Governance, Risk and Compliance Training

Reduce risk and safeguard your business. Created in partnership with industry experts, our training is designed to develop the right behaviours and deliver better outcomes for consumers.

Market-leading eLearning courses designed to meet the needs of any business operating in the Financial Services sector or in law firms. 

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End-to-end GRC training management

All compliance courses are designed to provide a clear overview of the relevant regulatory themes and include specific role-related case studies bringing the content to life and covering off a specific training requirement under the regulation.

More than simply a library of content, we enable you to manage your training, CPD (Certificate of Professional Development), and T&C (Training and Competence) needs through one easy-to-use, secure portal. 

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GRC for Financial Services

Market-leading eLearning courses designed to meet the needs of any business operating in the Financial Services sector with more than 50 learning titles aimed at all financial service sectors.

GRC for Law Firms

Specialist courses help law firms meet the standards and requirements set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and The Law Society and have been updated to meet the new SRA Standards and Regulations, Lexcel and CQS requirements.

Discover the Power of Access LMS

If your governance, risk and compliance needs go beyond what ComplianceServe can offer – or you are a business that sits outside the financial services industry – then we recommend Access LMS.

Choose your unique blend of platform features and content from across our full learning library to suit your specific needs. Configure your learning portal to address T&C, accountability, engagement and beyond.

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Solution Highlights

  • Choose the best solution for your organisation to manage your risk and compliance training.
  • Improve engagement and increase efficiency by identifying individual knowledge gaps
  • Access to our eLearning compliance library - with the option to add further libraries such as Cyber Awareness and Workplace Skills.
  • Export training completion records and experience graphical charts to highlight areas of non-compliance
  • Record your learning activity against the appropriate CPD scheme at your desktop, or on the go, using our mobile app
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