background screening and candidate checks.


Integrate and tailor your payroll to you

Our payroll and HR solutions are integrated to ensure that data is accurate and processes are as timely and efficient as possible.

We offer leading Payroll software that is a flexible and comprehensive in-house solution tailored to your business. Our Payroll solutions are HMRC Recognised, configurable to your existing rules and provide you with streamlined, automated processes and calculations for accuracy.

Or if you’re looking for a fully or partly managed outsourced service to reduce the workload on your team, then Access Payroll Services is here to help.

We’re 100% CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme Accredited with dedicated qualified payroll professionals working with you as an extension of your team. We have fully compliant processes and ensure the accuracy of your pay runs.

Legal case studies

Travers Smith

Stephenson’s Solicitors

Ashfords LLP

Travers Smith

Discover why Travers Smith introduced an Access HR and Payroll system that allowed them to have all their employee data in one central repository so that they could gain greater visibility on their data as well as provide them with automation in order to reduce errors - which saved them over 7 weeks of time overall on their current processes.

Stephenson’s Solicitors

Stephenson’s Solicitor's previous HR software wasn’t working for them anymore so they came to us to integrate something that helped drive them forward and truly met their needs with management information right at their finger tips. Watch the case study to hear what they had to say about moving to Access.

Ashfords LLP


Frustrated by a time-consuming legacy system, Ashfords researched the market for a more user-friendly solution that would provide better functionality, collaboration, employee self-service and reporting.

Watch our on-demand webinar series for HR in law

Discover our brand new on-demand webinar series created for HR professionals in the legal sector. There are 3 webinars altogether covering topics like SRA compliance, acquiring and retaining talent in the legal sector and why L&D doesn't have to be outdated and can help you better develop your employees.

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We specialise in providing the best HR and Payroll software solutions for the legal sector. Having worked with a vast range of law firms over the years, we understand how important it is for your business to run efficiently and productively. We are well positioned to help you choose, develop and scale your recruitment, HR and Payroll system using the latest technology and sector specific functionality so you can rest assured your requirements are in hand, and you can truly focus on your people and your clients.

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