Effortless absence management software

A simpler, cleaner solution that removes complexity from absence management.

Empower employees to manage their leave, notify managers in real-time and leverage strategic attendance data.

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absence management software

A simplified absence management solution

Our absence management system makes it simple for employees and managers to submit, track and manage attendance, sickness, absence and leave entitlements - all on one system.

Employees can easily manage their own time off and holiday requests with self-serve, while their managers will be intelligently notified as changes happen.

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See our holiday and absence management tools in action

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Key benefits

  • Easily manage absence across entire workforce
  • Android and iOS compatible - works on any phone or device
  • Empower staff to manage their own leave with self-serve holiday request system
  • Inform managers with useful employee holiday tracker function
  • Remove slow manual processes and save hours
  • Notifications keep managers informed when things change
  • Remain compliant to current legislation and receive updates when the law changes
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Manage absence on-the-go

Managers need a staff absence planner that works on the go, from the office and the field.

Our solution makes it easy to track time for all employees in any location, on any device, at any time.

Access from anywhere and leverage entire shift and team visibility to avoid absence clashes.

Quickly identify trends and issues dashboard

Spot patterns and improve culture

The data generated from employee absence software can be powerful.

Easy-to-produce reports and analytics help leaders spot patterns in time and attendance, enabling them to detect problems and resolve issues.

Build your culture and improve attendance.

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Need holiday and absence management software to manage leave in a better way?

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Simplify your absence management with our smart software

Our configurable absence management software is easy to use and will save hours of admin. It banishes paper, empowers staff with self-serve and integrates seamlessly with key systems.

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Massively reduce time to process employee hours and seamlessly transfer accurate data to payroll

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Roster scheduling

The leading rostering solution on the market today with collaborative shift swapping and  automatic rostering

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Designed to be flexible, our solution can be configured to the workforce needs of your business

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Team visibility

See whole team and shift visibility when managing absence and ensure proper cover is in place

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