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Hospitality booking software

Drive more bookings and be discovered by new customers with Access Collins, the ultimate hospitality booking system, from £135 per month, per site. No matter the service industry you’re in, whether it’s restaurants, hotels, pubs or clubs, our hospitality booking software will adapt to suit your needs.

Seamlessly manage bookings, tables and guest interactions while getting in front of 4 million monthly visitors on our partnership platform, DesignMyNight.

Look after your guests at every stage of the customer journey

From discovery to booking and even managing post-visit communication, Access Collins hospitality booking system has you covered.

Icon Promote Venue
Promote your venue

Be in front of an audience that spans over 3.9 million monthly visitors and over 61 million monthly Google impressions

Icon Increase Direct Revenue
Improve your conversion rate by an average 24%

Manage all booking enquiries from your website, over the phone or social channels in one central system

Icon Saving Time
Save hundreds of hours of time

Automate and digitalise manual tasks - take real-time bookings and send automated booking reminders and follow ups

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A booking system that caters for everyone

From single sites to multi-sites, our booking system supports all types of hospitality venues from bar, pub, restaurant reservations, immersive experiences or competitive socialising venue and more.

Centralise and simplify with our hospitality booking software

Access Collins provides the tools that enable you to take real-time bookings and enquiries, with full flexibility over payment options, through one reservations website widget to manage your guests’ journey from start to finish.

Digital table management

Move away from manual floor plans and gain digital visibility of your available floor space with our flexible table management tool. Helping you manage busy times, turn tables quicker or fit in more bookings – to support your operational goals.

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop functionality to lay out your venue for service
  • Plan ahead for special occasions, busy events and festive seasons to maximise space
  • Manage your space and plan for large table bookings, groups and events
  • One click run sheet generator displays your heads for the night, breakdown of bookings, and notes for each table, deposit codes and more
  • Smart space finder tools to view which of your venues has space on certain date ranges, times and even by area to redirect customers to an alternative venue
Table Management 672X738
Manage enquiries and customer communications

Our enquiry management tool allow you to manage all inbound and outbound reservation enquires within the booking system.

Access Collins allows you to tailor the look and feel of all email communications to your customers, to suit your brand.  

  • Send branded customer communications
  • Set up email templates, upload menus and venue photos to one central cloud to use in your customer communications 
  • Use smart features to send automated booking reminders, follow ups and manage inbound table reservation emails through your own internal reservations mailbox 
  • Access Collins Mail and Access Collins Call enable you to manage enquiries and bookings automatically and through one system 
Collins Customer Comms 672X738
Collect deposits

Collins Pay, our hospitality booking system’s dedicated payment feature, offers you more flexibility in processing deposits at the point of booking. Securing reservations with a deposit can help you reduce no-shows and offer security for large party bookings and events.

  • Take a deposit at the point of booking – especially at busy times such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to reduce the incidence of no-shows on busy dates
  • Secure large party bookings so you can recover costs in the event of last minute cancellations
Collins Deposits 672X738
Take pre-orders

Collins Pay also delivers extra payment functionality at the point of booking to collect pre-orders so your guests can easily choose to pre-order as part of the booking process.

  • Reduce the manual follow up and management of large party bookings with automated guest communications and simple collection of pre-orders via a link shared by the lead booker
  • Add upsell options to the booking process by allowing guests to pre-order drinks bundles, food packages and items to enjoy on arrival.
  • Capture allergen information at the point of booking and display only menu options suitable for the allergic guest to minimise risk of pre-ordering dishes containing listed allergens
  • Online and automated pre-ordering tool with allergen filters, enables you to send customers online, digitised menus for them to fill out and send to on to the rest of their party 
Collins Pre Order 672X738
Queue management

Collins LiveWait eases queue management for your front-of-house teams and ensures you have an efficient process for turning tables quickly to accommodate the most bookings during busy periods.

  • Provides a virtual queue with up-to-the-minute wait time
  • Guests can add themselves to the queue and get updates on the wait time and remove themselves – all without any manual input from your staff
  • Guests receive a notification when a table becomes available for efficient turnaround of customers
  • Automated queuing technology for your host and guests allows you to manage your queue with live, up-to-date wait times, plus interactive and automated SMS messages for your customers 
Collins Waitlist 672X738
Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google is changing online reservations by allowing potential customers to book directly from Google listings and Google Maps, so they never leave Google to make a reservation.  

These bookings go straight into the Access Collins system, which was the first booking system to offer customers the ability to also manage enquiries, particularly bigger parties and group bookings, through Google.  Enquiries from Google listings and Google Maps come directly into Access Collins, putting our customers in the unique position of being able to quickly and easily respond to enquiries, bringing them additional revenue from converting larger bookings. 

Collins Reserve With Google 672X738
Comprehensive reporting

Detailed reporting data enables you to analyse performance at a site or group level, and understand which channels are driving the most footfall and bookings. Whether a Finance Director, Operations Manager or General Manager, you can get instant access to all the data you need. 

  • Detailed reports from a venue group and individual venue level 
  • Instant access to customer information such as birthdays, booking history and more using our tagging tools 
  • Access all your data via our API and extract into your own back of house reporting tools 
  • Cloud-based for instant access from any device and location – whether in office or travelling between sites 
Collins Data Sets 672X738
  • Our open API enables you to connect to your EPOS provider, CRM system, reporting tools and other external systems to and from Access Collins 
  • Manage all inbound and outbound reservation emails within Access Collins 
  • Ability to take online PCI compliant payments and card authentications either online at the point of booking (with no staff interaction needed), or for larger groups as a deposit to secure the booking
  • Lets your customer book directly from your website or make an enquiry depending on the rules set up to differentiate between what comes as a confirmed booking or an enquiry to be followed up by a member of your sales team. No need for a separate contact form or redirect to a third party site which helps keep the process simple and increased conversion rates 
  • For those venues needing to sell tickets for one off or on-going events, Access Collins has a back-end integration with our ticketing software, Access Tonic. The integration enables the automatic sending of ticket purchases through to Access Collins as confirmed bookings which means venues can view all their bookings in one place and apply useful tools in Access Collins, such as table allocation and pre-order, to ticket purchases. 

Watch webinar to find out more on the integration between our reservation system and EPoS solution >

Collins Integrations 672X738

Trusted by 8,000+ restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs

Promote your venue to 3.9 million monthly visitors

Partner our hospitality booking system with a powerful marketing engine in the form of the UK’s largest (and dare we say best) hospitality discovery platform, 

Be part of an audience that spans over 3.9 million monthly visitors and over 61 million monthly Google impressions, along with a monthly reach of over 3.6 million on Google. 

  • Showcase your venue on the website with simple admin tools so you can keep your listing and brand up to date. 
  • Promote your venue to an active hospitality-loving targeted audience across multiple channels that match your marketing requirements. 
  • Maximise pre-booked business and take new bookings for key dates such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, including all of the major sporting events such as World Cup and the Euro’s. 

With our hospitality booking software, our customers have achieved…

14 %

more bookings/enquiries

from your website

24 %

increased conversion rate

from enquiries


hours saved

each year through increased efficiency

What our customers say about our hospitality booking software

Manage every aspect of your reservations and enquiries

Our hospitality booking system works well with...


Run a more profitable business, as well as provide exceptional guest experiences from one trusted source.

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Ticketing software

Event ticketing software enables you to explore a new line of revenue for your venue and help generate pre-booked sales.

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Gift voucher software

Easy-to-use online voucher system can help your loyal customers share your venue through purchasing gift vouchers 

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Restaurant marketing software

Drive engagement, increase loyalty and maximise your ROI with our marketing software for restaurants

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FAQ's for reservation booking system

What is a hospitality booking system?

A hospitality booking system is an important part of the software that supports hospitality operations as it streamlines and simplifies the booking process across all channels, meaning you have more enquiries converted into bookings.

Online booking management software gives you full visibility over your bookings and also allows you to flexibly manage and optimise your venue space. In addition, online reservation management enables you to manage pre-orders and take deposits at the point of booking, enabling you to more accurately plan stock and reduce no-shows.

An effective hospitality reservation system has many business benefits, such as increasing conversions of enquiries, maximising sales opportunities by optimising your venue spacereducing no-shows through pre-visit communications and payments and helping manage busy periods with queue management features.

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What are the benefits of a hospitality booking system?

An effective hospitality reservation system has many business benefits, such as increasing conversions of enquiries, maximising sales opportunities by optimising your venue space, reducing no-shows through pre-visit communications and payments and helping manage busy periods with queue management features.

Find out more about the best restaurant reservation system for you.

What are the two main types of hospitality booking systems?

There are two main types of booking systems in existence:

  • 1. consumer-facing online reservation websites run by a third-party
  • 2. operator-facing reservation system software that integrates with your website.

Both will help you take reservations for your restaurant, but in different ways and with varying benefits.

Find out more about the different types of booking systems, and the pros and cons of each >


How to improve your venue's reservation system?

You can improve the efficiency of your venue's reservation system by adopting a digital reservation system that allows all enquiries to be managed from one centralised platform. Having an efficient and simple-to-use reservation system is essential for the smooth operation of your restaurant.

The advantage of a digital reservation system over manual booking diaries allows you to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of reservations that can be accessed easily. As pre-orders and dietary information can be stored along with the booking, there is less room for human errors or missing information, allowing for a better experience for your guest.

Online hospitality booking software also enables you to optimise sales opportunities by optimising your venue space and reducing no-shows by offering pre-orders and deposit-taking at the point of booking.

How can you determine the ROI of your booking system?

An efficient way to assess the return of your investment on a reservation system is to calculate your baseline (number of bookings, table turnaround rate, etc.) and compare it to the results after implementation.

Find out more about the ROI of restaurant reservation systems

How much does a hospitality booking system cost?

Pricing structures of reservation management systems can vary depending on the provider. 

In addition to the main pricing elements, there are other costs that you may need to consider, such as training and set up fees, integration fees and add-on features.

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