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Get the best from your workforce

Automate, simplify and optimise your workforce management with the best system available.

Our next generation solution empowers you to deliver business priorities, discover new efficiencies and plan collaboratively for tomorrow.

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people management

Plan better, become more efficient

Modern business strategy demands workforce optimisation and extreme agility.

You need a workforce management system that unlocks time-saving automation, enables collaborative planning and empowers your people with self-serve time management.

Our workforce management solution is best in market and delivers better, more intelligent and easier to use labour optimisation.

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Key benefits

  • Automatically generate rosters and effortlessly manage absence across entire workforce
  • Empower employees to take control of their shifts and leave with user-friendly, mobile interface (Android and iOS compatible)
  • Empower mangers by removing slow manual scheduling processes, saving hours of time
  • Integrates with payroll and key systems – move on from siloed, legacy point solutions to cloud-based SaaS
  • Stay compliant with all working time regulations
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Better people management begins here

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Automatic rostering

Rostering is a time-consuming task that can burn hundreds of hours across your organisation.

Our smart rota system removes complexity and saves time by auto-generating rosters.

It factors in key business drivers such as staff availability, demand and skill sets while adhering to compliance & regulations such as the Working Time Act, 1998 and break entitlements.

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Self-serve absence management

Our absence management system makes it simple for employees and managers to submit, track and manage attendance, sickness, absence and leave entitlements - all on one system.

Employees can easily manage their own time off and holiday requests with self-serve, while their managers will be intelligently notified as changes happen.

Our solution works on any mobile or device, creating better engagement and the superior, modern user experience your people deserve.

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Build a data-driven workforce

In a changing and competitive world you need to make more and better decisions than ever.  The ability to leverage strategic reporting and real-time analytics is a game changer.

With our solution you gain can a powerful, whole workforce view  with easy-to-produce reports that enable collaborative planning.

Clearly see costings of shifts and spot patterns in absence data allowing you to plan finances and resolve issues faster.

rota workforce management report

Optimise your workforce with our smart software

Our configurable workforce management software is easy to use and will save hours of admin. It banishes paper, empowers staff with self-serve and integrates seamlessly with key systems.

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Roster scheduling

The leading rostering solution on the market today with collaborative shift swapping and automatic rostering

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Absence management 

A simpler, cleaner solution that removes complexity from absence management

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People management

People management is designed to connect and transform your entire people strategy

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Integrate with payroll

Massively reduce time to process employee hours and seamlessly transfer accurate data to payroll

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Our solutions supports every aspect of your people strategy from recruitment and onboarding right through to training, talent management, payment and reward. Unite, integrate and optimise all of your people processes and maximise the success of your employees.

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