Hospitality stock control and inventory management

Cash and stock control software will safeguard precious resources and generate trustworthy data to benchmark and monitor your hospitality operation’s performance.

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Stock analysis

A smart, intuitive online operational solution that facilitates watertight controls, including POS management, stock reporting and cash management business sheets. 

  • All transactions and stock movements available online for analysis within seconds of them taking place
  • Real-time data, sales and stock reports can be viewed 24/7 on multiple devices anywhere with an internet connection
  • Automatic and manual updates, upgrades and changes take place remotely
  • Data is easily shared with other applications through smart API integration
  • Scalable from one site to thousands
  • No need to purchase or support costly in-house IT infrastructures, as all hosted on safe and secure external servers host. 
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Flexible and easy-to-use

  • Easy-to-use – from sales points to the boardroom
  • Records & analyses every single transaction
  • Full stock control
  • Modular options & add ons
  • In-house helpdesk and support
  • Integrates with POSLink & other modules
  • Bespoke development to suit your specific requirements
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Safeguard resources and monitor your hospitality operation’s performance

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Comprehensive reporting

  • Online and real-time updates and reporting
  • Enterprise central reports and league tables
  • Dashboards and KPIs
  • Group weekly reports and business sheets
  • Sales reports with drill-down analysis
  • Real-time reports defined by date, location, product
  • Performance reports and stock reports
  • EPOS alerts and warnings
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Real-time dynamic reporting

Seamless integration with Access Purchase to Pay solution will greatly reduce the time spent on preparing and closing your month-end accounts and provide real-time management accounts information to your finance team without delay.

You can import data, produce variance reports and investigate issues as well as export data, sharing information with your team and colleagues in other departments. The software makes it easy to review data on a site, area or group basis, so you can respond rapidly to commercial events. Being able to easily review your pricing, product mix and supplier process helps you create effective promotions ‘on the fly’, boosting sales revenue and margins.

Cash accountability and reconciliation

  • Accountability and real-time reporting safeguards your cash and your return on your investment
  • Monitor cash, stock and data embedding airtight procedures around your business management suite
  • Running daily cash reconciliations ensure you and your managers account for every transaction
  • Spot and immediately interrogate ‘bank’ and electric result variances
  • Automate as many processes as possible to avoid human error and duplication

Stock control protects resources

  • Regular electronic and physical stock control audits allow you to benchmark and monitor your resources
  • Measure accurate stock result based on what has been sold, what is left and what is wastage
  • Stock audits provide the platform for accurate gross profit margins
  • Ad hoc daily line checks keep staff honest
  • Full stock audits eliminate possible surprises
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Streamline your stock control process 

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Supporting you in food and beverage control

Our solution encompasses everything from menu engineering to stock control to allergen management:

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Ensure you meeting the legal requirements with our allergen and nutritional module

Get real-time gross margin data with flash reporting

Streamline your stock control process 

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