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Imagine if work worked better. If it was simple to get things done. If your business software actually helped rather than hindered the process.

We created Access Workspace for this exact reason: customers told us what they wanted most was a single, clear view over their entire workplace, including all their people, processes and systems.

It’s a game-changingly simple way to get more done.

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Make every action count

Access Workspace brings all the moving parts of your organisation together into a single digital workspace, so you can take confident action, based on consistent up-to-date information.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use business management software delivers:

  • Next-level productivity
  • Faster, easier working
  • Rewarding user experiences
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Give your team the tools to succeed

No matter what role you’re in, it’s always frustrating to be held back by manual, siloed processes and outdated technology – especially when you need to move fast to stay ahead.

Access Workspace helps everyone in your organisation to get more done by connecting them with exactly what they need, when they need it - without having to hunt down information. This way, everyone benefits from increased efficiency and productivity, each and every day.

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Energise your team members with collaboration tools, action-focused Workspaces and role-based apps to drive productivity.

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Support your management team with analytics dashboards, apps for quick approvals, and action-focused Workspaces to help them manage their people.


Executive teams

Inform your executives with multi-product blended analytics from across your organisation and give them the ability to communicate with everyone with ease.

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Power users

Give your key functional users the software they need and remove the endless demands for information and tasks from other colleagues.

Software that works the way you do

  • A unique kind of business software: drive higher productivity with role-specific, personalised software experience.
  • A solution that meets your needs: enable all your team members’ different tasks and activities on one system.
  • A powerful, unified approach: unite all your products, data and key processes in one place.
  • A single, digital workspace: through a single sign-on, tap into personalised content, team working and an experience built around you.
  • A more productive way to work: experience quicker, easier and more effective ways of working.
Software That Works The Way You Do

What’s included?

Access Workspace is built to help.


Bring together all your Access software products

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Get task-specific apps for anyone in your business

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Create unique action-focused Workspaces, control all your apps and assets from one place


Share self-service analytics, insights and dashboards


Control who sees what

Care Management

Work effectively with collaboration tools

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Respond faster with communication tools

Organisation Settings

Keep it simple with one secure login

Choose a version that's right for you

Access Workspace in action

Find out how Brown & Co are leading the productivity revolution.

After a period of impressive growth, Brown & Co, the leading property and business consultants in the east of England, encountered a problem: they had a myriad of different systems and ways of working, as well as a heavy reliance on paper-based records and processes.

Discover how they used Access Workspace to:

  • Harmonise accounting for 34 different income streams
  • Reduce manual errors and turnaround times
  • Create data consistency and visibility across the business
  • Attract new talent with dynamic ways of working
  • Respond to the pandemic with speed and agility.
Browns & Co

More insights

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Access Workspace for Care – Improve Operationally

Access Workspace for Care provides your business with updated insights, that enable real-time decisions and actions across the whole care operation

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Access Workspace for Care: Powerful apps. Total visibility. Outstanding care.

Access Workspace for Care provides insights for your
business and integrates all your products into one single sign-on platform.

Access Workspace Apps

Access Workspace apps let everyone perform at their best

Learn how and why Access Workspace is a new, more engaging way to distribute software across your organisation.

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The power of people in sync

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When you fill in the form please remember to select the main software solution you wish to use with Access Workspace as this will help us select the best experts to assist you.

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