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Mental health training courses

Support a healthy, happy workforce and promote employee wellbeing with interactive mental health training courses. Enable your employees to recognise and manage different aspects of personal mental health and wellbeing and be able to support others.

With our library of mental health eLearning courses at your fingertips you can provide valuable resources that cover the recognition and handling of mental health conditions, as well as offering proactive advice on stress management, resilience, wellbeing and more.

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Why choose Access for mental health training?

We have a well-established reputation in the learning and training space, delivering digestible content that has the power to build positive cultures and drive organisations forward. Our corporate mental health training modules have been developed with subject matter experts, such as psychotherapists and other clinical experts, to provide all the materials and content you need to introduce and build on topics for learners of all levels.

Help to embed and maintain a healthy, happy workforce by equipping employees with the right knowledge to recognise and manage different aspects of personal mental health and wellbeing and be able to support others.

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Courses developed by experts

Over 40 eLearning courses, developed with subject matter experts, to help your employees to better understand and assess mental health challenges.

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Supporting yourself and others

Employees will have access to resources that can help them support themselves and others with both everyday mental wellbeing as well as conditions, disorders and illnesses that may require a deeper awareness and understanding.

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Engaging content

Our courses are designed to engage your employees and include podcasts, real-life stories and short modules designed to optimise time.

Explore our industry-leading mental health courses:

Our mental health and wellbeing training courses cover a range of fields.

Real stories and case studies are included to bring topics to life. Interactive elements like calls to action create a personal learning experience that encourages active engagement and ensures the ongoing success of the training programme.

Discover the full course collection here > 


Building Resilience

Building Resilience

Resilience is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced, challenging world. Help employees ‘bounce back’ and move on from challenging situations.

Wellbeing (2)

Workplace Wellbeing course

Ensure staff are well equipped to maintain good levels of health and wellbeing, both at work and in their personal lives.


Managing Emotions

Driving positive and negative behaviour, emotional control is integral to all interactions. Help employees get to grips with emotional triggers and teach techniques for managing emotions at work.

Better Decision Making (1)

Better Judgements and Decision Making

Good judgement is needed in all aspects of life and can impact mental health. Help employees improve internal thought processes and arrive at the right decisions.

Mental Health (2)

Mental Health course

Ensure employees are well equipped to manage their mental health and support those around them, with modules that promote wellbeing in and outside the workplace.

Stress Management (1)

Stress Management

Introduce teams to a variety of topics surrounding work-related stress, including how to recognise, deal with and prevent it in future.

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What are the benefits of mental health eLearning in the workplace?

These are some of the key advantages of offering mental health eLearning in your workplace:

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Support employees, everywhere

Offering mental health courses online help make remote or hybrid working a success. Help employees look after their health and wellbeing at home and at work, providing tools and frameworks to assess, understand and address challenges.

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Evidence your commitment to wellbeing

Offering actionable training is proof of your commitment to employee mental health – look after your people and build your employer brand.

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Create a supportive culture

Mental health conditions can sadly be stigmatised, but the power to change that is in your hands. Use effective training to teach employees how to talk openly about mental health and support one another.

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Reduce absences and improve employee health

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Help employees look after their mental health, reducing sick days and presenteeism.

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Improve morale and engagement

Employees are more likely to find purpose in their work when they feel understood, valued and supported. Promote wellbeing and enhance morale with effective eLearning mental health courses.

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Track, manage and report

Integrate mental health training into your workflows with the advanced learning management system from Access. This out-of-the-box solution provides a simple platform to track all training for individuals, teams, and across the whole organisation. Reduce your workload and ensure full compliance – bring Access LMS on board.


What is mental health awareness training?

What does mental health training include?

Why is mental health training important in the workplace?

What is mental health awareness training?

Mental health awareness training delivers learning around mental health conditions, how to recognise them, how to seek help, and how to support others. It aims to normalise the topic as well as teaching strategies to promote wellness and support good mental health, helping people lead happier, healthier lives.

What does mental health training include?

Our mental health courses online include information for employees and managers on topics including wellbeing, building resilience, managing emotions and better decision making. Also included are modules such as dealing with anxiety, understanding loneliness, recognising and managing stress and other practical topics.

Why is mental health training important in the workplace?

Mental health training is important in the workplace because it gives employees tools and strategies to look after their own wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of others. For employers, benefits include a happier, healthier workforce who can talk openly about mental health and look out for one another.

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