Future-focussed talent acquisition software

Imagine a complete system that optimises and streamlines talent acquisition, turning it into a true return on investment (ROI) engine. 

Our in house recruitment solution helps you enhance candidate experience, align talent with business strategy and hire the very best.

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Supercharge The Candidate Experience

Revolutionise candidate experience

A winning candidate experience is everything. As Millennials and Gen Z enter the workforce, it is vital to upgrade your hiring strategy.

From brand awareness, to attracting candidates, Access Career Websites helps you deliver on your employer brand by enhancing every touchpoint.

Create a stunning web presence, on any device,  that will lift candidate experience and make it easier to hire your top targets.

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Upgrade to an Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is talent acquisition software that streamlines the hiring process at every stage.


Banishing paper and spreadsheets, our comprehensive ATS will transform your talent acquisition by automating tasks, giving HR new capabilities and providing the in-depth data to improve quality of hire.


  • Automate recruitment processes and workflows to accelerate time to hire
  • Decrease cost-per-hire and attrition rate
  • Get the right metrics to assess and analyse recruitment efficiencies using intuitive reporting and dashboards
  • Measure ROI of your recruitment efforts to increase business impact
  • Measure success and track conversion from visit to hire
  • Enhance visibility, increase the talent pool and optimise candidate attraction strategies
Applicant tracking system

Optimise and streamline your talent acquisition

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Your end-to-end system to acquire top talent

Hiring has changed. Candidates prioritise experience over wages and top talent is harder to secure than ever. A challenging future demands a focus on talent now.

Access PeopleXD Recruitment is a talent acquisition platform that enables HR to deliver a powerful recruitment plan that aligns with business strategy.

Optimise the entire hiring process - track applications, revolutionise candidate experience and hire quality people to move your business forwards.

in house recruitment dashboard for talent acquisition software

Align talent acquisition with business strategy

Effective HR talent acquisition strategy must reflect your organisational goals.

The unmatched depth of recruiting data within our talent acquisition solutions gives you richer insights to make better informed decisions that deliver more predictable hiring results.​

Our dynamic dashboards help HR easily view trends, spot bottlenecks, and get the data necessary to take effective action.

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Make talent an ROI engine

Budgets are tight and now more than ever, HR need a talent acquisition system to show ROI on their recruitment efforts.

Our smart recruitment technologies help employers to hire better candidates more efficiently, and see tangible long-term HR, cost, and organisational benefits.

Tracking your recruiting ROI not only provides measurable milestones for your team’s work, but it also helps you to increase business impact and prove the value of your efforts to leadership.

talent acquisition ROI engine

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