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Drive Safely Online Course

This online Driving Safety course will make the trainee appreciate the benefits of preparing for their journey, help them to ensure the vehicle is checked regularly and understand how using a common sense approach along the journey will help them reach their destination safely.

Ideal for workers who are required to drive as part of their work or during their working day. 

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About this Drive Safely Online Course

Online safe driving course objectives
  • Recognise how time pressures and work schedules can affect driving
  • Understand which factors can affect the journey, such as speed and distractions
  • Be aware of vehicle security and vehicle condition
  • Develop an insight into possible hazards that should be avoided whilst driving: stress, mobile phones, medical conditions, motorcycles and cyclists
  • Recognise key factors to look out for on journeys, such as keeping your distance, bad weather, vehicle dynamics and skidding
Online safe driving course content

This eLearning course tells the story of a business trip and the errors made along the way

  1. The pick up
  2. The journey - drive 1
  3. The journey - changeover 1
  4. The journey - drive 2
  5. The journey - changeover 2
  6. The journey - drive 3
  7. The destination
  8. The crash
  9. The court
  10. The conclusion
How it works

Driving Safety training is delivered online as an interactive course to each trainee on their computers, or portable device at any internet enabled location. The interactive course is engaging, informative and exciting to use.

Using up-to-date, modern graphical images, users will be faced with a selection of interactive elements and mini quizzes to test their knowledge.

Users will receive informative advice and guidance and will be tested on their understanding of the subject at the end of the course by completing the compulsory self-test element.

This course also features a risk checklist which asks the user a series of questions relating to their current working environment.

Accredited course

This driving saferty online course is CPD Accredited. 

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Why use Access Learning?

  • Credible content – our courses are accredited, endorsed and designed in partnership with subject matter experts.
  • Multi-platform learning - optimised for mobile and tablet, meaning less text and more engaging, easily accessible content.
  • True ‘bitesize’ microlearning – making your learning experience more manageable, efficient and relevant.
  • Learning pathways - split courses up into digestible topics to make it quicker and easier to find training in the flow of work.
  • Accessible to all – our courses are compliant with the WACG.2 standards and screen reader optimised.
  • Updated and refreshed – Access Learning courses are regularly updated ensuring the most up to date and compliant content.

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