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EPoS for pubs and bars

Our complete EPoS system for pubs and bars that keeps shifts running smoothly, orders flowing quickly and helps boost your bottom line with actionable data insights. 

Elevate and transform your current processes with Access EPoS for pubs and bars - to improve service speeds, reliably manage payments and handle both wet-led and food operations.

Trusted provider of EPoS to pubs and bars for 30+ years

Pub and bar EPoS system 

Beer (160 × 160Px)
Seamless service, every pour

Pour without pause and serve without delay. Our reliable bar and pub EPoS system guarantees uninterrupted operations, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for your patrons. 

Scalable (160 × 160Px)
Scalable POS system designed for pubs and bars 

As your business grows, our POS system grows with you. From a quaint village pub to a multi-site bustling city bar, our solution scales to suit your journey, ensuring smooth operations at any stage. 

Efficiency (160 × 160Px)
Efficiency on tap  

Minimise wait times at the bar and ensure every order is delivered promptly with our user-friendly bar and pub EPoS system.

Data (160 × 160Px)
Data driven decisions 

Make informed decisions with real-time business insights and stock control. Monitor inventory levels in busy periods and identify top-performing products. 

Explore our EPoS system for pubs and bars

Reliable EPoS hardware for pubs and bars

Tailor-made for the high-paced demands of bustling bars and rapid food service. Our versatile EPoS is easily configured and user-friendly to help you boost great service and drive sales.  

  • Support both digital and manual payment methods, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers. 
  • Dependable service with zero downtime, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations for your pub or bar. 
  • From the bar to the kitchen, ensure quicker service delivery across your business. 
  • Elevate sales effortlessly with intuitive upselling and grouping prompts to boost revenue. 

Flexible hardware solutions – If you’re happy with your current hardware, no problem. Talk to us about how we can combine Access software with your existing hardware. 

Real-time stock control

Keep track of your bar’s inventory in real-time with our cloud-based stock management system. Analyse and track transactions instantly for complete visibility of performance and stock ordering. 

  • Manage your inventory by tracking stock, conducting audits and performing daily checks. 
  • Monitor sales, costs and profit margins with precision accuracy. 
  • Eliminate the need for manual counts and external auditors, granting you complete control over your inventory. 
  • Streamline operations by effortlessly managing purchase orders, recipe costings, deliveries, returns, transfers and central purchasing 
Data driven insights

Gain instant access to real-time business insights, whenever you need. Expertly manage your pub or bar's cash flow, stock levels, and resources. 

  • Stay informed with real-time sales reporting at your fingertips, accessible within seconds. 
  • Generate comprehensive business reports detailing weekly sales and cash management, offering a clear overview for your critical financial decisions. 
  • Access easy-to-view transactional sales analysis through mobile estate overview reporting. 
  • Identify and resolve issues promptly with instant reporting on key performance indicators.

Watch our 5 minute analytics demo to see Access EPoS reporting in action and find out how our powerful analytic dashboards bring all your sales data in one place. 

Online ordering made simple

Delivers faster and more efficient service in pubs and bars with online ordering systems. Whether self-service, table service or omni channel ordering through delivery aggregators, we support it.

  • Integrate with mobile apps and self-service kiosks, providing customers with an intuitive and seamless ordering experience right at their fingertips. 
  • Orders from delivery partners are channelled directly to your kitchen screens, ensuring an efficient flow that minimises delays and errors. 
  • Omni-channel online ordering through renowned partners such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and FlyT via our APIs, enhancing your visibility and accessibility across platforms. 
Kitchen Display System

Designed to meet the distinct needs of pubs and bars that offer food. Our connected Kitchen Display System enhances your dining experience through seamless integration.  

  • Optimise service speed and deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. 
  • Deliver a real-time hub of information with access to recipes, training videos and other relevant content. 
  • Ensure consistency and brand integrity across your business to ensure every customer receives the same quality experience. 
  • Guarantee timely and accurate order fulfilment, ensuring that each order reaches its destination on time and adheres to your menu specifications. 

Find out more about our connected kitchen display system (KDS) > 

Enhanced financial control

Our puib and bar EPoS software provides specialised financial control features, designed to meet the distinct needs of your establishment. 

  • Automate cash declaration, card processing, and gratuity handling, saving time and minimising errors. 
  • Automate cash, card, and gratuity tasks, saving around 45 mins daily. 
  • Access a unified overview with VAT, sales, budgets, and more. 
  • Business sheets self-update for accurate decision-making. 
  • Export data for easy accounting package integration, error-free records. 

Watch our 5 minute analytics demo to see Access EPoS reporting in action and find out how our powerful analytic dashboards bring all your sales data in one place.

Integration with popular apps

Access EPoS partner with the biggest names in the hospitality industry and were the first to integrate with Deliveroo demonstrating our forward-thinking attitude and keeping our customers ahead of the game. 

Seamlessly integrate and interface with all major card, contactless and mobile payment solutions as well as loyalty schemes, online shopping, order ahead and reservation solutions 

Our partners include:  

  • Payment apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Verifone, Payment Sense and WorldPay 
  • Loyalty and engagement apps such as Feed it Back, Pepper, Yoyo, Eagle Eye and 5 Loyalty 
  • Order ahead and delivery apps such as Orderbee, FlyT, Preoday, Uber Eats and Deliveroo 
  • Table reservation apps such as Access Collins and ResDiary 

View Access EPoS Integrations >

Deliver a seamless service and keep orders flowing quickly with our reliable pub and bar EPoS software

EPoS for Pubs and Bars FAQs

What is EPOS in a bar?

The EPoS system in a bar is an integrated hardware and software solution tailored to meet the needs of fast-paced bar environments by, not only facilitating the processing of transactions but also supporting stock control, menu management and sales. 

How do bar EPoS systems work?

A bar's EPoS system serves as a central hub, efficiently managing orders, inventory and payments.

Staff input customer orders, which are promptly relayed to kitchen or bar areas. Real-time inventory updates prevent shortages and waste. The system calculates bills, supporting various payment methods. Sales data and inventory levels are adjusted after transactions.

Comprehensive reports offer insights for strategic decisions. Integration with online apps, deliveries and loyalty programs ensures a seamless customer experience. This digital backbone optimises order processing, inventory control, payment management and data analysis, enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

How much does a EPoS system cost for pubs and bars?

The cost of an EPoS system for your pub or bar is influenced by factors like the range of features you require, the size of your establishment and the level of customisation needed. 

The Access EPoS pricing structure facilitates scalability and expansion, starting at £316 per month for 1 site and 2 EPOS terminals. Additional features like the Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Menu Manager are available at affordable rates, priced at £14 per screen/per month and £30 per month/per site, respectively. 

What type of onboarding support is offered to me?

When it comes to onboarding support, we understand the critical nature of transitioning to a new EPoS system for pub and bar owners. We offer comprehensive professional services and a dedicated project approach to ensure a pain-free and seamless transition.

Our goal is to minimise downtime and manage the entire process for you. With our robust system, there is no single point of failure that would disrupt your service.

I need to switch EPoS provider. What is the process?

Switching your EPoS provider can be a straightforward process. It typically involves the following steps: 

  • Assessment: Evaluate your business needs and identify the features and functionalities required from a new EPoS system. 
  • Planning: Develop a migration plan that outlines the necessary tasks, timelines and resources for the switch. 
  • Data Transfer: Safely migrate your existing data, including inventory, sales history and customer information, to the new system. 
  • Configuration: Customise the EPoS system to match your specific business workflows and requirements. 
  • Training: Provide comprehensive training to your staff on using the new system effectively. 
  • Transition: Coordinate a smooth transition from the old to the new EPoS system, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. 
  • Support: Offer ongoing technical support and assistance to address any questions or issues that arise during and after the switch. 

Remember, it's essential to choose a reliable EPoS provider who can guide you through the process and provide the necessary support to ensure a successful transition. 

Read more on switching EPoS systems and how to overcome challenges.

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