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People for Hospitality

Hospitality HR software for workforce management

Take control of your HR and workforce management needs with a powerful and intuitive HR software solution designed for hospitality.  

Managing a hospitality workforce can be a complex and time-consuming task. A fully integrated HR and workforce management solution will give you the ability to manage your employee experience and day-to-day people management tasks with ease.  

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A complete solution

Searching for a way to manage your HR and people management tasks and procedures? Our hospitality HR software enables you to take control of each step within the employee life cycle. 

Hospitality workforce management has many challenges- talent shortages, complex shift patterns, multi-site operations and staff seasonality, to name a few. That's why it's crucial to have a software solution that has been developed to meet these demands.   

We help hospitality businesses of every type manage their people processes while reducing labour costs, increasing employee engagement and ensuring compliance.  

Why use our hospitality HR software?

The whole employee life cycle in one place

From recruitment, onboarding, day-to-day responsibilities to exiting the business, your team members go through a journey with you. By having the right tools in place to manage each stage, you benefit from a more streamlined and efficient process, and your employees have a more engaging and empowering experience.  

Increased employee engagement

Employees want to be able to easily access and manage the HR and employment tools that matter most to them. By having the ability to self-serve on a platform where they can view payslips and check their rotas they feel a sense of clarity and control over their own employment experience. This not only creates a more engaged workforce but also reduces the burden on managers and drives efficiency. So, your hospitality team members have more time to deliver great guest experiences.  

Intuitive and intelligent features

Each tool within our hospitality workforce management software system has been carefully considered to ensure it provides you with the support you need in your HR and workforce management needs. From pre-employment screening and right-to-work checks to predictive labour optimisation features. We want to make your people process as efficient as possible.  

Time and cost savings

People are at the heart of hospitality, but labour costs are one of the largest costs for any hospitality business, and payroll is only the tip of the iceberg. That's why driving efficiency in every stage of workforce management is crucial. Our solutions have all been carefully designed to help save time and associated costs. The benefit of each module being integrated into one software solution is that you benefit from a seamless process.  

Configurable to your company's needs

Each hospitality business is different and has different operational challenges and processes. Our people software solution has many configurable features to make sure it meets your specific needs. These include things such as a customisable home dashboard to engage employees, configurable company structure and role-based permissions. So, your HR and workforce software works for you. 

Accurate Time and Attendance

Capture accurate time and attendance data that is automatically transferred to the rota module so you can compare scheduled vs actual hours worked in one place – making sure your payroll is accurate and your team are paid correctly.  

  • Record arrival and departure times through a tablet or by a biometric clock  
  • Set up tolerance rules to suit your business  
  • Managers can override to correct clock exceptions  
  • Drive engagement with shift feedback campaigns  
  • Evacuation register available in case of an emergency at your site 
Manage holidays and sickness with ease

Give your team and managers access to easily request, approve and monitor leave requests and sickness. Powerful reporting allows you to track and analyses absences and trends.  

  • Manage multiple holiday schemes and length of service uplifts  
  • Employees can easily request holidays and other leave  
  • Automatic holiday pay calculations and adjustments  
  • Calculates holiday accrual for hourly paid staff working variable shifts  
  • Records full details of employee sickness  
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See how our hospitality HR software can help you take control of each step within the employee life cycle

Explore more of our in-depth HR and workforce modules

Rotas and staff scheduling

Intelligent rota and employee scheduling software to make sure you have the right people, in the right place at the right time. 

Hospitality payroll software and managed services

Pay your team on time and with ease with our payroll software and managed services  

EarlyPay: On demand pay app

Support your teams financial wellbeing with access to the wages they have earned when they need them 

Expenses software

An easy way to manage and approve employee expense claims  

Recruitment & onboarding

Advertise, attract, recruit and onboard employees seamlessly  

Training management

Provide access to the essential training requirements for your team

Want to develop your team to deliver more?

The Access Hospitality LMS is a learning & development platform that has been designed to deliver a more engaging learning experience for team members. Improve engagement and reduce employee turnover by providing development opportunities.

Give your team access to a wide range of eLearning courses created specifically for the hospitality sector. Enable them to learn anywhere at any time with this mobile-first learning management system.  

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Find out more about the features of our HR and workforce management software

Hospitality HR software FAQs

What is hospitality HR software?

Hospitality HR software is the technology based solution, or combination of systems that support the management of daily human resources tasks of hospitality businesses.

Hospitality HR software makes it possible for HR staff and managers to manage their time and resources in a more productive and cost-efficient way while taking care of the operational processes such as payroll, time and attendance and staff scheduling.   

How does HR software support the hospitality industry?

HR in hospitality can be complex due to the nature of the workforce and operational requirements. Various shift patterns, multiple locations, seasonal staff and high churn rates are some of the challenges HR professionals need to manage. Hospitality specific HR software helps to tackle these issues and ensure consistency, efficiency and compliance across a hospitality business.  

What is hospitality workforce management software?

Hospitality workforce management software describes the technology solutions that manage the day-to-day management of employees, such as rotas and staff scheduling, time and attendance and payroll.  Hospitality businesses such as restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels usually require sector specific workforce management software to support the unique needs of their workforce such as hourly payment rates, tronc payments, flexible contracts, overtime and differing shift patterns across the business.  

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