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Applicant tracking software

Transform your talent acquisition processes and make smarter recruiting decisions with our end-to-end Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Attract the best, hire fast, measure and boost recruitment return on investment (ROI).

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Powerful, new hiring capabilities

Lengthy recruiting tasks are cut to size by the all-in-one technology of our ATS software.  From screening to onboarding, unlock new tools that speed time to hire and give complete oversight of the hiring process.

Track, manage and process applicants in less than half the time, cover more ground with social integration and deliver clear return on investment for your talent strategy. 

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Key benefits of our Applicant Tracking System

  • Applicant software to accelerate time-to-hire
  • Reduce tedious recruitment tasks by half 
  • Eliminate time spent creating job requisitions, progressing or hiring candidates
  • Successful applicant data flows seamlessly into a live employee record
  • Automate recruitment processes and workflows
  • Demonstrate ROI of recruitment activities with intuitive dashboards and reports
  • Cast the net wider with agency recruiting, social and job board integration
  • Our ATS system is secure and GDPR compliant
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Optimise and streamline your talent acquisition strategy

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Monitor diversity and inclusion

It is important to measure the progress your organisation is making with diversity and inclusion targets.

Reporting on DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) can help move your workplace forwards.

Our integrated solutions, combined with our ATS applicant tracking system, will provide the data you need to build a more inclusive workforce.


What ATS software can do 

Our top-tier ATS tracking delivers a comprehensive recruitment software upgrade. By switching to a digital solution you can unlock new hiring capabilities, save time on admin and improve quality of hire.

  • Process automation - Reduce recruitment admin to boost efficiency
  • Smarter vacancy management - Effortlessly manage vacancies and job applications
  • Right hire - Speed up approval workflows and offer process
  • Advanced reporting and insights - Analyse candidate data to inform your recruitment strategy
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The features you need

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Configurable approval routes and workflows

Different approval routes and level can be configured based on the request information sent through

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Automated vacancy creation

Once approved, the ATS automates the creation of the vacancy and delivers it to you, ready for review

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Useful integrations

Our ATS integrates with other software to make tasks easier, like pushing role advertisements to external job boards

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Smart interview setup

Automated interview scheduling, including candidate timeslot selection and applicant tracking

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Email templates for applicant management 

Effortlessly streamline job applicant tracking - automatically, or by command - includes mail merge templates and bulk email process

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Collaborative interview scoring

Interview score cards allow your team to document, collate and score feedback on the applicant with automated prompts

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Dedicated agency portal

Agencies submit applications through a dedicated portal, entering the ATS to be reviewed and processed

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