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Effortless employee recognition platform

Build a happy, high-performing and engaged workforce with Access Applause. It’s the employee recognition software that gets everyone growing in the same direction.

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Staff motivation made simple

Recognition from colleagues feels great. With Access Applause, it’s easier than ever to commend and connect employees and like the best social media apps, everyone picks it up quickly.

Sending someone a ‘shout’ for something done well is so simple. What’s more, with ‘shouts’ linked to your company’s values, our software aligns people with your culture and encourages the right behaviours.

Start your recognition revolution

The Access Applause Hub has resources that will help you get started – and get things right for your organisation.

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Speedy peer-to-peer appreciation

With our easy-to-use peer recognition software, anyone can send a social ‘shout’ to a co-worker for a good job or a great effort. Doing so provides an instant morale boost.

  • Employees can give a ‘shout’ anytime and anywhere, from desktops or mobile apps
  • Everyone can ‘like’ shouts in the interactive social feed, showing support and building togetherness
  • ‘Shouts’ recognise positive behaviours, helping strengthen organisational values and culture

The power of saying ‘Thank you’ – read a guide to making recognition social

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Reward efforts easily

Supercharge recognition of the right behaviours and acknowledge colleagues, with a flexible points-based reward system for employees.

  • Managers can award points based on ‘shouts’, or at their discretion
  • Set meaningful rewards tailored to your own workforce
  • Switch ‘Reward’ on to supercharge recognition, or save that function for the future

Employee recognition systems made simple - Watch a video to understand the benefits

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Enjoy instantaneous insights

Monitor adoption, identify top performers and track common behaviours via interactive dashboards.

  • Track success metrics with at-a-glance dashboards
  • Quickly run reports on behaviour, performance and engagement
  • Filter activities by department or team, office location and behaviours linked to shouts

Make the most of our peer-to-peer recognition software - Download your working checklist

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Launch and manage easily

Create a buzz around your launch, simplify rollout and maintain momentum with ready-made tools and best practice guides.

  • Quick-start tools and guides to get you up and running fast
  • A complete 6-month project plan and toolkit to drive successful adoption
  • Hints, tips and ideas to help you embed the recognition programme for fast results

Not all employee recognition platforms are born equal - read the Access Applause brochure

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See how Access Applause makes employee recognition simple

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