Career development

Career Development for everyone

Engaging online technology and eLearning content for career development and student employability.

Academic institutions, businesses, careers firms and membership bodies of all shapes and sizes use our platform to support the employability and career development needs of their people.

Career development can now be offered to everyone within any organisation 24/7. With Access People's career development platform both employees and students can develop their own careers at a time that suits them, helping to identify where there is need for focus and improvement and build the confidence needed to develop, pursue future career goals and aspirations.

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Career development for everyone

About the platform      

Our platform is highly configurable and can be built to any organisation’s needs. Its tools are designed to support individuals to feel more confident and in control of their career.

Some of the many career enhancing tools available:

  • CV 360 – offers users highly personalised and professional CV support with AI feedback
  • Interview 360 – AI-powered interview training which helps users optimise their interview performance
  • Digital career coaching – A panel of professional career coaches deliver expert advice via 100’s of short coaching films
  • Career assessments – Build self-awareness via several assessments from temperament, emotional intelligence to management skills
  • Career framework – showcase your own career framework or journeys with the ability to celebrate and share users’ success stories
Built to your needs

Experience all the functionality of our online careers solution

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How the platform is used

Our customers span various sectors and industries and so the platform can be configured to support users in multitude of ways, including:

  • To provide a dedicated and private environment for employees to work on their personal career development
  • Develop and enhance student and graduate employability
  • Helping people get back into work
  • Managing staff career transitions
  • Supporting membership organisations to engage, retain and attract new members
Proven across multiple sectors

Transform your approach to career development

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Career development solutions

Developing Student Employability

Developing student employability

Working alongside your careers team, the Career Centre provides your students with all the career preparation tools they need to succeed in today’s job market and connects them to millions of employers and job opportunities.

Career Development For Staff

Career development for staff

Our career development solution offers a dedicated, private environment where your employees can work on their career development, career well-being and transferable skills.

Helping Getting People Back Into Work

Helping get people back into work

Our solution gives the tools and information jobseekers need to own their career development, and be motivated to do so.

Career Development Support

Career develop for members

Our career development solution offers a dedicated, private environment where your members can work on their career development, career well-being and transferable skills.

Managing Staff

Managing staff career transitions

The Career Centre is used globally by outplacement and career coaching companies as a powerful and comprehensive online outplacement solution.

Career development

Driving self-directed learning for busy NHS staff

West London NHS Trust has 3,700 staff who work across a range of sites and have varying shift patterns and working hours. Ali Webster, Deputy Director Organisational Development, said:

“We wanted to ensure we had a resource that could meet the needs of all of our staff groups and encourage self-directed distance learning.”

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NHS case study