This software is a game-changer

Business software is often only used by specially trained people in the organisation. The apps in Access Workspace let everybody self-serve and get the answers they need without bothering those expert users. Now everyone can report progress, get approvals, and dramatically reduce the admin of repetitive tasks.

For managers, these interactions build into rich insights they can act on in real-time using inbuilt analytics. A frictionless way of working that lets everyone get on with the jobs they are passionate about.

Access Workspace
Powerful apps. Total visibility. Get more done.


Be more engaging

Collaboration, communication and turbo-charged team-working.


Always well-informed

Analytics dashboards as standard for every Access product.


What you need when you need it

Immediate access to the right information lets productivity soar.


Work that doesn’t feel like work

Routine tasks made easy, so you can get on with the job.


Freedom to do more


Registered Access Workspace Users

Access Workspace will transform the way you work