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Access Procure Wizard

Hospitality procurement software

Discover cloud-based hospitality purchasing software that gives restaurants, hotels, pubs and caterers complete visibility over their procurement and inventory management, enabling them to reduce food costs, adhere to compliance obligations and increase profitability. 

Access Procure Wizard is our fully integrated solution for all your purchase orders and invoicing, menu and recipe costing and allergen and nutritional analysis requirements. 

Drive efficiency and cost savings

Our award-winning purchase to pay system has helped operators secure millions of pounds in efficiency savings by streamlining procurement, reducing indirect spend and automating invoice processing. 

Delivering hospitality purchasing software in 7,000 sites across the UK, we help our clients maximise service delivery from their suppliers, significantly reduce administration time by automating processes and save costs through more accurate cross checks.

With over £140 million worth of transactions per month, across more than six thousand suppliers, we’re trusted by our customers, to help deliver one of their most complex operational areas. 

Why use our purchasing system?

  • Significantly reduce admin time - Automate processes such as invoicing and cross-checking deliveries instead of laboriously reconciling deliveries against invoices.   
  • Make valuable cost savings - By confirming delivery quantities within the system, you can only pay for what you receive. Additional price comparison functionality shows you alternative suppliers and costs at point of purchasing.   
  • Improve relationships with suppliers - Suppliers can quickly and easily update prices and products. Automation speeds up the process and increases accuracy, meaning there are fewer delays to payment.   
  • Achieve GP targets - With accurate real-time reporting, you can easily track spend vs. sales, giving you a complete picture of your GP at any time. Get an alert if users go over GP target, so you can act quickly to resolve any issues. 
  • Increase compliancy - Our hospitality purchasing software records all product nutrition, calorie and allergen information which ensures your compliance with food labelling legislation and keeps your customers safe.  

Explore features our purchase to pay software

e-Purchase orders

Quickly and efficiently place orders with the easy-to-use ordering functionality, which gives you instant access to accurate supplier listings, whether purchasing F&B goods or for CapEx and services.  

Customise your Favourites List to make it quicker to re-order  popular items and approve purchases on the go – via email, phone app or log in – further speeding up the order process.   

  • Permission settings ensure head office never loses control with dual supply that enables employees to request goods whilst being guided by the software to the best provider of that product or service 
  • Easily create individual purchase orders and user-defined order sheets 
  • Facilitate standing orders and back orders 
  • Company nominal codes structure automatically followed

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to place orders - watch demo video



Price comparison

The advanced price comparison functionality automatically compares commonly purchased products between your suppliers at the point of purchase, helping you to make better decisions when it counts most.   

The order can either be sent to a single supplier or split between multiple suppliers based on their best prices. This ordering is ideally suited for fresh produce purchased across categories including fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry and fish & seafood.    

  • Select suppliers that meet your standards for quality control and restrict some products to specific suppliers in line with company standards 
  • Create a competitive marketplace with suppliers receiving missed opportunity reports 
  • Select the best prices between suppliers and suggest alternative savings where applicable 
  • Automatically follow business rules e.g., delivery schedule

See how you could be making cost savings on your food orders - watch demo video

Dynamic approval process

Set company supply chain / approval policies to be followed by every employee, for every order, regardless of the complexity of the policy. 

Our unique approval mechanism automatically matches the approval rights of the employee, line managers and senior manager for every supplier.  

  • You can set up rules that automatically route purchase orders to the correct department or budget holder 
  • The system works with your company’s approval processes, sending notifications to approvers by e-mail, for approval on the go

See the unique approval mechanism in action - watch demo video


Orders, deliveries and invoicing

One of Access Procure Wizard’s crucial points of difference is the transparency of data and the seamless integration between goods ordered, goods received, supplier invoices and credits.

Gain back hours spent reconciling deliveries to invoice and invoice prices to ‘outdated’ contract prices. Every line on every invoice is automatically scrutinised through the system’s robust checks, resulting in approximately 1.5% of all supplier invoices returning a credit request. 

By utilising hospitality purchase to pay technology, you can achieve a reduction in invoice processing time of up to 95%. 

Use our ROI calculator to see how much you could be saving on credit capture by using Access Procure Wizard.    

  • One-click updates catch weights from invoices 
  • Scan and attach delivery documents for back-up 
  • Integrate seamlessly with stock controls and ERP systems 
  • Add comments and supplier feedback, monitor supplier performance and speed up dispute resolution 
  • Track returns and pin-point substitutions 
  • Monitor and capture for any invoice overcharges – the system checks every line on every invoice and highlights any discrepancies 
  • Raise a credit request at the click of a button, and only pass invoice for payment once outstanding credit is processed 
  • Portal invoicing enables operators to flip a PO into an electronic invoice. Upload a batch of invoices on a single CSV file through the supplier portal 
  • PDF invoices submitted by e-mail can be converted to an EDI invoice

See the different options available, when receiving goods - watch demo video

Easily capture credits and automate invoices - watch demo video

Integration and accounts payable

Whether you’re a large multinational or a smaller business, Access Procure Wizard makes it possible to automate your accounts payable process and gain full visibility and control. 

Eliminate storage of paper invoices, optimise payment timing and ensure compliance with external regulations and internal policies.  

  • Easily export one file, which has all your invoices, and upload to your accounts package 
  • Or set up an FTP connection that will set it up automatically at the end of each day or week  
  • Access Procure Wizard already integrates with all leading accounts software providers 
  • Take it one step further and link to Access Financials hospitality accounting software for a more seamless experience through Access Workspace our groundbreaking platform with all applications in one dashboard, with single sign-on, giving operators a single source of data 

Hospitality purchasing software that drives results

95 %

reduction in invoice processing

1.5 %

Increase in credit capture

from automated cross checks

£ 185,046


through credits over 12 months (Cairn Group)

We deliver hospitality purchasing software in 7,000 sites across the UK

Success story: temper

Access Procure Wizard has revolutionised temper's supply chain management, ensuring accurate invoices, improved gross profit and enhanced supplier relationships. 

I would recommend Access Procure Wizard because of the financial benefits to the business. Our gross profit has gone up considerably and that's really driven by the fact that we have that stringent system in place.

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Our unique calculator lets you input your FNB spend and calculate the savings you can make using Access Procure Wizard.
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Hospitality purchasing software FAQs

What is hospitality purchasing software?

Hospitality purchasing software enables operators to order all their required food and beverage goods and services online from one solution. Suppliers upload all their product and pricing information and are responsible for keeping this up to date.  

By bringing the inventory management process online, operators can reduce complex and time-consuming manual processes, saving significant time, whilst increasing accuracy throughout the process and making valuable cost savings.  

What is the importance of purchasing software in hospitality industry?

Food is one of the biggest costs for hospitality operators, if not the biggest, followed by labour costs, rent and utilities. Therefore, how operators purchase this valuable commodity is of huge importance if they’re to ensure that they’re getting the right goods, from the right place, at the right price.  

By using purchasing software, operators can help to ensure that they’re getting the best service from their suppliers. They can speed up the ordering process by automating invoicing and on the go approval notifications bring the approval process down from days to just minutes. Efficiency and accuracy are improved across the whole process, giving operators complete visibility and control, so they can get back to what really matters, creating great guest experiences. 

How much does a hospitality purchasing system cost?

There are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a hospitality purchase to pay system - and there are also some key returns on investment benefits for you to consider too.

Read our article on how much a hospitality purchasing system costs, which explores some of the typical influences that impact the cost of a procurement system and what features are usually included, as well as looking into the ROI of a system. 


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