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Candidate to Cash Suite

Helping recruiters with everything from candidate attraction to cash collection

All your recruitment software available from one place to help you manage everything from sourcing, screening and attracting the right candidates, paying workers right through to billing clients and managing cash collection.

With one single source of data, information is shared more easily - resulting in a more connected and efficient way of working across every department, across your recruitment business.

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A more productive and efficient business

  • Improve speed across your recruitment process - from placement to billing
  • Save time with staff inputting and drawing data from one central place – no rekeying information and fewer mistakes
  • No compromises – best of breed products for all your recruitment operations
  • Powerful alone, even better together - the more products connected to Access Workspace, the more streamlined your business
  • Reduce the risk – considered updates and upgrades that work with your Access product suite

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A direct impact to your bottom line

  • One system, one provider – eliminate the cost and hassle of juggling multiple suppliers
  • Increase profitability per head by automating manual tasks so you’ll need fewer resources
  • Scale up with ease without hiring significantly more resource to grow

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SaaS solutions to support your entire recruitment lifecycle 

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An accurate view of performance

  • Powerful insight and reporting - accurate data from across your product suite for informed decisions
  • Confidence in one version of the truth - one place for all your data from front to middle to back office
  • Timely and accurate payroll and billing – reassurance that clients will be billed and staff will be paid correctly
  • Payroll and billing always using the latest correct information as your data is continuously shared between your systems

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A more connected way of working

  • Single sign on - finally, all your software available from one central place saving time
  • Easy access for all your departments - whether sales, finance, IT or admin
  • Improve collaboration with staff working better together across departments
  • No more frustrated staff struggling to match inconsistent data between departments
Access workspace dashboard

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Supporting every aspect of your recruitment process

From candidate attraction to cash collection to power a more connected way of working:

Attract and reach candidates with Volcanic Recruitment websites

Place more candidates quicker Access Recruitment CRM

Share your jobs, fill urgent positions and never chase a missing timesheet again with Mobile Worker App

Screen and secure with Access Screening

Pay staff and bill clients with Access Pay and Bill or managed service

Accounts and credit control with Access Financials

Discover how Access can help your entire recruitment business become more productive and efficient – giving you the freedom to focus on clients and candidates.

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