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Workplace soft skills courses

Set your business up for success with personal development courses promoting a range of essential workplace skills from customer service to leadership.

This comprehensive range of CPD accredited workplace soft skills courses will equip your employees with the necessary skills to become well-rounded thinkers, doers and communicators, empowering them to deliver their best work and demonstrating your investment in your people.

Reasons to choose Workplace Soft Skills courses

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Continuous Development

Ensure your employees have access to content that works alongside their personal development journey as well as essential soft skills courses like leadership and management.

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Expertly designed courses

Content written in partnership with industry subject matter experts. We share their knowledge and experiences through videos and audio, adding depth and credibility for the learner.

Multi-platform learning

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our learning solutions work across multiple devices and incorporates a range of resources such as videos, podcasts and much more.

Workplace skills training

Why use Access for personal development courses and workplace skills training?

We are well-established providers of  eLearning courses with a strength in designing market leading digital learning. We develop our courses using industry-leading learning design tools and techniques, ensuring we produce engaging content that delivers real results.

  • We offer courses in an interactive, microlearning style, a popular way of directing content towards the user without the cost of a fully bespoke programme.
  • Our soft skills courses cover the entire employee lifecycle, engaging learners from day one and progressing them on to leadership and management roles.
  • Our content is written in partnership with businesses – we know what employers and learners need to ensure optimum self-development.
  • Access Learning content is brought to life with calls to action, real stories and case studies that make it more relatable.

Industry-leading Workplace Skills & Personal Development courses designed to enhance your professional growth

Our CPD-accredited soft skills elearning courses encompass a wide range of fields, including:

  • Communication & Social Skills​​
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Services​
  • Management & Leadership​
  • Personal Development​
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking​

    Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our courses cater to individuals at all levels, providing comprehensive options for personal and professional development.

Key benefits of soft skills courses for your organisation

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Evidence commitment to your people

Fulfil your obligations and build your employer brand, demonstrating your commitment to getting the best out of each individual.

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Develop a high-performing workforce with remote or hybrid working patterns

Ensure people can communicate effectively and make remote working a success, with accessible self-development materials that employees can engage with anywhere.

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Optimise your people’s time

Deliver personal development training courses online in a flexible, accessible style, providing concise materials that are easily absorbed and will make the most of every minute.

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Engage your people with a different style of training

Engagement is critical to ensure optimum results. Our workplace skills courses are interactive and immersive, ensuring people practice different skills and making them more memorable.

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Manage learning and track progress

Integrate personal development training into your everyday practices with Access LMS, an advanced, out-of-the-box learning management system that allows simple tracking and monitoring of all training. Get granular insights or a top-level overview, with preconfigured tools and features that come ready to use.

View a sample of our courses by selecting from the categories below

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Management & Leadership​ courses

Accelerate your managers’ development with motivational, effective and engaging online training - designed to improve the skills and confidence of managers and leaders.

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Personal Development courses

This range is designed to help develop potential, maximise strengths and improve employment skills through interactive online learning.

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Teamwork courses

Our Teamwork series will help you to understand the different stages of a team, to find your role and to run a productive meeting.

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Communication & Social Skills courses

Help your employees become more confident and effective in their workplace communication, when speaking, listening and writing.

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Sales, Marketing & Customer Services courses

This range offers staff insights into appropriate and effective customer service, as well as offering useful advice for approaching new customers and maintaining existing ones.

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Managed Learning ensures the people in your organisation get the training they need to carry out their roles effectively and compliantly.
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