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HR software for manufacturers

Discover our leading HR systems for manufacturers - designed to help manufacturing companies to develop and integrate a people management suite that adds real value. 

Reduce admin, automate processes and analyse data to get the best productivity out of your workforce. We will also ensure your HR software can grow with you as the needs of your business evolve and change over time.

Better manage multiple roles and shift patterns

  • Multiple roles and varying shift patterns across the business can make it challenging to manage and support such a diverse workforce
  • It also helps the HR Team to better manage and align working patterns and types of roles
  • It can also help to reconcile payments to ensure accurate pay and reduce the risk and costs that can arise from manual paper-based time tracking and rostering

Reporting and data analytics you can rely on

  • With our reporting and analytics functionality, you can get live reporting and build custom dashboards to analyze your people data and track performance.
  • It can help you make your key business activities more efficient and streamline your processes through the quick and accurate data that you can extract and report on at a touch of a button.
  • Providing you digestible and readily available data and information that you can report on to add further value and make confident smart business decisions.
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Close the skills gap with training and development

  • We understand that in manufacturing having a high performing workforce that’s motivated, productive and up to date with their training and procedures is key to the overall success of the business.
  • Without the right system in place, it can be difficult to know whether your employees have completed their necessary training, are up to date with health and safety practices or have some development areas that need reviewing.
  • Our learning and development functionality gives your employees, managers and HR a more accurate and reliable way to better manage the training and development needs of staff.
  • Ensuring their up to date with assessments and can focus on their development needs in role allowing you to step in at the right time when it’s needed.

Discover new ways to address your core HR challenges in Manufacturing

Achieving best practice in HR is an ongoing process, though with certain complexities in the manufacturing industry, this can prove to be a little tricky. Read our new guide to find out how, as an HR lead, you can deliver meaningful and measurable change in core areas such as compliance and employee engagement.

More from our people management suite

Discover just some of the other features and functionality we have on offer within our HR people management suite. Here are a few more, we think would be beneficial to your manufacturing business:

People performance at its best

Developing and engaging your workforce is key to retaining the people in your business. It is also the most cost effective way for you to increase productivity, engagement and outputs; enabling you effectively spot talent for succession planning and even lower the reliance on and costs of recruitment.

Our interactive appraisals HR system gives a clear outline and structure to an individual for managing their career and on-the-job development. Helping them to set objectives and ensure everything they do and complete in their role is contributing to the overall success of the business.

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Free up HR with self-service

There are lots of tasks and processes that have to be completed within HR and having a self-service and mobile HR system in place can help you to reduce the admin and alleviate the process pressures on your HR team.

Our self service functionality within our HR software PeopleXD gives your employees complete control over their own personal tasks to manage themselves. They will be able to keep their personal details up-to-date, book off annual leave, or read and complete company policies to name but a few.

Self-service can also be an effective communication tool and help you gauge your employee’s views and needs so you can gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your business.

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Get new starters ready before they start

Having an effective onboarding process is key to the engagement and retention of new hires ensuring that you don’t lose them before they’ve started with the business.

Our HR onboarding software can help you to communicate and engage with new hires before they start with the business. You can get them ready to join your business by providing them with the ability to complete any necessary inductions, training, policies and update their personal details before their first day on the job so they can focus on starting their role.

You can communicate with them directly and personalise their welcome and first experiences with the business so they feel part of the workplace from their first interaction.

Integrated payroll solutions

We offer both in-house payroll and outsource payroll solutions which can integrate with our HR system giving you peace of mind that the data is accurate and communicates with each other to make things as quick and efficient as possible.

Our in-house payroll software is a well-round solution that is HMRC Recognised and offers a lot of great functionality. For instance, it can automate processes and calculations as well as be configurable with your existing rules and procedures.

Or if you need an outsourced payroll to reduce the workload on your HR team then Access Payroll Services may be the best option for you.

We’re 100% CIPP Payroll Assurance Scheme Accredited with dedicated and qualified payroll professionals that act as an extension of your team.

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Get in touch with our HR Technology Specialists for Manufacturing businesses

Having worked with a whole host of manufacturing businesses, we are very familiar with the particular needs and priorities of HR managers in the manufacturing industry. Whether you work for a huge manufacturing operation or a small, specialist business, our wealth of experience and knowledge in HR and Payroll software solutions will help and support you developing and tailoring a solution that’s right for your business. Ensuring that your HR processes and day to day operations are as effective and efficient as possible to support your business operations and productivity.
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